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  1. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    I've given out almost 50 prizes so far. Hopefully many of you have claimed my bounty! Keep looking for me, i'm not done yet!
  2. I would like to say thanks

    And i would like to thank you for being one of the silent majority who took the time out to say that. It's easy to complain when you're upset. It's rare that people just stop and reflect on the greatness of the game and its people.
  3. A more constructive answer would be to propose a solution to modify the ship that takes it down to perhaps a bad cold, or a lingering cough at most. This kind of comment doesn't really contribute anything to the discussion i suspect Zoup is trying to have.
  4. Thanks @Sub_Octavian for your kind words, and your unique perspective, and above all, your dedication to making something fun for all of us to play.
  5. Corgi [edited]

    There is a fine line between getting annihilated by the CV because of too little AA, and making it rain planes because of too much AA. if the corgi was driving the bama, it would probably mean the enemy cv couldn't touch it no matter what else was going on. I doubt there are many corgis out there who are trying to make sure that they are ineligible kills. They want to give prizes out, but they also want to help their team win. Striking a balance so you win but die isn't always easy. I suspect this is a case of inferring too much from the construction of the division.
  6. Thanks for all you've done for this community Niko. Hope to see you around.
  7. Smart strategy or sneaky play

    Failure is a convincing teacher. As long as it keeps working, it may single out only those who are unwilling to learn. Always do your best of course, but don't think less of the newbies for losing. We were all there once.
  8. Until i read the thread, i really couldn't see how this was connected to @TANSTAAFL.
  9. There is a consistency check you can do from the launcher. It may help:
  10. Belfast

    Belfast is so good. Apart from Flint (which is tops in pretty much all categories for obvious reasons) it is comparable only to Fiji in terms of T7 cruiser performance. It doesn't have torps, but aside from that it is one of very few ships that can bully around any destroyer in range. Radar + Hydro means advance warning of torpedo attacks and no place for enemy dds to go where you can't see them. Once you get IFHE on it, Belfast goes from OP to ludicrous. I understand that it's not everyone's thing, but it is an absolutely amazing ship. if you still have one, i'd recommend never selling it for any reason. Preferences change in this game. Even if you aren't into it now, you might find it more your flavour later and you'll be glad you have it.
  11. Reworking Detonations

    wow. Education in internet silliness when all i came for was fun and engaging discussion. +1 Eno75! My only problem with detonations is that you can't see them from orbit.
  12. Every time i read one of these threads i think, isn't that what clan wars is for? Absolute matchmaking authority to field the very best team you can put together, under your terms and guidance, beholden to whatever wet noodle lashings you see fit to brandish if they fail to perform. Randoms are random in every way. You get what you get. You'll be better off when you accept that simple truth rather than trying to make people conform to some ideal you have about the way the game should be played.
  13. You've identified precisely why it was a mistake.
  14. I think they said in no uncertain terms that it will never happen again.
  15. All hail the great and glorious CandyCleve