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    We promise we don't bite..well unless you ask us really nicely.
  2. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    And your entitled to your opinion of me just as I am of others. Or at least I thought till I dared to say something negative about a forum darling. But honestly you can think what you will of me and I will think what I will of others but when you tell someone what they think and feel IE an opinion is wrong your moving into a different territory. If thinking people can have their own differing opinions makes me unreasonable or unfair than I guess I am. But I am not just going to blindly follow along with others opinions no matter how hard they try to deny me my own. Have I told anyone else their opinion is wrong? I have stated I disagree with them and even why. Telling me I am wrong or otherwise insulting me is not going to change my thinking. So I would highly suggest you take your own advice before throwing shade. No where has my stance changed in any of my statements. I have even displayed evidence of how my opinion was formed.
  3. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    Not sure how that makes me unreasonable. Again I disagree with you thus I must be unreasonable. It is a sad state we live in where a different opinion one you developed through experience makes you unreasonable wrong or apparently vile and evil here. As for things for free. I use to demo and run games of Battletech and Shadowrun and before that Mechwarrior for Free as well as write scenarios for Catalyst for FREE so I guess your unreasonable for disagreeing with me with all the time I put into those things for nothing in return.
  4. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    For one her rabid defense of removal of OWSF without addressing it's effects on many DD's that did see a significant drop in their performance as well as the DD's that were marketed as being able to stealth fire (blys Anshan) with fact being in the adds for them and yes those adds were reposted despite WG trying to pretend it never happened. That was the start of my distrust it only continued to blossom from there. Removing an advertised feature without offering something in return is again a shady move and defending shady moves to me lumps you in that shady category.
  5. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    Trust me I have laid out everything for them hardware software you name it it's been addressed. biggest problem is it literally took making a video just to get a non copy paste answer ..the same non fucntioning answer that was issued for weeks on end. Than after the months of run around I just got what was essentially a LOLS sucks to be you we got your money response. Granted not phrased in that manner but you get the point.
  6. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    Lets look at that statement very carefully. Because as soon as your telling someone an OPINION is wrong you have invalidated yourself. You can FEEL an opinion is wrong you can disagree with something but to tell someone their opinion and feeling of something is wrong is well rather insulting.
  7. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    Again I have done that song and dance no luck. Fought with Tech support for MONTHS on the issue even less luck. The number of times I've tried a reinstall Seriously sunk over 40 hours into resolving the issue and honestly the tech and customer support answers are always copy paste you almost literally ahve to send them videos of you trying the fix before they move away from copy paste thats beyond frustrating because they don't actually read anything
  8. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    REally I just want either the voices to work or to get refunded for the Captains I love my Harekaze. But I also really want ALL the content I paid for not just some of it. Kind alike I went to a drive through and ordered a meal. Than I check the bag and BAM no fries but since I opened the bag already they won't give me the fries...yet how was i to know there was no fries in the bag until I opened it. But knowing these bugs exist selling these captains without altering the refund policy for them or giving a disclaimer of the existence of the bug is sketchy probably legal but legal and moral are not the same things. Hey I say what I think often unfiltered as it may be. I have read many of her posts and I generally feel she puts way to much effort into turning things into a sales pitch with some decent hard stats than being truly honest. Yes she was critical of the Graf Zep. But one instance of going against does not convince me. Just as you are convinced she is of the opposite. Two people can read the same things and come out with different opinions of them. That is the beauty of being human and not all being apart of a hive mind or otherwise controlled.
  9. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    I am also partial to the new Nice Weiss
  10. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    Again when I said I tried everything that includes that sadly. Not trying to be a smart(certain part of the human hind quarters) but yeah still a no
  11. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    I have read it and many of her other reviews I find outside of the hard numbers she posts to always be a hardcore party line with Wargaming. Again everyone can have an opinion and we are free to not share the same one. Well at least I thought so than I remembered I am on the internet where if you don't agree with people they want to see your head roll.
  12. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    Those files even on a fresh install are just not there for what ever reason. When I say the fixes don't work I am not joking I have tried them all searched for everyone people have come up with and nothing.
  13. High School Fleet Buyer Beware

    So after months of gridlocked headbutting with WG figure it's time to warn any would be buyers. The High school fleet voices you pay good money for might not work. A while back they changed the sound file system and on some installs that rendered them inoperable. Well it took awhile but a fix was posted requiring you to delete folders in the banks file. Well for some this does not resolve the issue. And guess what if you purchased the captain and than used it to find out low and behold even after all their quote fixes it still does not work they will not refund the purchase because you used it. Now is it just me or is that a little shady to sell a product the consumer finds it is broken and attempts to return it. Only they don't accept returns on the product once it was used but the only way to find out it was broken was to use it. So just a heads up on those unique captains you may be spending good money on nothing.
  14. Did they remove the anime voices?

    Sadly that fix does not always work. And if it does not even after reinstalling the game it will not. It seems on certain system set ups the voices just will not work no matter what. If your one of them your really SOL and WG will just give you the run around and try to jerk you around for days and months at a time over the issue. The about 40 tickets I've sent into support have yielded no reliable fix. I've gotten to the point where I figure if i pester them enough eventually they may MAY get annoyed enough to either give me money back or fix the darned bug.
  15. Did they remove the anime voices?

    There is a bug that even with the correct settings for some people the ARP and HSF voices will stop working. Sadly even the 'fix' tech support will give you does not always work. So right now WG is being a bit shady and selling a product they know will not work for everyone. And this is a bug that has been reported to them for months and months and still no fix. Also they won't issue refunds for things once you have a played a game with them and you don't know if it will work if you don't have ARP ships until you play a game with them so beware getting the HSF stuff. Could very well be spending a decent chunk of money and getting everything you paid for.