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  1. Anything T8 will do...seriously. I used to have my carrier captain on my Kidd (i.e. I had nothing that benefits except Concealment and Priority target and actual debuff in torp acceleration) to grind both silver and elite EXP, so anything can work if you really persist on it. The cheap maintenance will get you far, but you still need to do well to get big bucks.
  2. pyantoryng

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    Everything tier 4 and below save for the Pickle. Really stupid that everything tier 4 and below cannot participate in anything AT ALL.
  3. pyantoryng

    Million credit club: Cossack

    Cossack is great for any gunboat enthaustiscs...4 twins means you outgun many DDs and single-fire torpedo means you have more option in torpedo dropping despite having only one set.
  4. pyantoryng

    The "Game of Your Life"

    Why Jean Bart is worth every piece of coal: I was in a hurry to get the Da Rong grind done and this happened...
  5. pyantoryng

    So, I like to save free XP...

    The free EXP prem ship is truly an incentive to hoard all the free EXP, going as far as to endure stock grind in tier 9 in something very module dependent like the Tashkent. ...it's THAT much incentive...
  6. pyantoryng

    Best ship line to hunt destroyers?

    Soviet mainline gunboats aren't exactly good at directly fighting DDs but it can say screw concealment, turn on speed boost, and sling away with impunity as enemies try to crank up their lead on you - something other DD lines can't really boast. The branch line gets railguns right from tier 8 but concealment is a little on high side and the gun numbers are lower.
  7. pyantoryng

    Jean Bart?

    I'd take the Bart over Musashi any day. The 22 second reload with sixth slot MB upgrade augmentable by MBRB and Honore's enhanced Adrenaline Rush is hard to beat while having respectable AA and secondary.
  8. pyantoryng

    Best ship line to hunt destroyers?

    It's still on sale? Yes, that's an excellent choice - you outgun most any DDs and even outspot them for a few hundred meters. Cruisers in general spec'd for concealment would do...although it's ill-advised to not carry DFAA around with the carriers abundance...
  9. It's going to get very troll dispersion if the guns are the same
  10. pyantoryng

    Why do you still play this game?

    Keep playing until a massive burnout get me to kick the habit of hoarding I guess... ...the CV rework seems to do the trick though...and it's not the CV gameplay itself but the tedium of getting from 4 to 6...
  11. Hak's torps' staying power must be so long they can end up hitting its teammate sometime later...
  12. pyantoryng

    Tier IV carriers unfun

    It's almost perpetually 3 carriers unfilled match outside of prime time. The worst thing about being stuck to tier 4 for so long is that you will miss out on just about everything in the mission tab.
  13. pyantoryng

    How much free exp do you have?

    Refunding all my carriers down to T4 left me at 1.03 million.
  14. pyantoryng

    WG: Why ONLY 1 unique INJ Captain

    Many of the "unique" commanders are duplicates...
  15. pyantoryng

    WG: Why ONLY 1 unique INJ Captain

    It all went to collaborations, that is all.