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  1. Game crashes with a Critical Error popup (with options RESTART and TERMINATE) after you try to reconnect (on the main screen) after you got disconnected. I had this a few times, so it is very reproducible. Note ; it is possible that I got a different IP-address after the disconnect, so my game would first try to play from IP A, then disconnect. Then I reconnect, from IP, without restarting the game , maybe that throws the game off.
  2. TankOrBust

    “Convoy Mode” / "Escort Mode"

    And Convoy is back ! Just 6 years passed by :) https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/154
  3. TankOrBust

    Salem build for co-op?

    I like my Salem and my Des Moines. Great all-around cruisers with good damage output both HE and AP. The trick with Coop is to not play the game of the bots which is rushing to the middle and then duking it out. Not only can you get focused fired upon, very efficiently, by the bots, but also you likely will trade your ship for just 1 kill. It's better to hang back on a flank, or kite away and slowly do damage and damage and damage. If you spawn on a flank that's great ; you can wait until bots are perpendicular to you and cit them while they don't even look at you. The Salem has it's super great heal. You can repair nearly 40% IIRC. BUT ; if you play Salem safely in Randoms you will make MORE money. The battles will be more tense, less monotonous and there is plenty of salt in the air. Carriers aren't cool, but still you have your DefAA, you have your heal(s) so you can last quite long even against a carrier that decides to eat you for lunch. Not every match has a carrier. After a while the upside of the random-economy vs the coop-economy becomes substantial. Random games last longer but you only need to pay once after battle versus 2 or even 3 times after a Coop battle. The upside in XP earned and credits is serious. For missions Coop is great of course because you can focus on what you want or need ; fires, damage, spotting, citadels, caps, defended etc etc while in randoms the gameplay is more ... random. I bought the Salem for coal a long time ago, perhaps 2 years. At that time I didn't have the DM yet so she was my first and only T10. It was great. Since then more and more T10s have been added to my port, but for Ranked I sometimes still pick the Salem over the DM because of the super heal. You can make a mistake, disengage, heal and then come back.
  4. I can answer this ! I sometimes picked the lower tier ship (e.g. t9 in a t9+t10 fight) because my t9 ship was decked out, top captain and I know how to play it. This puts you against someone who barely got into a t9 (else he'd pick a t10 , right) so you greatly skew the match in your favor. This let me help and win easily 60-70% of the matches at the start of each season/sprint. Of course you have to pick your targets, only shoot when it is safe, don't go too close, stay alive, provide spotting information, set strategic fires, don't rambo in, play for the long goal (the win). I had a 80% WR in my Mogami this way. I played conservatively, the enemy t8 counterpart OFTEN died earlier, so we had a ship advantage. The Mogami isn't strong with a lot of opponents but can WRECK enemies in the end game when it can shoot at targets that are busy dealing with your other team mates. Also the torps hit hard. And if there was no chance to do damage then there is a chance to cap, or hunt DDs. For upcoming T6+T7 battles I might bring my Shinonome, with 9 torps, EACH 65 seconds, 8 km range, 14k dmg per hit. With my decent trained captain (15 pts) I have good concealment versus stock, higher speed undetected, more chance to win a 1 on 1 with another Shinonome that someone just unlocked and uses a 6 or 10 pt captain in. Izmail, Fuso, New Mexico, those all are ships that any T7 ship should worry about. Many guns and any cruiser eating broadside AP or HE shells will be in a world of hurt. Sure you have to play careful, but actually THAT is the way to win in Wows.
  5. TankOrBust

    Naval Legends: Submarine Seehund

    Well if 10.5 is 6-8 weeks away then subs will be at least 10-12 weeks away, right?
  6. TankOrBust

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    Hello can you please fix Cherry Blossom and Dynamo ? Don't need new graphics. Just needs a smart guy in the team to change the AI of the planes and the carriers. Maybe that is too much to ask though.
  7. TankOrBust

