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  1. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Submarine deck guns

    I'd buy the Surcouf in a heartbeat.
  2. Yep, I just wanted Ark Royal so I grabed her so I can play asap.
  3. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Ark Royal out in NA Store now

    6 hours till I can lead string bags to their targets, can't wait.
  4. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Ark Royal out in NA Store now

    Haven't bought a ship in a bit but as a RN fanboy the second I saw this post I popped over and put her in port. Can't wait to get home from work.
  5. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    For those about to be Audacious - 444

    Got my Audacious yesterday and I have to say I have a new favorite CV. Absolutely love it so far.
  6. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    A way to fix GC that will appease most:

    Tbh if they change the GC to t6 there really won't be a way to avoid pissing off quite a bit of the paying players. If they change the GC and we let them get away scott free, it will be just the first ship to fall. Some of the ships they sell cost more than stand alone AAA games and if they can be completely changed after purchase with no recourse, for myself and many others the buck stops there. No change will appease me personally. It's WG's game so they have the right to change it, but I have the right to give not a cent more.
  7. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Exeter For Sale in Premium Shop

    Because she is Exeter. For me some ships I like just because of their past. Until I get a chance to play I cant say how she sails but I'll play her just because she is the Exeter.
  8. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Exeter For Sale in Premium Shop

    Lol it could have been but "Sinking" still works since it did sink.
  9. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Exeter For Sale in Premium Shop

    And we will gang up with 2 Leanders and have a party lol! Gonna be listening to some Sods Opera tonight!
  10. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Exeter For Sale in Premium Shop

    Lol, Damn you WG!! Any of the ghosts of the Java Coast are kryptonite for me (ABDACOM is of great interest to me). And WG hasn't made its decision on the GC so I have not suspended premium purchases yet. You win this round WG.....
  11. The GC is an interesting case for me. I got the GC as a gift so in this particular case I'm not out money but it is the president it sets that would end my spending. I have purchased quite a few premium ships in this game some of which cost as much as full stand alone games and as unpopular of an opinion as it is I don't care if they are OP after you have sold them to me and I have no possibility of a real refund. Now if WG didn't release unbalanced ships multiple times and dangle them in front of their customers as OP and a rare buy this wouldn't be an issue. They have the right to change, nerf, and add/remove ships but I have the right as a consumer to say, "Its been fun but I'm done."
  12. If changing premiums becomes WGs standard that would pretty much end my purchases from WG. If WG feels that changing premiums is good for the game that is their choice and right. Good for them if they are right and it helps the game. In my opinion that is against my personal interests so I will take my money elsewhere in the future however. I tend to view money spent on digital goods gone the second I spend it so it is what it is but if this comes to pass it looks like it will be time to stop spending here.
  13. 13th_Earl_White_Haven Patch Seems to Work!

    Do you know where they put the hotfix notes?
  14. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Nerfing premium ships.....that REAL $$$$ was paid for....

    It's not that simple, they may be willing to take the hit now and try to balance what they see as a problem to gain more later. WG is a business so greed sets their goals and is not always a bad thing. They might also be willing to risk older players loss to gain new ones. Just because they are willing to take a hit doesn't mean they are not greedy. They have every right to nerf their ships, but I have the right to take my business elsewhere. If this becomes a trend to nerf paid for premiums I wont buy more. It might work out for them though.
  15. I would have to agree to disagree on that, a naval game set around the WW2 period would be missing too important of a part of the background without CVs. Also what could WG do? Unlike nerfs and buffs if they were to remove CVs they would have to refund people who bought premium CVs and camo. You may not own the ship but you paid for access to them, if access was removed you would have a legitimate argument to have money returned to you. Unlike now were the ships are still in the game just different, removal would not be covered by a dubloon refund.