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  1. We need premium T9 cruiser

    How would that make a free xp cruiser different from a tech tree ship? As you stated I could just sit in low tiers and convert xp to get the free xp ship or skip the line.
  2. A swing and a miss!

    If it had truly been a beer can, (Schlitz, PBR, Budweiser, or even better Peroni) I would but buy it and laugh with pure joy. As it is, no it's hideous imo.
  3. Badges Are Frustrating

    I like the emblems but I wish in addition to the pop up I could fly them on a flag or have them on my ship. In a certain other game you could put you kill markings on your plane and I loved that.
  4. Musashi in port

    Gonna grab mine after work tonight.
  5. Nerfing Low Citadels

    I real life naval combat in the general era represented accuracy to the level in game would have been unthinkable. If you want accurate damage you must also take the other changes to bring that in line. Most people don't want a WW2 era simulator (I would love it but I'm a little off) that would have ships slinging shells with all the true factors involved. Reality should only take a back seat to balance in an arcade game (this is one for sure). If they did a simulator or a historicly accurate mode balance goes out the window. I have a table top game set early war in the Pacific and if you play the Allies you ARE outclassed, out gunned, and out numbered but the accuracy and challenges make it an absolute blast. In video games this is a hard sell to most except the history nerds out there like me.
  6. So far I love the DoY. The Royal Navy is somewhat of a soft spot for me though so I am biased. I have found hydro to be useful as I tend to fine myself quite far forward with DDs on the prowl on a regular basis. She could do with a fire rate buff, and tbh the original proposed premium idea for her would have made her a blast to play. Shame that didn't make it in.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but, didn't they say it wouldn't be a credit printer like the Missouri? That could be why they dropped the price.
  8. Roma...tomorrow (Friday)...pleeeeeeaaassseee??

    I thought the flottentorpedoboot 1940 was gonna be today for sure. I assumed Roma would follow her a week or 2 later.
  9. Giulio Cesare

    They gave her to me in an email and I love that ship. One of the best deals I ever got from WG (I got the Nikolai on its original sale, that is still the best deal lol.)
  10. What Royal Navy Ships Would You Like to See?

    I'd love to see Exeter, Dreadnought, Encounter, Vanguard, Ajax, (any of the county class, Kent, Suffolk, Canberra), and Ark Royal just because swordfish vs Bismark.
  11. Gallant is a t6 and is considered pretty good, no? I like it but it is under the Union Jack so I can't say I'm 100% objective.
  12. They gave me Guilio Ceasare and de Grasse, that got me to come back lol. Guilio Ceasare is quickly becoming a favorite.
  13. The Ethics Of a CV Player

    WG has pretty much made it clear they have no idea what to do with CVs and will let them wallow. In WW2 style naval combat other surface vessels really don't stand a chance fighting a CV and WG should have had a plan to combat that reality since they wanted them in the game. It is a shame that in a game with 4 classes 1 is fubar. Some people will always play CVs no matter how they perform because they love CVs. Personally mine are dry docked or sold awaiting a fix I somewhat doubt will ever come. As for ethics related to a class in a video game.....