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  1. Relics of the old time when spotters didn't have this long cooldown and not giving extra range...
  2. You do need to put a lot of effort into it if you really want your stuff for free though...and WoWP is very likely to take a one-way plunge to the abyss in the near future...
  3. All premium time is shared across three games...I used Ships' one-day anniversary premium time to grind the final TankRewards mission with ease.
  4. You haven't seen Planes' anniversaries...annual stipends of free EXP and prem time there...all year round.
  5. Load AP and citadel those soft tier 4 unprotected cruisers...
  6. Reduce maximum combat range to 3km and remove the stop level of throttle...
  7. German cruisers best sonar...if you are into that kind of thing, while Japanese cruisers turn into heavy cruisers early on.
  8. All the T7 cruisers (save for Algerie, haven't reached it yet) have their merits. ...IFHE really helps out, cream those big ships all day and having the volume of fire to hit small ships semi-reliably...
  9. They happened to be there as AA guns...which is the case in many of later US ships...
  10. Do the ones that you can do and buy what you cannot with dupes. Just finished my collection and I don't even have a Japanese DD let alone Shinonome, my best French cruiser being Emile Bertin, and not a tier 10 in port. I can only do the Z-23 set legit.
  11. The same time as daily EXP multiplier resets.
  12. Use that captain somewhere else?
  13. Just four more dupes needed to complete the whole set...good thing I didn't buy the Economic Reform...barely got it with my Molotov with Gamescom paint, Wyvern, and Zulu flags.
  14. Ship costs helluva lot more to run than Tanks or Planes...hundreds if not thousands of crews, provisions, fuel... ...and to think that repair bill actually existed...
  15. 50 Gamescom paint...