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  1. For some I would assume revenge or frankly the satisfaction of kicking WG when it is down. Not saying it is a great idea but hell I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see that.
  2. Fewer followers? That is not necessarily the case. Controversy and drama bring clicks for sure. For the short term quite a few people will join up just to help push the spear in deeper if they can. Then they can move on. Use WG until there is nothing left.
  3. One can only hope it is bad for them. Sounds great if you ask me, especially coming from people who have in their possession very intimate knowledge of this game. Time to give WG a right thrashing.
  4. War on the Sea is a very different game. I like the original idea of this game. It just keeps moving away from what I was hoping.
  5. Haven't tried Rule the Waves, but Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts, War on the Sea (absolutely loving that), and Gary Grigsby's War in the Pacific (USN Plan Orange as well if I'm feeling like a masochist) have been my go to. Well in addition to naval miniature tabletop games and Avalanche Press board games. And my God is Navy Field still going?!
  6. To each their own but WG has just been sleazy as you say one to many times for me. This game used to be my go to for my naval fix but WG has just been trash and I've moved on for the most part. I rarely play or post anymore but I always seem to want to come back with longer intervals between visits. Personally, my torch is lit and pitchfork sharpened and I have no intention of putting them away at this point. WG isn't going to change in my opinion and after all the chances they have had to change they will not get another from me. I'd love to see them get what's coming to them. Maybe you will end up right and they will learn, for the sake of people like you who still love the game I hope so. I just don't think so and they burned their bridge with me. I'll still play from time to time and if that makes me a hypocrite so be it. Money though? Nah that I'm done with. Will I bash them most chances I get? Ya I will. I wont lie, if the ESRB smacked WG hard it would warm my heart.
  7. It is funny that quite a few of his nasty characters are gunnery officers. Either they are an antagonist or they die. The two part book you are thinking of is HMS Saracen.
  8. I think I own all of his books (several copies of a few lol) including his books as Alexander Kent (Napoleonic stuff if you haven't read them.) Battlecruiser is my favorite since it was my first book of his. A Ship Must Die is a close second and coincidentally the second I read. To be fair I loved everybook of his I read, but Sunset, the Greatest Enemy, and Rendezvous South Atlantic pulled at the heart strings maybe the most. I recently went about picking up all the Audio books of his narrated by David Rintoul and they are amazing. I've given them a listen at least twice each so far.
  9. Now that would be amazing. Frankly I hope this movie does well. I would also love to see some of Douglas Reeman's books made into movies.
  10. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Submarine deck guns

    I'd buy the Surcouf in a heartbeat.
  11. Yep, I just wanted Ark Royal so I grabed her so I can play asap.
  12. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Ark Royal out in NA Store now

    6 hours till I can lead string bags to their targets, can't wait.
  13. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    Ark Royal out in NA Store now

    Haven't bought a ship in a bit but as a RN fanboy the second I saw this post I popped over and put her in port. Can't wait to get home from work.
  14. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    For those about to be Audacious - 444

    Got my Audacious yesterday and I have to say I have a new favorite CV. Absolutely love it so far.
  15. 13th_Earl_White_Haven

    A way to fix GC that will appease most:

    Tbh if they change the GC to t6 there really won't be a way to avoid pissing off quite a bit of the paying players. If they change the GC and we let them get away scott free, it will be just the first ship to fall. Some of the ships they sell cost more than stand alone AAA games and if they can be completely changed after purchase with no recourse, for myself and many others the buck stops there. No change will appease me personally. It's WG's game so they have the right to change it, but I have the right to give not a cent more.