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  1. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    New to PC version. A few questions please.

    Welcome to the PC version! About dispersion..at that tier not a ton of BBs are particularly accurate...if you keep going down the line..the guns will remain pretty decent, but there are many other lines of BBs you may like more: RU BBs are pretty fun, US and French are also pretty decent..dont limit yourself to just IJN BBs. Higher tiers can be more fun as your ship overall is better, and while there are many PTW people playing its no worse or better than the tier youre at, higher tiers are just more punishing due to ship capabilities and alpha strike of higher tier ships..wouldnt be too worried about that..but there is no rush to get to T10..so take your time. A premium ship is always nice but you should not get a premium below Tier 8 as they tend not to make a ton of creds..which is kinda why you want a premium ship. Try to pick a premium that is in one of the lines you are grinding..so if IJN BBs get a IJN BB premium etc. If you dont want to fork out for a premium boats or unsure which one to get..i would suggest getting a little premium time vs. a premium boat...prem time will grant you 50% more xp and credits on every boat you play vs. just for one ship/line...so get a week of premium time and try that before sinking $ into a prem boat. Your progression will be held back more by lack of credits and XP for your captains..so overall prem time is better than prem ships. good luck!
  2. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    Goliath ?

    Personally ..i wish reload worked better but in the current meta of everyone running to the back of the map...you'll find that 16km range doesn't really cut it..depending on your positioning you'll find yourself chasing to get some damage. Unlike Des or Salem...you really cant sit nose in ...you need all your guns firing to get decent performance and open watering vs stuff at 16km is "dangerous". Id go with range...the loss of DPM hurts..but the DPM is poor either way and this ship is more dependent on Alpha than DPM anyway. Go with Range.
  3. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    This "idea" completely summarizes how out of touch with their player base WG is.... This idea would be fine...if the rewards were camo/credits etc...but completely breaks the game with bonuses. I have no intention of re-grinding lines i have already done just so my ships dont fall behind. WG seems to think that we all just have nothing better to do than sit around replaying content we've already done. Well...enjoy...bring this out and for me at least...that will be the straw that broke the camels back. WHAT WE WANT IS NEW CONTENT! NEW SHIP LINES! NEW MAPS!
  4. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    Flambass video, let's dicusss MM and CVs

    Nah i think you're missing my point...when he felt AAA was too strong he simply quit...he didn't adjust, he didn't learn to bait DEf AA, and he didn't learn to counter the other CV...he simply quit. Now that there is little risk from AAA, no chance of being CV sniped hes back and telling people to just "dodge" in GKs.
  5. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    Flambass video, let's dicusss MM and CVs

    Are you familiar with a GK it takes over 1km to turn...CVs do not allow time for something that big to simply take evasive maneuvers in the short warning time it has vs. T10 CVs...you're literally meme-ing yourself by telling a GK to just "dodge" Again you're missing the point....ships need to be able to take initiative...like a CA flanking or a DD capping...having a ship type that prevents any movement (due to spotting) away from the blob is patently bad for the game and creates a scenario where everyone must follow the blob...being able to use concealment to take a flank or cap a point is fundamental to a dynamic game. CVs are not punished and have little to fear from other CVs...the deploy-able fighters can simply be flown around. In the RTS days CVs had to be smart otherwise they could be snipped but apparently that was too hard for CVs so that was removed. CVs literally drive to the back of the map and sit. You are in serious denial if you think CVs follow the blob. That is nothing like a bow in CA, first of all most "bow in CA's" still eat a ton of damage..and other than a few most are easily over-matched so its nothing like CV sending a few planes back...also at no point is CV receiving damage..only the planes, and as we noted even if he loses a few planes he simply launches another type. CVs dont devastate ships? He literally killed the fletch and Shima with one set of planes...taking two strikes from a single wave is still devastating to any DD. Reinforce sector? are you kidding..you realize that it takes time to switch sides and that planes simply fly over from one side to the other rendering that "mechanic" completely mute when under attack from CV...so you get one time in which your AAA is re-enforced to the correct sector and the rest its pointless. Its pretty simple...you defend a broken class because you over-perform in it compared to all other classes? What are you missing about your own bias? You make a good point...when AAA was strong...you quit? Why didn't you adjust to the meta like you're telling everyone else to? Why cause you couldn't handle dealing with significant threats?..but now that you are immune to CVs, risk little when you lose planes ...youre back? Seems pretty simple. Thats the thing all of the CC talked about broken [edited] boats like the Conq (MegaZao) and the Stalingrad (NErf this ship) and there are plenty of vids of criticizing broken ships. So i hate to tell you but most CC's point out when things are broken...apparently you just choose to ignore it when its not CVs. Again...see above..Flamuu esp pointed out how broken those ships are and called for nerfs..not sure why you choose to ignore that...nor the 100's of posts where people have pointed out broken ships...are you pretending that people haven't pointed that out? That's just the point you're missing...that scenario is "fun" because of two factors: and as always youre missing the point...I CAN SHOOT BACK ! I cannot fire back at a CV. That ship that fired at me...guess what...hes risking his HP when he engages me...a CV is only risking that he might have to switch types of planes. I think your own words say it best ....lets re-quote you shall we: Perfect...when you had to risk something ...you quit. ..but now that you risk nothing, you're back....and telling everyone to just dodge. Classic.
  6. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    Flambass video, let's dicusss MM and CVs

