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  1. WG has pretty much made it clear they have no idea what to do with CVs and will let them wallow. In WW2 style naval combat other surface vessels really don't stand a chance fighting a CV and WG should have had a plan to combat that reality since they wanted them in the game. It is a shame that in a game with 4 classes 1 is fubar. Some people will always play CVs no matter how they perform because they love CVs. Personally mine are dry docked or sold awaiting a fix I somewhat doubt will ever come. As for ethics related to a class in a video game.....
  2. Well, I've keep my CVs in port for a long time hoping WG would work on them. TBH they are not a favorite class to play but every once and a while they added a variety to the game but now with no meaningful changes made to them and their exclusion from clan battles I think it is time for them to be fully retired for me. I'll probably sell them for the space and hell if WG ever bothers to fix them I'll re-buy them. If clan battles are really popular for all we know they will eventually take them out of the game completely . If they do that people who had them better get our xp back.
  3. Lol well my memory of the saying "the only good red is a dead red" and "better dead than red" along with others like them growing up must be fabricated then. Real Americans are pro Russia lol, thanks for that laugh it's been a long week and that really got me to chuckle.
  4. Is FTW for not getting reported than? Could have sworn it was something like that.
  5. If you have positive karma doesn't that get you the FTW camo every month?
  6. I admit I'd play a rowboat with a 12 pounder in WoWs if it was flying the Union Jack because I love the Royal Navy. I didn't have the Hakuryu in beta or the Khabarovsk (I do have the Belfast though but I am sub par with it lol) so I never got to have that OP tech tree ship at its height but now I will, and to be honest I'm looking forward to that shoe being on my foot. The fact that it is RN make me giddy. It will be nerfed eventually but hot damn I think I'll strike the iron as much as I can while it's hot. It might be bad for the game but I didn't make the RN BB line and I've been waiting for it since I started playing so I'm gonna abuse it. I do hope the next CA line gets something good since they have taken a beating though.
  7. You know, I would have said the same thing 2 months ago but now I think if WG thought they could make enough off the the Kitakami I'm not convinced they wouldn't.
  8. I was going to take my time with my RN BBs since I have wanted them from the beginning but I never thought they would get something OP. Free XP Conqueror time after work tomorrow, gotta get in on that before they fix it.
  9. Well I guess we know the answer, it's light them on fire lol.
  10. I did say that the problem is what people see as double standards if you reread my post. Picking and choosing what applies where and having contradictory looking reasoning increases how many people will see double standards even if there truly are none. That is a problem on its own. While I agree a lot of the issue is the fault of the players' own perceptions I disagree that the majority of the issue stems from them. The company's contradictions via articles and Q and As along with their refusal to fix certain issues (CV gameplay that needs work as my prime example ) causes most of the complaints imo. Now I don't know how to fix CVs and make the majority of people happy and I don't think they do either but, the good thing is I'm not payed to and they have people who are. Over all they need to firmly say balance is king and accuracy is inconsequential compared to it. I'd rather have a historically accurate simulator myself but I think I'm in the minority.
  11. The problem is what people see as double standards when you do that, you used historical stats for X and I play X but you used made up stats for Y and I don't like Y it's OP.
  12. The problem with this game in the balance reguard is that the ship classes in this game were not balanced. 2 DDs would run from a BB, so would any cruiser in their right mind since the really wouldn't stand a chance. A BB without air cover would tremble at the hint of a strike carrier's air wing. The Devs use "accuracy" and "realistic stats" when it suits them and throw them out the window when they don't. Imo they should pick what they truly want from the game before they try to balance it. Forget accurate stats in favour of balance or go with realistic stats over balance. (I'm good with either, but I'd love this game to be more Sim like.)
  13. Ohh I know lol. They could set battles though, have cl/ca battles, dd duels, bb/bc slug matches, and fleet actions.
  14. I'd personally love for this game to have simulator like accuracy and no auto range finders. You know hours long slug fests with dd and crusiers trading jabs and long lines of battle blazing away. It'll never happen but I'd love a game like that. I have distant guns and Jutland from storm eagle to get my fix there but it's not the same with just computers.
  15. When did we have class balance? I can't remember a time from beta till now that we did. Something was always wrong, from beta CVs, wrong armor BBs, to wall of skill kitakami and to a lesser extent shimakaze. I'm curious as to when all was well. I'm all for inter class balance but to my knowledge WG never had it.