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  1. Haida is ok, but it's not Canadian

    You take that back ...or step on the ice and drop yer mitts! err...sorry?
  2. Premium Ship Review: Katori

    Somehow i got this ship for free at some point and recently started playing it for the "giggles"...its surprisingly good..but not OP by any stretch. the one thing no one has mentioned is that it has the strangest horn in the game: something between a dying cow or whale with indigestion. Wouldn't pay for this ...but if you have one..its a laugh to take out for a spin...just dont forget to blow your horn..its amazing :)
  3. Light Cruisers. IFHE or CE first?

    Russian CLs can probably use the IFHE first as they typically have a much further engagement range than which allows them to be moderately safe while HE spamming from distance. They will rely more on the raw damage of HE than swapping to AP as again typical engagement range makes AP less important. US CL really desperately need CE as they typically will need to get closer to their targets before engaging and need to be able to drop spot faster as they wont always have the option of simply running away. As well at T8+ your concealment range and radar converge where your radar and concealment are the same ..so if you're spotted you know you can pop radar and spot whoever is spotting you.
  4. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    So many great Canadian references in this review...! Good stuff ya hoser! And yes thanks to @Pigeon_of_War for all the work to get this ship put through...its honestly been greatly appreciated by all the Canucks..youll never pay for a shot of Maple syrup again! Have to be honest ..not sure this ship is really going to work...esp at this tier, but will buy it all the same. Really think they needed to make the HE more useful on boats other than DDs...and not a fan of the gimmicky smoke..but alas ill take her.
  5. [SSBN] - Somewhat Salty Bunch of Nuts is open for business !

    Hey Racer Best thing to do is just drop by our Discord: https://discord.gg/Prnr8GK There are people on during the day..but most of us play from about 7-10 pm EST so if you wanna drop by then we'd be happy to toon with you so you can check us out and we can check you out. We are ramping up for CW so would be great to have a few more folks! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions..otherwise hope to see you on discord later :)
  6. Yep...pretty much why CA's cant really support directly...they can only support with fire from range/cover while "turning and burning". CA's simply dont have the HP or armour to sustain a push the way a BB can...support it yes 100%..but not escort a BB the way many BB players seem to want. Again dont blame the BBs but i think this game would be far more "run and gun" if we did something to allow CA's the ability to be more aggressive without being deleted, instead of having to always have hard cover or be at 15km+ where they can dodge return fire.
  7. I think we all know why this is. BBs will literally not shoot each other if there is a CA in support. Just the other night had a Montana shoot only me (T9 St Louis) as i backed up our Yamato. The two BBs were 10km apart and i was 3 km behind yammie. This is universally true and i dont blame them...i mean he can shoot the Yammie and bounce or get a few pens...or he can over-match me at any angle and have big numbers light up. Unless CA's are getting some kinda survival upgrade (aka drop CA cits to below waterline) nothing will change. CAs are the focus of BBs at all times..so this idea that CAs can support a push like another BB is not possible. CA's have to be able to bail, or dance, as they suffer total focus fire when assisting in a push.
  8. Kidd (or DDs with Repair) - No Need for Last Stand?

    Ah yeah...now i get what he was talking about, new he was trying to get at something else but wasnt sure....Thanks mate.. But yeah..as you said...thats not going to save him.. LS 100% for DDs.
  9. Kidd (or DDs with Repair) - No Need for Last Stand?

    Last Stand is pretty much mandatory...for DDs...sure you can put out the fire..but what happens when you lose your steering or engine? DD's esp tend to get hit a ton in their rear as most people dont lead them enough...getting caught with a dead engine or losing steering when you're Repair is on cooldown..is death in DD. Up to you..but i wouldn't play any DD without it. :)
  10. Moskva Buff - Is This Really Necessary?

    Feels like this was done to make sure things like the Stalingrad dont simply replace the Moskova. Personally i feel Moskova could use some buffs..but this the wrong one. What Moskova really needs and would simplify the balance issues is a: "concealment buff". Its patently ridiculous that ships like T10 BBs have better concealment than a Moskova. Simply dropping the concealment down to the same as its radar Range 11.7km would really help. Currently Moskova is one of the first ships spotted and thats patently dumb. What this often results in is Moskova acting like a BB and nose tanking as it starts taking fire. Giving it 50mm nose belt arm is just going to give us more bow tanking boring play. Giving Moskova better concealment means Moskova could get close enough to actually radar without hiding behind an island or bow tanking. Moskovas could drop spot long enough to actually complete a turn without getting vaporized. Just a concealment buff would help to separate Moskova from Stalingrad without making it a bow tanking, spotted from moon Cruiser, which we really dont need.
  11. [SSBN] - Somewhat Salty Bunch of Nuts is open for business !

    Someone plz save me... My clan mates have tied me up and thrown me in the brig....its scary in here.... Drop by our discord to help free me! LIBERTAD!
  12. Cruisers obsolete at higher tiers?

    The answer is both no and yes...but mostly depends on player skill level. Can CAs from T8-10 get blapped for all their health in a single volley?: yes. Does this make them weak? Not at all. T most accurate way to describe high tier CAs is that they have a high skill floor and ceiling. If you are still alive near the end of a game CAs are the most powerful ships in the game: capable of changing flanks, burning down low health BBs and chasing off DDs. But CAs in the first 10 minutes are priority targets for everyone..because they are dangerous and because BBs can make them go boom. CAs are not easy to play but offer a nice balance of strengths and weakness'...but they are far from obsolete.
  13. [SSBN] - Somewhat Salty Bunch of Nuts is open for business !

    Clan Wars will be starting up soon..and would love to be able to run a second team...or have some more spares for our #1 team. If you want to get your feet wet and try some CW with a great group of lads...drop by our discord and play some games with us.
  14. [SSBN] - Somewhat Salty Bunch of Nuts is open for business !

    Still looking for a few good men and women! Lots of good players and good fun at SSBN... come check us out by dropping by our Discord...while we dont have any preset standards..most players are pretty decent, but well take personality over performance if you mesh well with the rest of the clan. We do clans wars so having a T10 would help your case. Discord: https://discord.gg/Prnr8GK Some of the High level Training we offer on Torpedus evasion..
  15. Des Moines or Moskva?

    Ya this is the correct answer. Hindy is easily the most flexible T10 CA, good torps, turtle back up close, great guns and can actually run around the map more easily..can work at any range. DM actually has a much better arm on its nose (27mm, which means it can bounce things like Bismarks)..and can bounce same tier CA AP easily when angled. DM AP has the ability to pen at ridiculous angles and its DPM is insane. Its got fantastic shorter range, long duration Radar, and great AAA. Moskova has rail guns that pen both BBs and CAs at range. Moskova has longer range radar that can often spot more than one cap at a time. Moskova rail guns can easily hit fast moving DDs at range. Moskova has strong arm vs. HE spam but has 25mm nose so never point straight at T10 BB or it will go right through. Moskova is easily citadeled when in turn. If you really break it down...the DM works well at close range where DPM and Amer AP can wreck face...Moskova excels at mid-long range but falls apart really fast at close range. If you want the run around and burn things..then Zao or Hindy are much more akin to that play-style.