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  1. When I had to get rid of one of the trilogy to make space for something else...Ships was the one to go. Done so late October so I wouldn't even be there for the dockyard nonsense...it sounded like an utter mess and a source of rage. Ships simply isn't for me with the much slower play as the meta formed further and further. The transition to 0.8 (i.e. Carrier rework) was the final nail that made me play much more seldomly and made it the candidate for removal. The exclusion of everything tier 4 and below from events is a downer, that and event fatigue from seemingly constantly having directives to do all the time - it eventually feels like an obligation, sunk cost. The prime reason I chose to leave Ships behind, however, is the total disunification after the boxes give Ships premium time only...just leave it to that there's nothing more for me in Ships thus. I returned to Tanks for the Christmas events and managed to play enough to reach level X festive atmosphere, but it was my brain-dead derp KV that pulled me through a lot of things...that and the TOG, which you expect nothing when you row it to battle. M6A2E1 I bought from last year's Advent Calendar also make a good chunk of my playtime because its armor still works even in the day and age of gold shells...but heavy tanks at high tier really were obsoleted with all the autoloaders and postwar mediums. As for the armor thing, I aim for viewports...been doing so for so long, like having to play Tiger II with stock 88 to pinch a few pennys at the beginning... I don't care about chat, I've disengaged from that community for so long I don't feel like going back anyway. For all the quality WoWS has and people pouting, I cannot stand the overall slow gameplay, carriers becoming WoWP lite, constant events turning into obligation, and there's nothing left to benefit the other two titles. - a pilot.
  2. pyantoryng

    Anybody download tanks then never play it?

    Played during the holidays enough to get to level ten...somehow despite the constant, horrible lag I was getting. Derp KV-2 and Mutant-6 I bought last Advent Calendar put in lots of work with high tiers for damage number and some odd TOG rowing here and there... I quitted Ships and would have done the same same to Tanks if gold and free EXP were not unified to Planes. There isn't a reason for me to be in Ships anymore after all the post-8.0 messes and unification long thwarted so it was the first choice to go. ...I play Planes...with gold still linked to Tanks I can still check in occasionally to see if I can get any more of it from there.
  3. pyantoryng

    PSA: How To Div Alone For Mission Requirements

    Learned this the hard way myself...
  4. pyantoryng

    AA builds - why would you?

    When things call for plane kills... ...the problem is, people are not dumb...
  5. pyantoryng

    Please make Dasha captains available

    Soon(tm) They won't skimp on chances to get extra dough.
  6. pyantoryng

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    From my lone T10 (Yamato) is 50 HALLOWEEN paint. This only strengthen my resolve to call it quits.
  7. pyantoryng

    Is this game actually fun?

    Come to think of it, I haven't been back for a long time since the changes to carriers...I did got into the invitational round of testing and, well, it wasn't very fun, and it carries over to live, grinding two tiers' worth of EXP in tier 4 where you literally can't participate in anything is extremely tedious...so I took off and back to the home that is the skies...
  8. pyantoryng

    An Idea: Unified Event Currency

    Planes already do that with their tokens... It might work, just make them very hard to obtain in numbers and it should be fine...
  9. pyantoryng

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    ...and they thought they did this to discourage hoarding...people will keep hoarding as long as there's something to strive for. It has to altogether cease.
  10. The hoarding is never done as long as new contents continue to be added...
  11. Technically all ship in this game are steamers...so um, if you have crews from sailing ships you're supposed to have discount?
  12. I'm one of those Planes players that have got to a few tier 10s and have advanced far in most tech trees. They didn't retroactively add the specialist status or even progression based on whatever metrics there is, rendering an existing player having to effectively re-grind their planes to get to optimal level (new players would have to start from zero anyway), and even then it's not cut and dry as there are tradeoffs that come with equipments leading to both optimal and suboptimal customizations. While it's not as nuch a problem for those hardcore players that can reel in wins and big results, the infrequent player will suffer, although player skill still factor somewhat significantly in operating the planes...handling, tactics, and good luck with the bots still can claim victory from disadvantaged state. From what I've read NTC takes the regrinding up to 11 by having to relinquish everything in a given tree and start anew from tier 1...given that it's not uncommon for Ships' matches to run the full 20 minutes or well over 15 minutes (in comparison, Planes' matches are 12 minutes maximum and death becomes permanent after 7) and the major EXP boosters do not grow on trees without paying $, it only add slog for the less frequent players and cries selling more boosters to those who can afford, or perhaps free EXP conversion...that or you play 24/7 to get back to where you were, albeit more powerful. Ask yourself this: How long did it take you to get to just one tier 10, and have you spent any money in doing so? From there think whether going back up is worth it. The answer is there.
  13. pyantoryng

    My ammo is defective! LOL

    Type 1 wants to have a word.
  14. Anything T8 will do...seriously. I used to have my carrier captain on my Kidd (i.e. I had nothing that benefits except Concealment and Priority target and actual debuff in torp acceleration) to grind both silver and elite EXP, so anything can work if you really persist on it. The cheap maintenance will get you far, but you still need to do well to get big bucks.
  15. pyantoryng

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    Everything tier 4 and below save for the Pickle. Really stupid that everything tier 4 and below cannot participate in anything AT ALL.