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  1. Every time i read one of these threads i think, isn't that what clan wars is for? Absolute matchmaking authority to field the very best team you can put together, under your terms and guidance, beholden to whatever wet noodle lashings you see fit to brandish if they fail to perform. Randoms are random in every way. You get what you get. You'll be better off when you accept that simple truth rather than trying to make people conform to some ideal you have about the way the game should be played.
  2. You've identified precisely why it was a mistake.
  3. I think they said in no uncertain terms that it will never happen again.
  4. All hail the great and glorious CandyCleve
  5. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    I would support anything that would: - Get attention and perhaps a bit of extra funding toward this ship - even if the event itself didn't chip in any cash, the event would itself generate extra visitation dough. - Get WG's butt up to Canada. Cmon Pigeon, it's wonderful this time of year. If you act now, you can get one of the few days left where the temperature is above zero. That's t-shirt weather for sure. If winter isn't your thing, then you have 6 solid months to plan for next summer.
  6. Belfast. It's really a ship that plays well above average.
  7. " Camping Meta "

    I'm fairly sure i do not i share that assessment. CVs are an orthoganal game element. They cause you to be aware of more than what's on the horizon. Those who stay zoomed in and don't look at the sky are easy pickings for even part time CV players. Good CV players are no different than good anything else players - they're going to hurt you no matter what you do. So the point of view that we differ on is what happens to the "regular players". Are they OP in a CV? I suggest no. They just do massive alpha strike damage with tremendous cooldowns (~2 mins to land and refuel). They're also the only class that can be shut down completely either by other CVs or by ship AA, which you don't even need to control. Strike CVs are the strongest, but also the most vulnerable. AS CVs are the most annoying to other CVs, but really can't do much to hurt ships comparatively. Having a great game in a CV is no better than having a great game in any other ship. You're probably going to top over 100k damage in either case, but the difference is you might get that out of just 2-3 ships instead of 6-8. Those 2-3 ships are going to be rather unhappy about the damage they took from you, but as it affects the team in general, a CV and a BB do about the same amount of damage when they "do well". If you want to data mine and go throw stats in my face about particular ships, fine, but it won't change my assessment of CV balance. Sometimes you get picked on and get deleted. That's how it goes. It doesn't make CVs OP.
  8. I knew i should have bought a perth when i had the chance. </selfkick>
  9. Most people do i suspect. It's the standard issue response. However, i do also give out soopar sekret info, such as the fact that they go "pew pew" as well.
  10. Threads like this are one of many reasons why we're not allowed to talk about our experiences thus far. Test ship parameters are always subject to change, and any impressions the testers have at this point are not useful to share as they represent versions of ships that may never exist again. This is also why the Community Contributor program is great for providing information to the community, since they can and do share their impressions with everyone in order to answer questions just like this one. The best answer has already been given; a little patience is all that's required. Sooner or later the very fine group of WOWS CCs will have all the info you want short of having one in your own port.
  11. Kii vs Tirpitz vs Alabama

    That would make a difference if there was anything else sensible to take in the AA slot. More range? No point, it's not a sniper. More turret rotation? shoot slower? heck no. More secondaries? Meh, 7.2 instead of 6 isn't a terrible idea, but the secondaries really aren't that great anyway. More AA? Yup. Good choice. Like i said, AA isn't a defining characteristic of a BB vs BB battle. Taking AA on bama doesn't hurt me by taking anything else i would have taken that would have been better for the purpose of ship battles. If that extra 1.2kms matters to you, by all means take it. I would suggest that vs. Kii, secondaries really aren't going to make or break the fight. Your first comment was best. Better captain wins every time.
  12. Kii vs Tirpitz vs Alabama

    Alabama can have 100 AA just as easily. I'm not sure AA is the defining factor in a BB vs BB showdown though.
  13. I'll give a shout out to the STW folks and their various affiliate clans. I generally find them to be helpful, respectful, and fun to play with.
  14. Karma Reset

    This karma thing comes up as a Regular Forum Post(tm). It breaks down like this. If you give people a reason to think you're a jerk, they're probably going to report you. If you're helpful, kind, or awesome, there is a chance they'll compliment you. If you exist and someone is having a bad day, they might report you anyway for no reason other than they're being a jerk. The net result is that option 1 is the most easily controlled - don't be a jerk to mitigate down karmas. Option 2 is the best kind, consistently be good and you'll get compliments probably at about a 1/10th the rate you think you should, but perhaps that's just observational bias. It's really up to other people what they think is good and not you, so don't sweat it. This isn't kindergarten; not everything has to be fair. In fact it's the internet and fairness is a silly assumption. Option 3 is complained about visibly, but happens by far the least often. To those who say it happens all the time, i suggest there is an element of #1 in there as well. Complain if you want to and plead your innocence, but while i acknowledge random downvotes happen, they happen very rarely, and are almost always instead a case of the world telling you you're being a jerk. The only thing about karma you really can control is the ones you give out. I give out a ton of +1s, and very few -1s. I also try to behave like a human being, even when people in game are behaving like knuckleheaded trolls. When that happens, i do not sink to their level, i just ignore it or send them a happy -1 present. Responding in kind to idiocy is a sure way to increase you -1 rate. In real life, that's a good lesson too - be better than the trolls you meet. On the whole, i'm neither popular, known, or recognizable in game, but i've made it up to about 100 karma i think. I like to think that is because i've been helpful far more than i've been a twit, and random downvotes if they happen, are just statistical noise and have no real bearing on my overall total. Enjoy the game and be a good person, and people will recognize it.