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    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    ive been playing since the BETA and i was never to great at aircraft carriers and with this i was pretty decent but then they nerfed it so its more fair and i guess thats good but i decided not to hold on to my Midway but not i have 700000+ exp on my erie and i feel really annoyed about that... as far as gameplay this definitely heavily affects the DDs as they now get obliterated by rockets on a good aircraft player (lost half my hp in clemson from one rocket barrage from a langely) , it heavily encourages everyone to stick together which is a really big difference from before
  2. This is why i dont plan on buying any this time around
  3. Hey guys so I have been playing this game since the BETA and over the years i have actually accumulated a large number of flags (like seriously i have 38 flags) and while i do think it is a cool reward only being able to mount one flag on each ship (or two now on the US branches if you completed the collection) really feels like a waste to me. I really wish i could equip a bunch of them so that i could enjoy them (and show off, not that anyone pays to much attention to them anyway). I was wondering if anyone else had thoughts on this or if there is some reason why we can only have 1 (or 2) mounted instead of being able to use most of them. PS Im not sure if there is a thread about this already or not but if there is it would be great if someone could send a link to it.