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  1. Ultimate frontier: still a mess

    I just wish the AI wouldn't focus so hard on the forts. Other than that, it doesn't seem any more difficult. Got 4 stars on the first try, 2 on the second. It really does require the entire team to know their jobs if you want 5 stars.
  2. I just took mine out after over a year. Got 100k damage and top of the team for the win. I hope it never goes on sale again. I'll never have a Flint, so Belfast will be my Type-59 for this game.
  3. I never got a tier X in tanks and I have no interest in them in ships. Tier VIII is where most of the ships i was interested in stop. I avoid being bottom of the pack in my eights by doing operations or simply not hitting "battle". Otherwise, I play my sevens and keep my distance from the glut of tens. I can still look at my ships in port and that's good enough. Yeah. I never wait longer than 30 seconds. It's usually 10 seconds or less.
  4. Have a code for July 4th!

    There is another post right now that has another code. I swear I just used them both.
  5. Have a code for July 4th!

    Thank you! That's three codes from the forums in two days! You scrounge-masters rock!
  6. I want a ship that uses one or two (or four, if I can shoot the moon) 80cm Gustavs. Maybe strap one onto a Hipper-class with only elevation, using the rudder to adjust the horizontal? And with my crackerjack team of engineers, we got that reload down from one round in 45 minutes to once every 45 seconds.
  7. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    Whew! I'm glad it's not just me! I usually start a gaming session with an op to ease myself back into the flow. Little did I know they made it infuriatingly hard. I only died once in my 5 plays (I was a Scharn and the last ship alive during the final wave), but every loss was due to the AI destroying the Aerodrome. Sometimes, the AI would completely ignore me or other ships just to get at land targets. They also spawn wherever I'm not. If I finish the Atlanta, Omaha and Cleveland and rush back to intercept the enemy planes, they spawn in the east. If I straggle after the first 3 and go south, they spawn in the west. Or, when we are down a few ships early, they spawn almost entirely at the same time it seems. Though, I'm sure that's because we weren't perfectly dispatching every target as soon as they were in range. Thank goodness I already have 5 stars on all the ops or this would be depressing. Now I don't even make it to randoms because I get immediately burned-out failing a simple op repeatedly. More and more they make me confident that I did right when I stopped spending money (and time) on their game.
  8. I got 5 large and 1 mega (not counting what the free one was) A few thousand gold. A few dozen camos. A Perth with 10pt captain. I wanted to do more, but reality of how little time I actually play this game nowadays prevented more than $20. I wouldn't say anything they sell are really worth it. If I wasn't obsessed with WW2 and had money, the prices for ships, premium time and anything else would be absurdly too much.
  9. December preview is up

    I hope the Spee is earnable. I didn't want to buy the silly Anime one, but I missed the event last year and I really wanted the Spee!
  10. HSF Graf Spee Camo

    Thanks for the responses. I figured it was cosmetic, I just wanted to be sure.
  11. HSF Graf Spee Camo

    So I was switching between the two premium camos for the Spee when I noticed the two have different periods of design for her. This includes a minor height difference as the HSF camo uses the older range finder that doesn't have the radar array. I'm wondering if these heights are physically represented in the model or its purely cosmetic? I'm not upset or concerned. The differences are negligible and the area is the superstructure and so not a vital area. Just wondered what others thought/felt about this? Thanks!
  12. I was such an idiot during my first attempt at the new scenario today. I was doing great. Team knew exactly what to do for the most part. We were probably 70% through when I heard the trash truck. Crap! I forgot to take out the trash. What do I do? I freaking hit escape and rush the trash out. I come back to a sinking ship. Boy, am I foolish. Came in third and got three stars. Real life is annoying.
  13. World of Sesame Street

    I thought potato came from the color of poor stat players in the XVM mod for World of Tanks? Purple is "Unicum/Unicorn" Blue is "good to great" Green is "decent to good" Yellow is "poor to decent" Orange is "terrible to poor" Red is "worthless to terrible" Black is "dead to worthless" It also could be derived from crap hardware always being referenced as "running like a potato" https://goo.gl/images/VuhpTG