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  1. ColonelYumYum

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Yubari

    The Yubari USED to be a good support ship. Stick with the CVs, add your AA to the carriers AA and keep DDs away from the CV. But for the last 6 months(?) the Yubari is an exercise in frustration. They nurffed her AA and made her so fragile I started calling her the Glass Cruiser. Went from liking the ship to outright hatred so I sold her. WG sure likes to lure people in with ships they say are good, then you play them and find out it's a turd. The Tirpitz is another so-so ship that's a turd half the time.
  2. ColonelYumYum

    Premium Ship Review: KMS Tirpitz

    At least you point out one of the frustrating things about her, those 15inch guns are crap! They just have no hitting power, my Kongo does better and against tier 9 and 10 ships the Tirpitz is worthless.