    Talk about a biased analysis. The GK was moving and had a AAA fletcher with him....didnt make a lick of diff. GKs cannot dodge torps that are dropped that close to him so im not sure what your point was with that?. CVs keep talking about how all the other ships are supposed stay together..that's probably one of the worst excuses i have heard. Diff classes of ships should not be bunched together in a tight ball, that is neither fun nor engaging, nor should all ship classes be forced to play a certain way to counter one ship type...thats patently ridiculous. Note as well that the one class of ship which has nothing to fear from a CV is....well another CV. Why dont CVs have to stay close to another ship type? What this game illustrates is that a T10 CV was never without a wave of planes to launch, can simply devastate any ship he wanted be it a AAA spec'd fletch or BB. Looking at your own play you clearly see that CVs are your most played type of ship and that your stats are significantly higher than all of your other ship types. Why is that? Surely all your ships should be around the same level of play right? But its not...care to offer an explanation as to why that is? All your doing is defending your favorite broken class. Also Flambass at no point was toxic or said anything other than the simple truth that CVs are broken. And the most important factor...i dont think any of the ships he focused had "fun". CVs risk nothing and simply farm other ships...that's all that happened here.
  7. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    You got it backwards...he said Iowa is useless cause the Missouri exists.. :P
  8. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    nah...actually it really is "tuuurrr-ible"..
  9. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    What can you do?

    Dude you are not a novice at this game you have 10k games. This was a T10 battle...what did you expect? Understand that its frustrating to play against better players but your attitude is what needs adjustment ...not MM. Why not see it as a challenge? Why not try to get better? Why not try to emulate them instead of asking for an easier game?
  10. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    What can you do?

    ya I'm not sure what OP is hoping for? There really aren't that many super uni's in this game..so its not like you'll find a whole set of two teams of 80% WR players for them to play against. More importantly why do you think you're supposed to only play against people who are at the same skill level? That's not how any of this works. Try to win...but if you dont...dont expect WG to come up with some way to make sure you win more. There are good and bad players in this game sometimes one or other is on your team....
  11. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    CVs in CBs, yay or nay?

    I feel you...i personally have never played a single game in a CV soo.. Problem is CV's are in the game...wish they weren't but they are. Thing is if you really dont want to play with a T10 CV you don't have to...you can take another BB instead..sure it puts you at a disadvantage but i dont think putting our heads in the sand is going to make CV's go away. So you have a choice: find someone who likes em or play without one.
  12. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    CVs in CBs, yay or nay?

    I'd agree with you that in the 7v7 format CVs will have too much of an impact (mentioned it in my first post)...but honestly skill gaps exist and they cant be closed by simply eliminating a class of ships. As well lets be honest...how many uni CVs are out there? Not really that many so not terribly worried about it. And id disagree about the skill gap...our clan had some really new players that we tried to introduce to the CB format...they often did something stupid that better players absolutely punished which really hurt our chances: whether it was CAs going broadside to a BB, DDs smoking in front of Radar boats or eating random torps etc..skill gaps exist...and are only closed when you play vs. better people and try to learn from it. Again i accept that sometimes better players are going to "tuck" you in...not sure why everyone is afraid of that?
  13. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    CVs in CBs, yay or nay?

    Ya this so much. there is nothing that equalizes skill...sure some ships can make that gap worse..but skill gap between players isn't a reason to not include a ship type...i mean we dont exclude BB's even though good BB players could make last season painful for CA's that got exposed. Don't fear the skill gap.
  14. Hanz_Gooblemienhoffen_42

    CVs in CBs, yay or nay?

    Boring might not be the right term..but the meta became pretty static, having a CV would certainly change things up. Less automatic Hyd, actual changes in builds, for me at least id enjoy it..but again..big CAVEAT: needs a 9v9 format.