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  1. Blue Mermaids Recruiting!

    Did last years CW with BLUMR...these are good people and good captains...highly recommend them if you're looking for some organized team play! While they are an anime themed clan..you dont have to be to join. Good luck BLUMR...be watching for you guys in KOTS!
  2. Ya there is salt...Koboye and Rex are a bit spicy.. but some of us in this clan at least have some style when adding salt to battle..
  3. A new strategy for "kill stealing"?

    I guess getting more crap games would be great if i was a bot... but personally prefer good games to "Fast" games.
  4. A new strategy for "kill stealing"?

    Sure trying to re-CAP a point when its not necessary could hurt the team...but again..its a matter of degree and CAP two points is certainly way better than kill 10 BBs. No individual mission will have zero impact on those who are just playing but if the individual missions are designed in a way that doing them would help your team win..the impact will be less. ...and the current missions...just like in tanks create very poor play in Random Battles..which ultimately hurts the game more than goals that lead to wins.
  5. A new strategy for "kill stealing"?

    Yeah just once it would be great if the mission was: CAP x 2 points in a single game....or Recapture a Point that was already taken ... or something of that nature that you know had people trying to win and help the team other than run around trying to torp or not caring about winning...and did witness a DD that hid behind people...held his fire until BBs were low and then spammed..wasnt all that effective due to the low alpha but it was pretty annoying (not the KSing) but the not scouting not capping part of his strat.
  6. Operation Narai Feedback

    Played it in Belfast and in Yorck..played about 5 times: 4 of them 5 stars and one loss. Personally think its a bit too easy...only way you lose if you have a few teammates who kinda bugger off by themselves, which is what happened in the one loss..our BBs thought this was a random battle and lagged way behind and then refused to push through the gap at end..so myself and one DD had to try and secure all the secondary ships and protect ours...and they managed to sink our 4 ships. Its a fine scenario but a bit too easy...would like to see more AI ships come at faster pace..right now its too easy to focus them down as they come kinda one by one.
  7. Pensacola....advise pls.

    Once upgraded the Pepsi is one of the hardest hitting CAs at any tier...the hvy amer AP will devastate other CAs and even the odd BB. HE is no joke either. Pepsi got its well deserved bad name before it had its concealment buffed..back then you would be the first ship spotted..even before BBs and that kinda focus is not something CAs can handle. Now concealment has been buffed its a much better CA. However its hugely punishing in terms of your citadel...other CAs, BBs and even DDs can open your citadel up very easily..so biggest thing in Pepsi is DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR CITADEL. Seriously ...small angle and Pepsi has decent arm...any kind of broadside and POOF!. So you basically get one the hardest hitting guns (both AP and HE), great AAA, and a decent platform. But you have massive cits that everyone can hit if you go broadside. Pepsi also has a reputation giving up cits easily so you tend to get a ton of focus fire. But its a good ship...with great guns...manage the citadels and youll like it...play loosey goosey and youll hate it. I hated it until it got the concealment buff, but by the end of the grind i actually really liked it.
  8. What ships are you waiting for the most?

    Sub in a moose and im there!
  9. What ships are you waiting for the most?

    why not both? :)
  10. What ships are you waiting for the most?

    ah you got me right in the feels! is this the part where im supposed to say sorry? Or do we step on the ice so we can drop the gloves and settle it like a couple of Canadians? :)
  11. What ships are you waiting for the most?

    im going to pretend you forgot this ship! HMCS HAIDA make it happen WG!
  12. Using a GIF.. Describe your last battle..

    Me in Cleveland: BBs on other team:
  13. "The year of carriers" thread

    Honestly i kinda question why they even added the CVs to the game. I'm no naval historian but CVs pretty much eliminated the need for most other class of ships other than those to support the CV. So why introduce a class of ships that basically negates the other classes of ships? How would you ever be able to balance that? Answer: im not sure you can...either they will be OP or UP.
  14. Probably the best post in this entire thread.