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  1. It'll take a big slump in US carrier stats after this for WG to make even more changes...or make changes to JPN carriers... For a carrier rework, the first digit in the version number has to change...
  2. How would the 1600lb AP bombs (will those even exist?) hold up against light targets...that's the question whether to stay with the classic HE bomb or switch to AP from Lex onwards... ...or whether the AP bombs in tree will differ from the Big E at all... What would the loss of F4U-4 on Essex imply? The mystery of plane tier changing around lingers. Will Essex have to endure the grind with inferior fighters? Will the US flat pattern torpedo drop be retained? Just changing the loadouts won't be enough...but still too little detail to think on.
  3. Gaming laptop aren't known for their battery's kinda embarrassing having to plug yours in during class after only one hour of usage when folks all around you have no problem keeping theirs on for slightly short of two hours...but alas, what choice do one have when funds allow for only one laptop... ...and would you carry your desktop with you when you go upcountry?
  4. Catasthrophic engine damage Rudder destruction Consumables (Damage Control, Repair, Sonar, Radar, etc...) incapacitation Dive bomber dropping into ship's funnel Intense, unextinguishable blaze; DB Incendiary bombs Carrier runway damage Instagib (hit a part hard enough and it snaps out of the ship) Torpedoes can clash underwater if their path coincide ........................
  5. IIRC they admitted not knowing what to do with carriers a long while back...guess they still are. Carriers need a global rebalance to start...or a full rework. Carriers should get a full WoWS 1.0...
  6. Essex to lose F4U-4? If Lex is to be "The Same"...will it get F4U for fighter or stuck with the lower tiered F6F? So little could be made sense of... Either this imply a global carrier rebalance...or US Carrier is getting yet another dubious medicine to its balance issue...
  7. Lexington without full camo spec has something like 16km of detection range. That's just slightly over half the map for the smaller ones. With full camo spec that goes down to 12-something. Still slightly worse than a naked large cruiser. ...and it takes a lot of grinding to have both camo and Air Superiority at the same time. Still, it's better for a carrier to be steaming around.
  8. It made everything else pointless...probably even moreso than 2/2/0 of earlier Beta fame. Ironically, the same could be said for 2/2/2 of the Shokaku
  9. Not affecting gameplay = low priority...
  10. Remember the first time this particular operation (back when operations didn't exist) was here? Same story. ...the concept of fun must be lost to me...
  11. How is it different from Strike Lex that has existed since time immemorial? ...except for more strike power, that is.
  12. There are people who are angry because the very concept of respawning disgust them. How would you feel if Ships get respawn in (and as) its only battle mode? WoWP 2.0 was met with overwhelmingly negative review in all three clusters during testing (especially the third round that is the Common Test), and they *forced* it through and plan to fix things on the way. An all-in gambit, throwing away a significant chunk of playerbase in hope for new ones. There really are things that are steps backwards, but what the people on WoWP forums are fixated on most is respawning, changes to flight mechanics (most every planes fly the same now), and how WG/Persha simply disregard every reviews and criticisms, constructive or otherwise, and push the update through almost exactly the same as the Common Test iteration, without any explanation, which goes to show that it is indeed futile to provide feedbacks for Planes, unlike in Ships where criticisms were heard, smoke changes were reconsidered and IFHE's minus 8% to fire chance for guns larger than 149mm did not pass. People that have played War Thunder also claim that WoWP is now a cheap knockoff of it too. Though I'd say respawning is what killed many of the locals' sanity. It is THAT alien and unbearable, they find it an insult to intelligence and abilities. There are still sane people there, but the outrage is real, some legit and a lot petty. Having stuck with Planes from the post-NDA Closed Beta up to this point myself, I certainly don't like all planes flying almost the same without the subtleties that made choosing planes interesting, the flight instrumentation all gone (new interface is pared down so much that it is information-starved), and M/KB scheme getting the shaft by the Devs forgetting to enable manual flaps control... The pay is really good though, I'm swimming in sliver even with standard account a few days in, and I just won a day of premium. The mode was designed for players to play (A developer said that more player would solve the problem with the mode), but with so few players on NA cluster a lot of time victory or defeat is the luck of the draw, depending on what the bots on your team are doing, and you can only do so much to influence a battle because you cannot solo a sector while being unable to command the bots (you could do that in 1.9, to a limited degree). Though there are defeats that can be attributed to player error as well... You likely won't be getting anything helpful on WoWP forums until the NBC waste start to clean up a bit... P.S. Strategic bombers (B-17 series, HP 52, Fw 200) seem to be used by NPC only, the ones that can be used are the smaller tactical bombers, and they are pretty boring, as you go as high as you can, drop all your dump, wait 30sec for another load, repeat...
  13. It's good if you're a freerider...if you can shell money at WG...then you should find your own answer.
  14. Even with strike Lex in a T10 match there're better things to do than sniping.