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  1. Sorry if this has been addressed but since 0.7.0 I *believe* I have not been able to get region changing to work, either through simply adding the script or using Aslain's modpack. When I use the modpack it just gives me the region I select as a starting region in the modpack not a list of them.
  2. 75k xp mission bugged

    It didn't effect EU so they aren't going to compensate. The last couple times something didn't effect one server the other servers were not compensated.
  3. Battle of the North Cape: Mission 5 Task 3

    According to others I do not have confirmation but since the bug will not effect the EU servers there is no plans for compensation on the other servers. Looks like the 'one server is perfectly fine so we don't need to fix the other servers' mentality is stronk again.....
  4. They did address it, they simply changed the front page portal to be the 'correct' mission requirements i seems. It would still have been nice to know about why the change.
  5. That's nice but you seem to not understand that people are having problems finding games *with* battleships. And again I'm frustrated that WG changed the requirements on only the NA server group to a set that makes the mission harder to complete and has yet to explain their reasoning when WGEU *HAS* the original mission parameters in place. Even a simple 'whoops we put the ones and zeroes in the wrong place' but they just don't tell us instead.
  6. I CANNOT group up that is part of the problem with excluding the type of ship that you are trying to get kills on from the mission's requirement list. Those of us that do not have the luxury to play with others are finding it extremely difficult to complete the mission phase. Also it is extremely frustrating that we have not heard from one of the moderators or other WG employees about WHY it was changed when the mission on the EU server is still the exact same as the originally listed mission requirements. I have multiple reports from those that play on EU server that they have the original requirements still.
  7. Not exactly that easy when you don't have anyone who is playing about for a while. My frustration is why was there a change from battleships being one of the acceptable ships to carriers? If you wanted to include carriers then just add them in. Removing battleships from the actual permissible ships to complete the missions actually reduces the amount of available battleships to complete the mission in in both random *and* cooperative. Also why was the change not publicized and why did the change *ONLY* happen on the North American Client while EU still has the original mission requirement as what is described on the portal. It would also be nice to hear from an actual war gaming employee on the matter as well.
  8. I'm just tired of asking questions and usually getting responses along the lines of well 'LULNUB I got it done jus' GITGUD' when I'm genuinely asking if this was a mistake in coding or someone decided to change the parameters at the last moment.
  9. I got a response when I submitted the ticket, the standard form response :(
  10. So basically the idea is 'well *I* got it done so everyone else shouldn't have any problems with the fact that Wargaming NA changed the requirements?'
  11. Or the general lack of battleships all together from the actual game at the moment.
  12. As of 3:17 Eastern Standard Time it still shows it as being BBs Cruisers or DDs on the NA Portal. According to European players there are no restrictions for this stage of the mission for them.
  13. If its true that this is suppose to be CV instead of BB and a coding accident didn't occur (According to friends that play on EU Server, Battleships DO COUNT) this is the problem I am discovering, the last match I played even in standard random battles there were no battleships, only cruisers destroyers and carriers.
  14. According to the North American portal it says the first phase of the RN BB missions is to kill 5 BBs with either a Battleship, Cruiser or Destroyer. However within the North American client, the actual requirements are for a *CARRIER* Cruiser or Destroyer. Attached are imiges just taken of evidence. Which was intended to be the correct ship to use?