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  1. I said I would be likely to, because I know of other historians that could really appreciate the port view of so many historic ships. I certainly don't recommend it for the "fun" of the actual playing. I've only got one other friend (from the roughly 10) that I brought into this who still plays with his dad. The way they berate each other during games makes me sad.
  2. Rommel_41

    Dasha being added as commander

    Butina is captured, so they are sending Dasha to replace her.
  3. Rommel_41

    AA/Flak Fire Graphics

    Maybe an adjustable option? I saw the same video (loved the AA barge...hilarious) and felt cheated. I mean, those are all DD's and TB's, yet they still blazed the screen! Really makes me jealous that I don't get a similar light show when my AA goes off in this game. Still not going to bother starting a whole different game just for the coolness of that AA painting.
  4. Rommel_41

    Ultimate frontier: still a mess

    I just wish the AI wouldn't focus so hard on the forts. Other than that, it doesn't seem any more difficult. Got 4 stars on the first try, 2 on the second. It really does require the entire team to know their jobs if you want 5 stars.
  5. Rommel_41

    New Ability idea Anti Radar

  6. Rommel_41

    Why does WG keep trolling us with the Belfast?

    I just took mine out after over a year. Got 100k damage and top of the team for the win. I hope it never goes on sale again. I'll never have a Flint, so Belfast will be my Type-59 for this game.
  7. I never got a tier X in tanks and I have no interest in them in ships. Tier VIII is where most of the ships i was interested in stop. I avoid being bottom of the pack in my eights by doing operations or simply not hitting "battle". Otherwise, I play my sevens and keep my distance from the glut of tens. I can still look at my ships in port and that's good enough. Yeah. I never wait longer than 30 seconds. It's usually 10 seconds or less.
  8. Rommel_41

    Have a code for July 4th!

    There is another post right now that has another code. I swear I just used them both.
  9. Rommel_41

    Have a code for July 4th!

    Thank you! That's three codes from the forums in two days! You scrounge-masters rock!
  10. I want a ship that uses one or two (or four, if I can shoot the moon) 80cm Gustavs. Maybe strap one onto a Hipper-class with only elevation, using the rudder to adjust the horizontal? And with my crackerjack team of engineers, we got that reload down from one round in 45 minutes to once every 45 seconds.
  11. I've tried 10 times and it gets worse each time. I tried with a division and that didn't help. I tried coaching people to follow the tips to success and they sail away from the ship! This is not fun. The rewards are out of reach because I'm restricted by the team I have to work with. I can't win if you make it prohibitively difficult unless you are a working with 6 other people in a division.