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    Scenarios is not a popular mode because it is VERY HARD to get into. What I mean is this ; You want to play the Narai scenario (the most popular). You join the #operations chat You spam that you want to play Narai You then have to manually set up a DIV and find more people You spam Narai 1/7 Narai 2/7 Narai 3/7 After waiting perhaps 10-20 minutes you have maybe 4 people and you decide to give it a try. You sink because 4 is doable, but only if you all play well and no unlucky torps or lucky shots hit your ships. After nearly 30 to 60 minutes you just played one scenario of Narai, you got like 100k credits, earned perhaps 800 xp with that failed attempt and you make up your mind. WG made Scenarios unpopular. They were HIGHLY popular in the beginning when even faced with difficult ways to get into a division without using the chat there were enough interesting scenarios (including Cherry Blossom, which was pulled and Dynamo, which was pulled). The remaining scenarios are also suffering from having to MANUALLY find a full group (say 5/6/7) to be able to have a chance to 'win' when the scenario isn't 'pick of the week'. Allow always players to fill up the team automatically as the scenario of the week. Have a look at the #operations chat. There are ALWAYS players wanting to play, but they cannot because others are already in combat and teams won't get filled up automatically. When the scenario of the week is running the teams ALWAYS Get filled up quickly, so it means there is a decent demand, but WG makes it so difficult. On top of that the rewards (credits and xp) for scenarios have been gutted so even if you play well and use a lot of flags you barely get the same rewards as a normal random game where you can hang back and take pot shots while your team does the work. Not so in scenarios, especially if you try one with just 5 players instead of the maximum of 7. My 2 cents. @Hapa_Fodder please read if you have a minute to spare
  8. TankOrBust

    Please fix one sided match making

    As other people have stated above ; it is hard to impossible to use WR to match people with other people. 1. Global WR might be heavily skewed because of history or some people doing seal clubbing in tier 1 or tier 4,5,6 2. Per ship WR might be heavily skewed because someone might just play his ship for the first time. Now what? 3. WR, per ship, changes over time. Early adopters of a new ship might have a higher WR because the ship was new and their opponents did not understand the ships gimmicks (like Pommern with strong secondaries and torpedos) or where the weaknesses are. Over time their WR will go down (hard) even below 50%. Should they be treated as 'good' players or 'average' players ? 4. the MM is random. RANDOM. Over time you will end up with a perfectly randomly distributed amount of games and teammates. A losing streak of 10 games while playing Wows for several YEARS is NOT an anomaly. 5. Even if your WR is 53% it means you might have won 53 games and lost 47. The difference is very little (6 games) which is very very hard to see as a pattern unless you're going to record in some database or spreadsheet your last 100 games (PER SHIP) and all ships in your team and the enemy team AND their stats. 6. Do understand that the larger the teams, the less influence each player has. Unlike a 3vs3 or 1vs1 game where a "53%" WR player might win EVERY ENCOUNTER against a lower WR player because he will do a little more damage, take a little less damage and thus in the end survive with a bit of HP left, while the enemy is down to 0 HP. 7. Smart players know who to target and when. If you are a BB and you ignore enemy DDs and your team gets sunk eventually then you have to question your own tactics. If you are a DD and you die within 2 minutes and your team loses, you have to question your own tactics. If you are a cruiser and you stay alive the whole game and end up doing less damage than your own HP then you should question your own tactics. 8. Damage done and Destruction rate are more important numbers to look at than just WR alone. If you sink twice for every ship you sink, then you should question your own tactics. If your damage down is significantly lower than average (see statistics websites) then question your own tactics. 9. Interesting point ; do you REALLY WANT to play against an equal team ? Play 20 minutes and have a draw ? Games should be fast, exciting, "one-sided" because stalemates and bow-in-tanking from 25 km away was and is really boring.
  9. When you try to submit a bug, you have to choose a subject from a pull-down menu. The choices available (for example "I cannot link my account because I do not have access to my email-address) are not always applicable. So if you do not want to choose a pre-defined topic, you cannot submit the bug report, because you NEED to fill in the subject but you cannot edit the subject by hand.
  10. 1. try to reset your password 2. you receive an email with a link and a button 3. if you click the link, or the button, you end up back at the 'reset your password' page online
  11. TankOrBust

    Weekly Combat Missions: Great White Fleet

    Ah never mind, the event has already finished. It would have been nice to show a more friendly error message.
  12. TankOrBust

    Weekly Combat Missions: Great White Fleet

    Guys, I still cannot participate ; the button 'Participate' shows up for a very brief moment and then disappears and changes to the above red error text. I tried with both Chrome and Firefox so it isn't just a browser problem. Turned Adblock off as well.
  13. TankOrBust

    Weekly Combat Missions: Great White Fleet

    Great White Fleet Starts: Fri. Feb. 21 2:00 AM PT / your local time: Fri. Feb. 21 6:00 PM Ends: Mon. Feb. 24 2:00 AM PT / your local time: Mon. Feb. 24 6:00 PM On February 22, we're celebrating the end of the round-the-world journey of the Great White Fleet—a unique expedition of two battleship groups of the U.S. Navy that was completed between 1907 and 1909. Click the "Participate" button, join the celebration, and complete some combat missions which can grant you valuable rewards! Something went wrong. Please try again later. I assume the 'something went wrong' is not correct.