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  1. InvalidKey

    DM legendary module

    Oh i did. I read it. I also didn't read any opinions on whether it was worth the tradeoff from the people posting in this thread. Reading in indeed OP it seems.
  2. InvalidKey

    DM legendary module

    That nobody has mentioned the hit to radar duration makes me think that nobody feels that to be an issue. That's fine if that's what you feel, but having someone mention it and say why it isn't a problem would be a nice point in this discussion.
  3. InvalidKey

    Tirpitz B Question

    The Tirpitz B is an entirely different ship. It can not share perma camos with any other ship. Said differently, there are no perma camos in game that can be moved between ships; they are all designated for specific ships. But hey, we saw subs and a cv rework, maybe some day movable permacamos will come too. Never say never, so they say.
  4. InvalidKey

    Tirpitz B 2,500 doubloon

    But that sentence is there:
  5. @Fishrokk As stated before, it's impossible for the devs to be everywhere. The local managers and certainly @Pigeon_of_War do take our concerns to hq. They aren't here to moderate as job #1. They're here to listen, to collect, and to report among their many other responsibilities. I don't know what games you frequent but this community, and the developer interaction via the NA reps is in the very top echelon of all of the games I've played, and certainly the top of any game of this scale. Take the complaints about smoke, the citadel heights for the us bbs, requests for ships chief among these Haida, as examples from the past and ongoing threads and issues like radar and ijn DD woes as more recent examples as things identified on the dev blog and or fixed/released in part because the NA playerbase brought them up and made well reasoned arguments for change. We are definitely listened to, or we'd still have invisible firing and BB's hiding in DD smoke and map edge crawlers as the crises they once were for some people. It isn't only bugs or complaints either. There are feature request subforums as well wherein we can make suggestions as to what we'd like to see in the game. The better more well reasoned a position is put forth for change the more likely it is to be read and actioned. Barring reason, volume also counts according to my accounting of history here in this forum. How many times has NA tried to light a bonfire over a mechanic or ship model or marketing decision that was ultimately changed in to be more favourable to our collective position? WV is WV 41 so at least we know which refit we're sailing. I've lost track of the changes asked for and demanded by NA that our tireless WGA representatives have brought to HQ and gotten actioned. Oh they listen, and judging by the recent relatively bustling activity on the dev blog they're trying to communicate just how much they listen and what they're doing about it. If you don't subscribe to the dev blog, no problem. There are upvote ninjas who live on the forum who do subscribe and repost everything here near as fast as it hits the blog. If I see all this from my forum lurking, reading the news posts on the website and/or wgc and/or in game, perhaps you should pop over to pigeons thread and see if you can recommend ways for their efforts to become more visible. I'm sure they'd love to know how to reach out to us more effectively.
  6. And thank you for reaching out to find the info you want. If we all work together to make the game better, it benefits everyone.
  7. The community managers of NA are rabid forum consumers. They read an astounding amount of forum stuff, and it wouldn't surprise me if they read this too. Don't think that just because we're not RU/EU we don't get attention. Cannot recall interaction? Wao. I cannot recall a 3 month stretch where there hasn't been interaction. Are you referring to a post from say Sub_Octavian or someone else like that? The local community managers are our typical conduit to them, since it's not reasonable to expect the developers to read 10k worldwide threads on whatever we have to say and still have time to actually do work. I'm fairly surprised you don't recognize the community engagement on the forums. Go look for staff posts, announcements, feedback, thread engagements. They aren't hard to find - they have a dedicated recent staff posts board. if all that isn't enough, our very own Pigeon of War has this gem: That is _literally_ what OP asked for. There is no way you'll convince anyone that Pigeon doesn't read that thread. @capncrunch21 - use that thread right there. That is as direct as it gets.
  8. InvalidKey

    Fine, upstanding people

    @Kahiel (who may not ever see this, but that's okay) asked me about a ship i was testing, i directed them to community contributor reviews as i often do for NDA reasons, and they thanked me for the information and my time testing ships. I appreciated that. I got a similar thanks today from @Malarkey_. People who thank others for just doing what they do are fine, upstanding people in my book.
  9. InvalidKey

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    Bugs: * Crash during manual CV control, then press TAB. WGCheck Report * crash after returning to CV while under attack. WGCheck Report * crash at the end of battle. WGCheck Report
  10. InvalidKey

    Fine, upstanding people

    @GhostSwordsman is a fine, upstanding individual who not only greeted me warmly, reminded me i don't come around the forums much anymore, and also played well to the credit of our team, including a single handed carry for the win despite hecklers. You sir, are top shelf.
  11. InvalidKey

    Facebook WoWs Commander Voice Question

    Some people just want to watch the world burn That said, i'd totally have that captain on my ships.
  12. InvalidKey

    Supply Lines Event

    I would like to comment only that people distrust any website that isn't worldofwarships.com for many reasons not the least of which are account and gold scams. Having to register on a third party site, much less a .ru extension freaks people out. Legitimate as the event may be, it's causing a lot of questions and concern. Please consider that for future events.
  13. InvalidKey

    Who have you seen in game

    Hopefully i didn't embarrass myself too much. I am not what you would call a "DD main" :) Hope you had a great game, and perhaps we'll see each other again soon!
  14. InvalidKey

    152mm w/ IFHE gives better damage against DDs?

    Clearing up misconceptions is a good and useful service. +1 for your efforts.
  15. InvalidKey

    152mm w/ IFHE gives better damage against DDs?

    Don't lose sight of the overall benefit of IFHE in general for 152mm guns. Whether they do more damage or nor to DDs, they're still the right choice for these guns. If any readers out there have lost sight of that in this discussion, consider this a friendly reminder.