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  1. Couldn't you have just deposited the flags and one day of premium into our accounts automatically was it really necessary to make the box? Just to be clear the box is beautiful but what was inside felt very underwhelming compared to the box itself
  2. Lando4444

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    But i just want the Puerto Rico i dont want coal or steel i just want this ship
  3. not to mention that if your not running the Juliet Charlie flags and get detonated right at the start you've wasted the flags and now you will need to play an additional battle probably in that ship depending on the number of tier 10s you own and even then this has to be completed as soon as possibal otherwise the ship wont finish in time.
  4. I think my favorite thing about Lt. Tate R. Smith is that he too is watching "that time i got reincarnated as a slime"
  5. Lando4444

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    ive been playing since the BETA and i was never to great at aircraft carriers and with this i was pretty decent but then they nerfed it so its more fair and i guess thats good but i decided not to hold on to my Midway but not i have 700000+ exp on my erie and i feel really annoyed about that... as far as gameplay this definitely heavily affects the DDs as they now get obliterated by rockets on a good aircraft player (lost half my hp in clemson from one rocket barrage from a langely) , it heavily encourages everyone to stick together which is a really big difference from before
  6. At least you got 2 ships i only got a Monaghan which i didnt like and now hate as to get the better torps I need to give up 2 primary guns
  7. Well i went against my better judgement and bought 74$ worth of nothing, I did get like 6000 gold and a bunch of camos and flags but i dont care about either of those. In the 20 boxes i opened only one had a ship which was a let down and the ship itself was bad too so honestly if your thinking about buying these dont unless you need/want flags and camo because you really wont be getting anything else, Also just a side note because i have seen this brought up a lot, this is totally gambling i feel like what i got was not worth anything for the money i put in and what i got was/is usless for me as a player because i dont use the specail camos or flage that often and the dabloons arent really that nice, While i did get one ship i cant believe i only got one i honestly thought id get 2 since i had 20 boxes of the mega create but here we are. Honestly as a vetran player i cannot recoment this to anyone who does not really like the camos and flags i know i keep bringing this up but thats only because i got so many of them and honestly i think i might take a break from this game this left a really bad taste in my mouth Anyway sorry for the rant i hope if you do buy stuff you get better RNG than me Good luck everyone
  8. This is why i dont plan on buying any this time around
  9. Honestly the only ship i really want to try to get is the Missouri but the odds are so low (just because i have so few premium ships) i dont think its even worth trying
  10. Alright so just to clarify is there an equal chance to get every ship from each box or is there a higher chance to get them from the Mega or Big boxes?
  11. My schools internet wont let me download the test server
  12. My understanding is that it will be in there but it it is going to be bumped up to tier X or down to tier VIII and will different in game play from the other carrier at its tier.
  13. Hey guys so I have been playing this game since the BETA and over the years i have actually accumulated a large number of flags (like seriously i have 38 flags) and while i do think it is a cool reward only being able to mount one flag on each ship (or two now on the US branches if you completed the collection) really feels like a waste to me. I really wish i could equip a bunch of them so that i could enjoy them (and show off, not that anyone pays to much attention to them anyway). I was wondering if anyone else had thoughts on this or if there is some reason why we can only have 1 (or 2) mounted instead of being able to use most of them. PS Im not sure if there is a thread about this already or not but if there is it would be great if someone could send a link to it.