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  1. Uh oh...someone got triggered...are your feels okay?
  2. I’m trying my absolute hardest to see things from your perspective, but I just can’t get my head that far up my own [edited] :)
  3. Fully AAA spec'd Clevland would be my choice...within 5km everything dies. Take a look at this reddit post..it ranks all the CAs by tier and power. Also has links to BBs AAA as well.
  4. Ill take the Arkansas Beta for $350 Alex....
  5. Both are pretty awesome..but personally would prefer the Kutuzov...I have a winfast and have played a MK on friends account. Kutuzov has the range, 8km torps, top tier AA (or hyd) and smoke...personally i really enjoyed the RU CAs and that play-style. Belfast has more weapons and utility with smoke/hyd/radar..but it really needs a dedicated commander as you wont normally have IFHE/DE on your Brit Commanders as no other CA in that line fires HE...so if dont mind making a dedicated commander for it...its pretty strong. Overall probably best to get Kutuzov as all the commander skills work for that ship until Moskova where IFHE is not needed...but your mileage may vary.
  6. Sounds like the system is working well. Its amazing how coming on to the forums in an attempt to prove it wrong..just confirms it was warranted.
  7. Ya honestly ...its rare to lose them...feels like a win 75% of the time...with 5 starts about 10% of the time. Usually loses are when someone does something stupid early....and there really is no "fix" for that...and i really dont want them to made any easier. They feel about right to me to be honest.
  8. Maybe its just me..but i dont think the major issue is that the Conq and Brit BBs are massively OP and i think both WGs and OPs analysis demonstrates that quite clearly...but again it think it misses the point of whats wrong with this ship/line. Its not that Conq is OP..its that ships like this have a negative impact in some ways on the roles that ships are supposed to occupy. Having better HE and concealment than a Moskova/Hindy is kinda the point that i think upsets folks. BBs really should not be blinking out in between shots when similar tier CA's cannot. The conq doesn't need a major nerf to its heal...all it really needs a concealment nerf...(should be worse than the worst CA)..and tone down its fire chance. I'm personally not opposed to a BB that specializes in HE (though not terribly excited by it either)..but the fires are way out of whack. Conq is a symptom of WGs blurring of the roles of different ships. At this point the Khab and Conq are the best CAs in the game. I think much is lost in this attempt to prove the Conq is OP through stats..when I personally dont consider it OP at all..just that its treading far too close to the roles that used to be reserved for other ships and thats what the problem is with the ship...not its statistical performance. I think this is what bugs me most of WGs response to this....is that they are using stats to prove something that we kinda already know isnt going to be revealed through stats..but if you are a regular player some of this is pretty self evident. Anyway..thanks for the work OP...appreciate it
  9. Lots of general improvements to the overall game but i personally feel balance between classes and BB population are a little out of whack. CV's are still a hot mess. Its still a fun game but personally have begun to kinda lose interest and more importantly I've lost a bit faith in the people steering this ship.
  10. Glad things worked out for ya mate!
  11. Yep same ..has been happening for a few patches now...not game breaking but pretty annoying.
  12. What a cute doggo!!!...kudos to you for taking her in! Give her lots of rubs!
  13. You know WG I have this really radical and insane idea ... Why not ask the player-base about what/how we might actually want to play CW? Seriously why is this company so set against getting some feedback from the community before it goes down these roads?
  14. This one sooo much...i mean its kinda funny in a "can you not?" sorta way...but less funny when they use you as spaced armour for incoming torps or BB salvos...