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  1. [SSBN] - Somewhat Salty Bunch of Nuts is open for business !

    So basically you sat in a tent in freezing rain? Im not sure whether i respect you more or less for that... :) But either way..I imagine it looked something like this:
  2. [SSBN] - Somewhat Salty Bunch of Nuts is open for business !

    But did you make a Quinzee Hut? Real men sleep in the snow :)
  3. Two actually: Pepsi-cola Hipper The Pepsi to be honest is horrible until fully upgraded and you have concealment on Captain. Then this ship is actually pretty fun..it tears apart DDs with HE and rips apart CAs that dont respect its AP. Sure it still gets deleted by BBs at almost any angle..but it teaches you that its better to just not get hit. The HE is also really strong vs. BBs as long as you arent get hit in return. Wouldn't say its my favourite by any stretch..but it was a ship that i thought i would hate but actually came to like by the time the grind was done. Never underestimate the BRAWL-COLA! The Hipper i was told was horrible. In fact it really isn't. While the high alpha AP is nice..it has a hard time getting pens on any angle that isn't a perfect broadside, but when it does..it hits very hard for T8 CA. That said the German HE is fantastic, the armour profile is good (for a CA) and its torps are decent. It definitely needed a DPM buff as the two gun turrets and low DPM weren't great. Again its not an awesome ship but its so much better than people made it out to be. Sadly i finished it before the DPM buff but its definitely a highly under-rated ship that performs well as a Jack-of-All Trades kinda CA. Hydro also gives it a good chance to get on caps and push DDs out.
  4. If you choose to cut yourself off from any aspect of this game be it a ship type or a tier..then you made choice. All choices have consequences...if you want to have access to all aspects of this game than dont close any doors. Personally dont like CVs I have no CVs and have never played one. If an event comes along that requires a T7 CV..im out of luck. I consider that fair. If you are new to the game and don't have a T10..then you have this great chance to spend some time grinding out a T10 for the next season of ranked...they happen all the time. People need to learn to accept the reality that in this game certain aspects are locked behind certain doors...its 100% your choice which doors you choose to open and how you do that (grinding vs. buying). Having T10 missions or Ranked is not a great crime against this community. If you choose not to get a T10 cool..but you're only limiting yourself...in the same way i limit myself by never play CVs. Want access to one of the doors you chose not to go through? Great! Now you have something to work for. :)
  5. MM should include balance of captain points

    Ya this is one of those things that people who are struggling are clinging to because they believe that their loses are due to anything but actual player skill. Sure some skills are very helpful but none of them will let you beat a player who has better positioning and plays smart (those two things require zero Captain points). The points you get are more "skill enhancers" they do not win games on their own. With all the issues in this game..this one is non issue and i certainly have zero interest in waiting even 10 seconds more for a match so that captain skills are equal.
  6. No the key here is that no matter what Tier they pick...people complain..period. I honestly dont care if some people dont want to play high tiers...thats their choice..but if they choose not to play those tiers and not grind them ...then expect to be left out of some aspects of the game. For example: Most PvE scenarios are T6...if you dont have a T6 you cant play it. If you just started in and wanted to play it..you'd have to buy a T6 or grind your way up to it. People make choices and those choices either open doors or close them...and 100% up to those people which doors they choose. i really dont understand why everyone expects that every event will be personally tailored to them? Ranked is an optional game mode...either play it or dont but lets not pretend that if it was T6 you wouldn't same many of the same type of threads about why T6 is wrong tier.
  7. [SSBN] - Somewhat Salty Bunch of Nuts is open for business !

    Dang it Brd...stop hunting deer and turkey and come hunt some BOOTS! Still a few spots open in SSBN and this CW season is coming to a close so if you wanna get a taste come out and join us...
  8. There are no classes of players, as getting a T10 is not a sign of an elite player or class of player because a monkey that smashes its head against the keyboard repeatedly will eventually make it to T10. The tiers you are suggesting have been done and people cried because T7-8 was full of premiums that others thought gave some kinda advantage. .WG could pick any tier and "some" people would have a problem with it no matter what.
  9. World Of Warships: The True Issues Facing Us

    Having played tanks as well "boots"...this is how I've come to view WG: WG is a super hot babe that you have really great sex with..but WG is crazy, bends the truth and you know deep down its not a great relationship. But you come back because the core sex is good..yet after a while the "crazy" part starts to grate on you. And you know what they say: "Never put your credit card in crazy". i still enjoy both games..as at their core they are good games...just sometimes the problems take away from our hot sex.
  10. Moskva concealment vs IFHE?

    As poster above said IFHE has no use on 220 mm guns...and concealment also helps when youre trying to dis-engage so it has more than one use..that said even with CE its still like 13km concealment..so its not great.
  11. Cruiser skippers and our strategy

    no really good answer for that mate..depends on your ship, their ship and what cap. You really need to figure this out based on some of things i listed in the other post. Any advice about the micro decisions are really based on the "context" of that specific battle. Like i say you should be close enough to fire on that cap..but not so close as to have no way out. As another poster said..just dont do anything in the first 5 minutes that will get you killed...have an exit plan, and get more aggressive as the game goes on. CA's get stronger as the game goes on when there are fewer things shoot back. If youre angled and at your effective range..pretty easy to burn down already wounded BBs or DDs.
  12. Cruiser skippers and our strategy

    First rule of CAs is dont go anywhere without an exit plan. I often follow DDs towards CAPs but im always cognizant of: "how do i get out of here alive?" Usually that means you dont go into a cap if you dont have some cover to turn behind/or break line of sight. Part of this plan is taking a close look at what ships you are facing? Are there radar ships? Over abundance of BBs or DDs? All these things should factor into your decisions about where to go and how to do it. Playing a CA requires that you think more than most ships: you dont have the HP to tank, and you dont have the concealment or smoke to just disappear so dont start the game by putting yourself in a position you cant get out of. Supporting a CAP doesn't always mean you have go into the cap...just keep other DDs out of it. Remember that as a CA you get much stronger as the match goes on..so look to support your DDs at the start without putting yourself in a position you cant get out of. At the start of most matches BBs are 100% looking to catch broadside CAs because our citadels make big numbers appear on screen..so keep that in the back of your head at all times...first 5 minutes you are being hunted..the longer you last..the more likely you can turn that around and become the hunter. Hope that helps somewhat?
  13. [SSBN] - Somewhat Salty Bunch of Nuts is open for business !

    We might not be the best...but we have STYLE!
  14. Free EXP to Hindenburg?

    Ya i actually thought there were two in front when i looked at it in port...but it was a secondary turret. :( Roon is still one of the better T9 CAs..because that is pretty much its only "weak point"...and its manageable...but not ideal.