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  1. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    CV Rework Feedback

    Can't wait to try tbe new style! Current carrier play just doesn't do it for me, but the new style looks like a blast.
  2. Nobody knows how many new CV players there will be when the revamp goes live. The CV population atm is abysmal and there are quite a few people in the announcement thread, myself included who were very interested in the new style CV combat. I cant wait to try it out. I think it will be fun, but it might fail. We wont know that until more info or a beta comes out. Also I suspect that micromanaging 8 squadrons will be more complex that the new system, but that also might not be the case. Having direct control of strike squadron and having to dodge AA, enemy fighters, and line up attack runs might have more to it than the video shows since nothing is finalized. I get that people like the RTS style and that does suck for those people that it's going away. There are a people who never liked that style of CV control and it looks like WG is going that way. I like RTS games but I personally never felt it fit this game that I see as more of action/3rd person arcade naval game. That squadron control reminds me of Battle Stations Pacific alot, which is more inline with the rest of the game. The old style of CVs is ending for better or worse. Sorry to those who will miss the old and good luck to those who want the new.
  3. The CV revamp honestly reminds me of Battle Stations Pacific in a way. Personally as I've said before I can't wait for it since the current style doesn't really entertain me. I feel for the people who like it but just like OWSF and a ton of tank mechanics, the game changes WG's way. The argument here will break down to those who like the current style vs those who hate it vs those who say the sky is falling. Only time will tell.
  4. It's funny, for me it's the opposite I'm stoked for the new CV gameplay because I found the RTS style to be somewhat boring and I don't feel that it really fits the game. I really do hope the redo it so I will bring out my CVs again. If they don't I just will continue not to play them.
  5. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    (another) Carrier Rework Video - Make AA Great Again!

    Well, I for one am truly interested in CVs again. Midway will not be a port queen if that game play comes out.
  6. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    500k views redemption code

    What do these codes give you?
  7. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Battle of Midway Movie

    I actually thought to include my views on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in my post, very interesting that you brought that up. Also I'm surprised more people don't bring up fire bombing since it cost more lives than the A Bombs. To start WW2 brought the bombing of civilian targets and cities to the forefront in a very interesting evolution of von Clausewitz's total war. Civilian infrastructure and industry was paramount to each countries ablility to wage war and therfore is a legitimate target in a war of WW2s scale. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen as targets for their military significance. In my opinion you can't draw a comparison to Nanking because the city had fallen and the acts of the Japanese troops atrocities had no tactical or strategic value(also killing civilians on mass on the ground is quite different than bombing). Japan was not going to surrender(hell, it took 2 bombs to work in the end) and the appalling cost of invading the home islands was unacceptable to the Allies. It's a tragedy, but one(I say this as an armchair Admiral so a grain of salt must be taken, and God know I never want to have to make a decision like that) I would conclude was necessary even today. The decision haunted Truman for the rest of his life but I think it was the right one. As I say that is my opinion and I fully understand why people do view the bombs as crimes.
  8. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Battle of Midway Movie

    War crimes are unacceptable on both sides and the side that wins generally gets to interpret their troops actions in their own bias however, the scope of war crimes and abuses committed by Imperial Japanese forces during the conflict absolutely dwarfs those committed by Allied forces. In addition even though many of the crimes were against Japanese military law in principle it usually came down to the interpretation of said law by area commanders. Japanese troops were set loose in Nanking with their actions fully accepted and unpunished, Civilians in all occupied territories were abused, and POWs were tortured and worked to death. These actions were at minimum tolerated. The Imperial goverment sanctioned the execution of the Doolittle raid participants and Unit 731(horrifying to the extreme but fascinating if you haven't seen the data on it) as well. It would be hypocritical to accept US or Allied crimes and denounce the Japanese but the sheer scale is usually in my opinion what brings Japanese crimes to be the focus. Both the Allies and the Japanese did their best to dehumanize their enemies and elevate themselves and the cost was telling. War is horrible and atrocities will always occur on both sides of conflict but sometimes the repeated and habitual occurrence of them casts a bale view on a particular side.
  9. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Battle of Midway Movie

    They have done quite a bit on the ground battle but there hasn't been a movie or show detailing Savo Island. I'd be interested in seeing that. Overall though I really think a movie or series should be done focusing on the tbe Java Sea or ABDACOM in general. Fascinating period and area of the war that is passed over and forgotten too often. ABDA forces were out numbered and out gunned and had frankly no chance but fought on. I've read some books on it but other than "The Story of Dr. Wassell" I cant think of any film covering it.
  10. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Battle of Midway Movie

    I always laugh at their plan, it wasn't supposed to be a "real" surprise attack but the did mean to make sure we were surprised at Pearl Harbor but just not in Washington. It would have still been looked at as a surprise but the messed it up big time. Free propaganda!
  11. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Battle of Midway Movie

    You keep saying that sanctions (don't forget the oil embargo) are not grounds for a sneak but that is an opinion not a fact. The Empire of Japan fighting its war of conquest in China facing a oil shortage most certainly did think they were grounds for a sneak attack. What you or I think on the matter doesn't really affect what Imperial Japan thought. I glad we sanction and embargoed them but we underestimated them and thier ability to wage war. We paid the price up front but they payed compound intest in the end.
  12. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Battle of Midway Movie

    One of the major reasons for the Aleutian campaign was to be as a lure for the U.S. fleet and a distraction from the coming assault on Midway Island. The Japanese high command was unaware of the fact their naval code was compromised and Adm. Nimitz knew of the coming attack on Midway so the Aleutian distraction was would not draw the US carriers out to be bushwacked.
  13. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Battle of Midway Movie

    I think in any movie about a battle such as Midway you must show both sides. I personally cant agree that the Japanese don't have a side worth seeing. The west underestimated them and for the first year at least of the war we paid for it. Their plans were brilliant and as the opposing force it fascinating to study. Their arrogance and overconfidence at Midway is a key factor in the battle and it is refreshing to see their prospective in Tora, Tora, Tora and Midway. The U.S. sanctioned them and placed an oil embargo on them (both I agree with whole heartedly) which IMO make a strike against us not unprovoked. The U.S. was foolish, naive, or arrogant or a combination to not expect the attack (a point shown in Tora,Tora, Tora perfectly). Too many films put entertainment over accuracy for my taste. Imagine Schindler's list without the prospective of Fine's character with what is imo evil as can be, it would have less impact.
  14. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Battle of Midway Movie

    Funny, I just watched Midway yesterday. Midway and Tora, Tora, Tora and 2 amazing movies and I do wish for more WW2 naval movies. Tora, Tora, Tora and Waterloo are possibly my favorite films because of their attention to historical accuracy. I like Midway but it doesn't hold a torch to Tora, Tora, Tora (especially since it uses a lot of reused footage from Tora, Tora, Tora in the Midway attack).