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  1. If Graf Zeppelin goes live as-is, I'm uninstalling.

    I think the game struggles with all classes at this point, but the GZ main issue is not that it counters BBs but most cruisers and DDs as well. I fear this current version more in a DD than anything. If I get hit I'm probably sunk and the GZ can keep me lit indefinitely.
  2. If Graf Zeppelin goes live as-is, I'm uninstalling.

    4. I find when CVs are spotted the majority of the time they are far out of range of my BB (not in high tiers though to be sure, Yamato range is a long reach). I think Mofton's way of looking at it might be a better way to balance the game since I doubt WG can ever match ship type vs ship type perfectly.
  3. If Graf Zeppelin goes live as-is, I'm uninstalling.

    1. True DDs can be a menace to cruisers 2. I view CVs as worth more than 1 ship because of how deadly they are atm but that could change if the class is redone so a limit match is possible in the future, but not now imo. 3. To truly have a rocks/paper/scissors match up that is true, unfortunately I don't know if the ship populations would work with that. 4. I would disagree here personally since in my experience I don't find getting the drop on a BB nearly as difficult as a CV. A BB might have spotter planes but the CV can perma spot you which a BB cannot (not counting Mighty Mo). That is probably a better way to look at it tbh.
  4. If Graf Zeppelin goes live as-is, I'm uninstalling.

    To a certain degree I find DDs to be a counter to BBs already I know when I play DDs, BBs are generally my target. Also if CVs were completely redone their pop would change dramatically. CVs are such an anomaly since imo they play so radically different they are like another game entirely. CVs abilty to strike unseen and out of range of other classes also has me disagree with limiting the # of BBs to the number of CVs. It takes considerable time for a DD(the proposed counter) to reach a CV even if they sail directly at it. Mass numbers of CVs per team (more that 2 imo) would be untenable. I'll make no secret of it that I don't really care for their gameplay. I own some, I've played them and understand why others like them but they are by far my least favorite ship type to play.
  5. If Graf Zeppelin goes live as-is, I'm uninstalling.

    I have never been a fan of the soft counter idea since imo it contributes to WG's struggle to balance/fix CVs in general. CVs should counter BBs, BBs should counter CA/CLs, CA/CLs should counter DDs, and DDs should counter CVs imo. For an arcade style game I really that's were it should be. That's not saying any ship should be impotent against another class but they should be at a specific disadvantage. Personally I would love for this game to be more simulator like. Ships are visible on the open sea, gunnery is much less accurate, weather and sea effects gunnery and sailing, internal damage models, etc. I know I'm in the minority with that but that would be nice lol.
  6. If Graf Zeppelin goes live as-is, I'm uninstalling.

    If this isn't a case of the sky is falling and GZ does mess up t8-9 just play ships it's struggles against exclusively/ division with those ships or jump out of its bracket. Other ships have been OP before and the game changes around them or they become miserable to play. The ships lose their op status or people hate to use them. Either way over time it will be sorted out.
  7. My God the absolute fits people are throwing on here lately lol. Not a fan at all of the Asashio in its planned form but I would pay to see the fallout over her in a few games to be sure.
  8. If Graf Zeppelin goes live as-is, I'm uninstalling.

    A lot of people point out that carriers rule in naval combat which is true overall, just like in a surface action a battleship would rule vs other surface combatants. If this was a simulator that would be one thing but it isn't. CVs should be the bane of BBs, BBs should be the bane of CA/CLs, CA/CLs should be the bane of DDs, and DDs should be the bane of CVs. Historically accurate, no there are too many variables that dont come into play to match ship vs ship. Good for rocks, paper, scissor balance, yes. CVs are a mess because they are hard to balance and make a majority happy. I don't personally care for WG's habit to continually release premium carriers when they can't seem to manage the class at all. I cant stop them and neither can anyone else here, they make money from it they will do it. This may be a case of the sky is falling and it may not but if the GZ is completely out of hand you have options. 1. Don't play on it's tier bracket, 2. Adapt your play style and spec specifically to shut it down (Mighty Mo AA speced for example), 3. Play a carrier specifically to snipe it, 4. Hold on to your money and let WG know your displeasure, 5. Move on to another game, etc. I don't think she will be that devastating but if she does top every other ship type in her bracket division up, spec aa, and make it miserable to play her with the sky filled with lead.
  9. Azur Lane Collaboration with World of Warships

    China could hurt the US terribly, but the US can hurt China as well. The US could use its Navy to force the Chinese fishing fleet to fish in its already severely depleted territorial waters and refuse to sell grain to China which it severely needs. Now China destabilizing the market and the US starving people would hurt both and most likely lead to a devastating conflict desired by neither country. By problems I ment the imbalance of sexes due to the 1 child policy, lack of suitable farm land per person (0.2 acres in China), over population (ties in to both previous examples), pollution, unrest in outlying regions, and a growing middle class pulling it's populations away from agricultural jobs. They can be overcome and China may reach its penultimate place in the Sun but it has work to do first.
  10. Azur Lane Collaboration with World of Warships

    I'm not ready to just give that place in the sun just yet. China has its problems that may stop their rise and we have many that may assure our fall, but I would rather go out in a last grasp at glory than quietly simmer. Im not sure if Churchill actually said this,: "Better to go out in a flash of light than face the long decline that seems now to attend another superpower." But I do love it. Churchill is a hero of mine like Nelson and Wellington, so I suppose I am a rampant Imperialist myself to be honest so we may find it hard to agree on things lol. And no you don't hear the U.K. upper echelon speaking like some here to be sure and a bunch of that bluster here we could do without for sure.
  11. Azur Lane Collaboration with World of Warships

    Looking at this of definition imperialism I take back what I said they can very well be seen as imperialist. However in this case I fully support imperialism, you can dislike that and disagree but there we are. And I have heard Englishmen speak that way quite often. Got a few cousins who sent the Galtieri's goons packing from the Falklands and that sentiment sending British might to slam the enemy is quite common. : im·pe·ri·al·ism imˈpirēəˌlizəm/ noun a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.
  12. Azur Lane Collaboration with World of Warships

    Korea and Vietnam are directly related to the aftermath of WW2 and the spread of communism. Contrary to some people's beliefs I believe communism is the greatest evil we have face in the past century so I disagree the Korea and Vietnam are imperialist wars. If you want an example of that Iran is better but the Iowa didn't fire there. The first Gulf war was a coalition effort and imo not imperialist either. As to the English bill of rights vs the constitution they are similar but the US constitution is more concrete in today's mire of grey. Count Dankula as mentioned above is an example of that imo.
  13. Oh For the love of god, WG

    I'd be ecstatic if they would allow that lol. They could have all my carriers back. It would be an end to this embarrassing abomination of balance via over buffing vs over nerfing.
  14. We need premium T9 cruiser

    How would that make a free xp cruiser different from a tech tree ship? As you stated I could just sit in low tiers and convert xp to get the free xp ship or skip the line.