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  1. I got 5 large and 1 mega (not counting what the free one was) A few thousand gold. A few dozen camos. A Perth with 10pt captain. I wanted to do more, but reality of how little time I actually play this game nowadays prevented more than $20. I wouldn't say anything they sell are really worth it. If I wasn't obsessed with WW2 and had money, the prices for ships, premium time and anything else would be absurdly too much.
  2. December preview is up

    I hope the Spee is earnable. I didn't want to buy the silly Anime one, but I missed the event last year and I really wanted the Spee!
  3. HSF Graf Spee Camo

    Thanks for the responses. I figured it was cosmetic, I just wanted to be sure.
  4. HSF Graf Spee Camo

    So I was switching between the two premium camos for the Spee when I noticed the two have different periods of design for her. This includes a minor height difference as the HSF camo uses the older range finder that doesn't have the radar array. I'm wondering if these heights are physically represented in the model or its purely cosmetic? I'm not upset or concerned. The differences are negligible and the area is the superstructure and so not a vital area. Just wondered what others thought/felt about this? Thanks!
  5. I was such an idiot during my first attempt at the new scenario today. I was doing great. Team knew exactly what to do for the most part. We were probably 70% through when I heard the trash truck. Crap! I forgot to take out the trash. What do I do? I freaking hit escape and rush the trash out. I come back to a sinking ship. Boy, am I foolish. Came in third and got three stars. Real life is annoying.
  6. World of Sesame Street

    I thought potato came from the color of poor stat players in the XVM mod for World of Tanks? Purple is "Unicum/Unicorn" Blue is "good to great" Green is "decent to good" Yellow is "poor to decent" Orange is "terrible to poor" Red is "worthless to terrible" Black is "dead to worthless" It also could be derived from crap hardware always being referenced as "running like a potato" https://goo.gl/images/VuhpTG
  7. Saving Transylvania = Impossible

    Ah. The complaining worked! Not only did it make me feel better, but... I immediately got on a winning team! Thanks Darth and all the others that helped me squeak out a 3-star win!
  8. Saving Transylvania = Impossible

    What if I know what to do already? Can you post that to my random teammates, please.
  9. Saving Transylvania = Impossible

    All these anecdotes about how "I got it in the first/second try" mean nothing other than you were lucky. Good for you! I'm done here. Back to trying my luck. Edit: I'm taking about playing alone or with one other person. If you had a clan do it, then clearly it wasn't random.
  10. Saving Transylvania = Impossible

    Sadly. People who play this game, generally don't come to the forums. So they won't see your tips. They ignore advice in game also. You can't carry 6 people. Period.
  11. I've tried 10 times and it gets worse each time. I tried with a division and that didn't help. I tried coaching people to follow the tips to success and they sail away from the ship! This is not fun. The rewards are out of reach because I'm restricted by the team I have to work with. I can't win if you make it prohibitively difficult unless you are a working with 6 other people in a division.

    How are people completing it? Let alone getting 4+ stars! Seriously. Why can't I ever be on these teams?
  13. Tips for the halloween scenario

    The ship moves very quickly, even with just one or two in the circle! Stick together! The difficulty escalates very quickly and you all need to focus targets quickly.
  14. How is this a loss????

    I'd say this was counted as a defeat because your ship was counted as destroyed in the hundredth of a millisecond before his was. The game still had an order of operations that was fulfilled in that millisecond. Your death was considered first and victory was awarded to the survivor. My best guess.
  15. I remember cruising out of the spawn during CBT, in my Aoba, and it was barely two minutes in when I caught a stealth torp right under the A turret and I detonated. Easiest first blood that DD ever got. I also remember getting detonated in a DD about one minute into a battle after the enemy BB's second salvo caught me square on the nose. Good times. *end pointless anecdotes*