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  1. Wasn't back then battleship armor didn't work and you can just cit them with cruiser caliber guns?
  2. pyantoryng

    No Premium, Free Players

    Plan for long term, things are bound to give you a few premium stuff along the way. For example I randomly got a Kidd sometimes down the line, and I had no other captain but the carrier captain that has CE to run it remotely effectively, so that had to suffice. Signifcantly easier with WoWS where stuff like Supercontainers (and other special containers) and armory is a thing...and free EXP ships are outright earnable, just a long time and much hoarding... An acquaintance gifted the last of Cossack tokens for me after I had obtained all possible tokens through play, but otherwise I'm wholly F2P.
  3. USSR CL has flatter shell arc that makes them easier to aim with at range...Shchors and Chapayev are largely the same thing so you might as well just stop it now if you don't like it. Yeah, just spew HE at range and set fire as USSR CL, it's your strength, after all. Easy to land hits with at range.
  4. pyantoryng

    CV's long repair time???

    A long time ago a carrier can effectively be crippled for a time by setting it on fire after it used damage control. A carrier on fire cannot launch planes and if I remember correctly, it can't even recover planes. One minute should be enough for a carrier that is not Langley to get out of danger...or it's at endgame and it doesn't matter either way.
  5. pyantoryng

    hypothetical question

    Wait for WG's new game and beta test it?
  6. pyantoryng


    What happened when 3 Rangers and 1 Independence airgroups meet in the olden days ...but the current WoWP lite blows anyway.
  7. Torpedo soup down mid in New Dawn (or whatever that low tier tropics map is) is going to be a sight to behold...
  8. pyantoryng

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    Novorossiysk...reminds me of home in WoWP... ...at least, before I quitted...
  9. pyantoryng

    Do we really need Dasha Perova Captains

    Asking for generic female captains now?
  10. It means win one battle in which there's multiple battles to play through
  11. pyantoryng

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    Let's put it this way: I needed to use WGC long before it went anywhere near Tanks or Ships because I play Planes which WGC was made mandatory early on so I effectively have to use it for the rest of the trilogy since. I only need to boot it up every so often to get updates because I run the trilogy through their respective executables which brings me to the client's login screen and login from there. Is the client's login screen going to get removed in the future and logins can only be done through WGC?
  12. pyantoryng

    Another Fine Example of WG Balans Logic

    Soon to be power crept by Barklay de Tolli
  13. Back when I was still playing...if I wanted a port slot, I'd pick credits box...do those still exist, anyway?
  14. pyantoryng

    WG...low tiers, seriously...wth

    The problem with tier 4 CV double-tier grind is that you literally can't participate in anything else but daily container while doing so. That's one of the reason why it feels so long - you are stuck being unable to do anything...that and meager payment on low tiers. BTW, are you trying to zombify yourself here?
  15. That's why I stopped grinding back the carriers...not being able to do anything but daily containers is a big gash.