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  1. Nothing wrong with adding modern ships in the game IMO as long as they don't face the current WWII ships.
  2. CorryBasler

    Improper reporting and appealing fines

    Playing CV is a quick way to lose all your karma no matter how good or bad you play.
  3. CorryBasler

    Omaha Citadel Avoidance

    You must master juking and island camping (which is how the rest of the line goes too)
  4. CorryBasler

    BB Kii is in need of upgrade

    And here I thought rhe Kii seemed pretty good.
  5. CorryBasler

    Your monthly super container

    sad panda noises
  6. Moskva is the only ship on the list for CB, Kearsage is good for ranked same with pom depends on play style.
  7. CorryBasler

    Rare ship encounterd in randoms and ranked.

    I would disagree about the D7P. Its a very fun boat to play, and has great potential if played well.
  8. I've had players in all the ship classes ruin my ranked games, it doesn't make a difference.
  9. CorryBasler

    Rare ship encounterd in randoms and ranked.

    Dockyard ship (not a good one) You don't see them because there is hundreds of better ships to play.
  10. I bought the Marlborough after I finished the dockyard missions just by playing. total cost to me was $20. Its a fun ship you just can't go straight broadside in it (but you can't do that in any ship). The guns are a little inaccurate but you have tons of them and they reload super quick.
  11. CorryBasler

    Is Hawkins the worst ship in the game?

    The Hawkins is a good ship if played right.
  12. CorryBasler

    My Next Steel Ship?

    Ragnar is very good in the right hands. Incomparable also seems like it will be a nice choice If you can wait until the patch in a few hours.
  13. CorryBasler

    Player Win Rate Stats

    Don't tell everyone the secret.
  14. CorryBasler

    most versatile DD line?

    Daring or Gearing id say for you.