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  1. The_Blue_Flame

    The New Russian Prem CV

    Just an FYI for all: alternative camo scheme and extra flag do not work on CHKALOV.
  2. The_Blue_Flame

    Richthofen vs Hakuryu

    Hak vs KM Depends on your targets. KM is better against cruisers and some Battleships. Hak can be effective against all targets. Hak also has a better AP drop pattern, even though KM is smaller.
  3. I believe that strafing and AA were the largest skill gap contributors. This was compounded by cruisers being the majority ship in most matches. At the time, almost every new ship and new line had more AA than the previous ones. The CV rework reset the AA mechanics. Now, we see AA power creep repeats itself. See Holland, new US BB line.