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  1. French Collection???

    At 13/18 and 12 dupes. In other words, impossible to complete without a third wave.
  2. What's your solo WR

    Whatever is displayed in my stats - aside from a few times with SWE I've never played in divisions.
  3. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    I'm wondering if torpedo that hits on a wreckage of an already destroyed target from other torps would count as miss...
  4. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    8% Torps tend to be shot for area denial rather than aiming to kill, alas...
  5. Finally got the Nelson!

    The good thing about Nelson is you can sling HE all day long and no one is giving any F... Dueling with battleships would get you Witherer easily enough...
  6. If you had about 1 million XP...

    I'd take the MO...I already have too many Kongos and Myokos to harvest daily bonus with...and my best captain is US. I just spent all of mine on Nelson...one UK trainer ready for use.
  7. Finally got the Nelson!

    You will be surprised at how much it can heal if all you take is light or fire damage...while you spew away fire...
  8. What is it with Tier V IJN and USN dds?

    The T in T-22 stands for "turd"...I can't even remember how I powered through it anymore...the Gaede after it is okay. The 15cm is surprisingly accurate and it has decent torpedoes. Tier 5 is a bad place to be in for pretty much any ship...you best save some FEXP or brace yourself for a bumpy ride.
  9. You forget that anyone using it can plonk in a 19 pointer and call it a day, too. Of course, blame the ship torpedo hit mission...all I have that can remotely do the task is the free uptiered Ognevoi...
  10. 2-13 tonight

    Played today one hour before new mission roll in and special roll out (i.e. daily bonus reset) to collect some 200%...won 4 in Lex, Chappy, Nagato, and Marblehead to collect a total of over 30k EXP in 1 hour...of course, I run my Marblehead with Lex's 18pts captain - nothing was beneficial outside of CE. ...and to think I had a sizable losing streak the night before...

    Old times, old memories... Battling between islands don't come by as easy anymore...
  12. Bertin has very accurate gun at close range...what a pity it reloads as fast as a heavy cruiser for gun that caliber...
  13. Cursed Supercontainer

    Leave it and open the credit boxes for port/reserve slots and flag boxes for extra Papa Papa/ESCL instead and let the supercontainer pop on its own. ...do you get "rare" paint/flags from TYL?
  14. Cursed Supercontainer

    It's better than 100 India X-Ray flag...

    I got a Krasny Krym out of a supercontainer in test server once...sure as heck could use it on live... I got a few SCs this past few days, and all I got are flags that I won't ever use (I did got a shipment of Dragon flags though, great).