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  1. Lets not forget the huge mess that happened with Palladium Games and the Robotech Tactics Kickstarter. That was a fun mess
  2. tainteddoughnut

    No customer service at peak hours. Why?

    Customer service from WG is a joke never expect a prompt or accurate answer. Have never gotten either.
  3. Indeed you did you missed more or less everything
  4. Guess you haven't seen the video with screen shots of it than huh? yes that is what happened. Than they came out with some statements that beat around the bush trying to deny it and blame other things. All in all their response has been a good laugh and further proof they will sink the game rather than admit CV's are bad for it.
  5. tainteddoughnut

    Great Customer Care by WoWs

    Glad someone has had a decent experience with WG support mine has been about as enjoyable as a cheese grater to the face. Found them to be willfully ignorant and frankly rude. Multiple times have in depth explained a problem and that the posted fix does not work. So they direct me to the posted fix that does not work over and over again. They simply do not read or pay attention has been my experience. I would rate their support team as probably the in the top 5 worst I have ever experienced.
  6. tainteddoughnut

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    Still utter garbage MM just now instead of screwing one player per team it can screw more...because if your going to screw people might as well go for gold. The two tier spread especially when cvs are present is just to great a gap in capabilities. This is particularly true with ships that have poor range or poor AA for their tier as they can struggle to have any impact. Frankly the MM is probably one of the biggest things that drive away new players because once you get to tier 5 which is pretty easy if you have the stomach for all the cv seal clubbing at 4 your just constant fodder for ships which out match yours so greatly. Obviously I am not a new player but if I were to start at this point I would probably not stick with this game and the Tier 5 wall has stopped several friends I tried to get into the game. Since the changes to MM it is only worse.
  7. tainteddoughnut

    California HYPE

    Now if we could only get Fighting Mary :(
  8. tainteddoughnut

    Submarines: How to Play

    So who is ready for two sub 1 cv troll divs because once the DDs or cls are gone activate Sub god mode...or heaven forbid you see neither on your team and well god mode already activated.
  9. tainteddoughnut

    IFHE All Night Long

    Change gutted 120mm armed dds. Again Wargaming devs clearly show they don't play their own game. Premiums like the Haida and Blys just got their effectiveness gutted. Pretty sure at this point their goal is to get rid of DD players especially after their comments on DD and CV interaction. This is just more proof they have a serious hate-on for DDs and their players.
  10. tainteddoughnut

    new sound with 8.8

    So is it a bug that the new sounds are just terrible..can we get the old ones back?
  11. Russian BBs are going to be OP monsters...basicly immune to HE damage from cruisers with that 60mm plating not even ifhe Henri can touch that. Also the crazy torp defense....no bias at all comrade
  12. tainteddoughnut

    WOW with the hammer

    And the supporters have been even more vile
  13. tainteddoughnut

    Advice for new DD players in CV games

    Best advice is play another class DDs are no longer needed with the sky cancer in every battle. It is just not fun to play a DD. Current meta is CV BB CA/CL(AA ones are the right answer) all other ships are just targets for the CV.
  14. tainteddoughnut

    Over abundance of CVs

    Game is just not worth playing at this point to much sky cancer.