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  1. Reminds me of how an individual instant noodles were discounted but the ones that come in pack of four do not, and buying them individually ended up being cheaper...
  2. Free Camo Code

    Either it's broken or it went like hot cakes...
  3. Okay...up to this point did you exhausted all of your boosters already?
  4. 19 point captain...help!

    Right click the guy/girl and directly assign them to other ships from there? So long as it is a premium ship or the ship they were trained for they will smoothly go there.
  5. First 19 point Captain

    Nice! Now she will have to provide for everyone else in your ranks... My only 19 pointer is, of all the places to be, my Lexington captain who is now plugging away with Kidd to build up EXP reserves...
  6. Fiji vaporizes DDs with the epic quick-fuze AP messing up their weak armor dealing full pen damage easily...and with 12 guns to boot. The torpedoes are just for whenever the chance come up, you just keep firing at anything not angled and they will go away quick...
  7. My NorCar was built fully for AA. Problem is, carriers start to become scrace after that point...
  8. When you think about it...German 15cm guns only reload .5sec slower and cannot be boosted via BFT. This is clearly to give a raison d'etre for the Main Battery Reload Booster...it seemed to have turn out to be the Coup de Grace to usability...
  9. Edinburgh paint for me...more paints the merrier... Not interested in Dasha or the Space Warships...so rest goes to flags. You can only wear one paint but you can wear up to 8 flags...
  10. So Aigle can get the typical 5sec reload because it does not have Main gun reload booster?
  11. I picked Edinburgh paint (already have Z-23 paint from the last anniversary) and will spend the rest on special flags. I don't think I need any more captains at the moment, and I don't give any f about Dasha...
  12. They were right (19pt Captains)

    Only one is my Lex captain, who is plugging away with Kidd...next best is Yamamoto (15pts) and a couple other 14-pointers in various nations.
  13. It takes up to a third of an hour just for the result to roll and normally it goes into the 12-15 minute area. You are essentially wasting much more time, and 11 other people on the same time make things even more irritating.
  14. Clearly people does not play with national voiceovers...it only takes familiarity with the game to comprehend what the heck is going on.
  15. Wow, I'd go for 2000k commander EXP...that's probably enough for a couple to elite!