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  1. Carrier_Taiyou

    CV Rework Feedback

    Zao and Ibuki AP are underused in the live server. Their ambush potential is a little known thing, especially with how Zao performs with her railgun 203s.
  2. Carrier_Taiyou

    CV Rework Feedback

    So some changes needed. The AA flak is in a weird balance state right now. Long range AA is strong if enemy flies through, but once past that through use of dive+speedboost for torpedo bombers, they are in the clear for their run. Also the fact that planes and ships cannot spot each other over islands is a good change, allows for ambushes yet hard to pull off if target is too close to coast. The IJN do not have short range AA at high tiers, so no constant damaging aura once you get past the flak. Intentional or just as is right now? Stacked AA bubbles are still a decent counter to approaching planes, due to the higher chance of them being shot down. Like the case of an entire lexington dive bomber squad being downed instantly in a Montana Worc AA bubble. However, stacked AA bubbles are the only way to really counter attacking aircraft, meaning that ships now need to huddle together more than before. And it is not very consistent at times, especially with flak wall patterns. The "Gaps" value in AA information needs a better explanation, or preferably just a picture showing the spread of the flak wall that is summoned in front of attacking planes. Solo ships like Zao will need to stay with a fleet rather than go off harassing/stealth APing. And the constant stream of airplanes means that Zao cannot effectively defend itself like before, and is prone to being worn down. The requirement of stacking AA bubbles, more than the current CV play, will result in people shying away from caps or flanking. This might need to be looked at more. I like the AA sector management and how it now feels more involved. However I rarely see the effect of +% density because usually too focused trying to angle against enemy warships. There is some counter play going on with this new sector + AA flak work. There is no counter to an enemy CV other than ship AA. Fighters are useless and there is no incentive to have them appear because it requires flying attack planes to the location to protect allied ships. Most CVs won't bother, and even when they do, the fighters are clumsy. I don't know which AI they are operating on, but if they use the catapult one they are terrible because they only go for closest target while sticking with the current one going far away. They need to actively hunt active planes with loaded ornaments. Dive bombers. The dive bombing has been changed, and feels like it ends too early. Also it is still difficult to target because of how the camera is. Either show both the plane and the targeting reticle, or just the reticle itself. It's useless seeing your bombs land in the water. Why do the IJN still only have deepwater torpedoes + AP dive bombers? Are they specialized as anti-capital ship? If there is a need to branch the two lines, how about changing the fighter attack aircraft? Rather than the IJN carrying rockets, which they never really did, why not have them use their 20mm/40mm cannons + 250kg bomb as a strafe + bomb rather than rocket attack. It would be harder to pull off the bomb drop than the rockets by USN, but more rewarding in slight damage. Strafing would incapacitate some AA mounts, should be repairable after a certain amount of time (2 minutes?), and can damage lighter ships (maximum 10% of their HP in one go when they are at max health, needs the plane to be on constant bearing to them). However, this would further move the play away from warships and more towards world of warplanes. But if we are sticking with this system, there needs to be some balancing changes, and actual strafing might be something to consider. I feel that bombs should also have a near miss mechanic other than damaging modules. Especially if they detonate in the water underneath the ship, like a torpedo. Many accounts of near misses damaging the seafaring capabilities of ships. This would be especially useful against destroyers, because trying to dive bomb them is near impossible, and there is barely any other way to damage them (rockets are not functional right now due to targeting bug, and i barely see them as functional even if accurate. Only the USN ones are decent.) Still not entirely satisfied with the change, especially with how much desync is on the server. Majority of damage is only coming from torpedo drops, which needs to be fixed. The other two types of planes are relatively useless. However, there are noticeable improvements from the first test, so hopefully this will keep improving. I would like to avoid changing my name after the rework goes live.
  3. Carrier_Taiyou

    CV Rework Feedback

    TST is able to patch now for first test members. The patch is approximately 750mb, and might be only the fist patch before the final patch. Unknown if people can download TST client if they are new testers. Check anyway.
  4. Carrier_Taiyou

    CV Rework Feedback

    PSA: 1. Your ability to access TST server on Wargaming Game Center is based on logging in with your main account first. Your CV_test#.loc#### account name and password is used to login to the TST server upon launching the TST version of the game, not the WGC client itself. See the bottom of https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/cv-rework-testing-2/ for detailed instructions on how to install. You can find Wargaming Game Center here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/wgc-for-you-and-me/ 2. The TST server will have a patch at around Nov 10th 15 UTC, or about 4 hours before servers are supposed to go live. Until then, it is likely that you will not be able to update/patch TST. Again, it is stated in https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/cv-rework-testing-2/. 3. CVs will drain 5 million credits each game, regardless of how well you do. Playing non-CV ships will reward you with 5 million credits, regardless of how well you do. Playing CV also rewards you with 1 million free XP. Again, listed in https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/cv-rework-testing-2/. Basically, you have to play at the very least 1:1 ratio of CV:non-CV in order to continue testing CVs