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  1. Isoroku Question? 9 Lives?

    Right.. cat captains with similar names. i forgot about that one. I'm fairly certain his special skills are.. umm. He starts with 6 points. ... And he's a cat.
  2. Isoroku Question? 9 Lives?

    Yamamoto's skills are clearly marked. His talents activate only after completing the required achievements (first blood/Kraken). The extra effects activate only if you "mount" them on the commander screen (fireworks, tracers, flag).
  3. Radar

    No way we got up to 6. I call shenanigans
  4. The good news is that free port slots aren't a rarity. They're not falling from the sky, but they do happen often enough. If you want to keep every ship you've every played however, well, free slots aren't *that* common. Most people just sell some ships they no longer play to make room for new ones. Tip: If you play for a while, you'll start to accumulate premium ships. They give them away all the time. I recommend not selling these. They're super useful for training captains, earning credits, and just having some fun. Any old tech tree ships however, if you no longer play them, set them free to make room for new toys :) Happy sailing!
  5. Somehow I torpedoed myself ?

    You are already pink in that match, which makes me think you were pink before you died. If you torped an ally while pink, the damage they take is drastically reduced, but reflects full force onto you. That is the most reasonable explanation. No other teammate had to die in this case, just take damage from you. They would probably be harmed little if at all by your team damage.
  6. How do you handle the Minotaur

    If i might add more, get a mino, even if on the Public test server. Play it a while and see how it works. If you play a ship, you'll have a much better idea how to play against that ship.
  7. How do you handle the Minotaur

    Minos aren't the best AA platforms out there; they do the most damage if you stay in mid/close range. Longer range mino AA isn't that good. Mino doctrine is usually: - Find an island - Be in the middle of the map - Smoke up and shoot. TBH it's not that hard to anticipate where they'll be. They need to be in the middle of the map because of their limited range. They need to use smoke and islands to prevent visual/radar contact and to provide a hard barrier if needed to stop shells. If you see a puff of smoke with a stream of tracers coming out of it, well, don't go there. If it's the start of the match and they haven't been detected, advance your planes cautiously and course correct if they're being attacked. it won't be long before you ID the mino vs. any other ship as being the source of the AA. If it's a mino, haul out of there and go around it, or double down and attack it. It will force the mino to blow a smoke on your schedule, not theirs, which is often a big advantage. Spotting down that mino will make him run away or for cover. either way, he's off his game right from the start. You'll lose a few planes, but you'll shut him down and possibly get him shot by your team. That's a good trade. Minos are only strong if you leave them be. If you run them down they die quickly. Source: I love my mino.
  8. It's obvious what the weaponry is.. You see that bumper on the front?
  9. Playing solo...random.

    I've played 99% of my games solo random. I have no impression it does anything except not give me a boost to my winrate that i would probably get from playing with division mates. I managed to do alright regardless. Solo for me isn't about winning or losing, it's about my life style. I am in a situation where my life interrupts me frequently. I cannot sit here for two hours or even one without needing a break to take care of something away from the computer for a few minutes. Divisions mean slowing down. After i die solo, i jump into any ship of my choosing, any time i feel like pressing the battle button. I can leave battle and move on without a second thought. In a division, i am stuck watching my div mates play on for 5+ minutes. Maybe i win more often, but it's boring. I get limited time as is, i'm not going to use it watching other people. After we finally get back to port, i may need to do something around the house, and need 5 mins that my div mates wait for me, or they don't and jump into battle without me and i'm stuck waiting again. It's not fair for me to ask people to accommodate me, and i'm bored waiting around for them. At least solo, i can move on at my own pace. It's only a disadvantage if i consider it to be one. Too many people think that the battle outcome is in someone elses hands, and so it is for them. I maybe cannot carry a battle all by myself, but i can do something when other people are hesitant. Sometimes i get killed and everyone keeps watching, sometimes my team steps up and comes with me. Either way, the battle can be directed by solo players too. You just have to carry a bit harder is all. If that trains me to not worry about whether others will follow me, to be more mindful of what the rest of the team is doing rather than just the people i expect to back me up (my div mates), then meh, i'll be fine with that. Solo is not a disadvantage, it's just a different set of battle conditions.
  10. So... the Texas... wow.

    Texas is gudbote. Recent ClearSky medal:
  11. Not sure if this is a bug?

    It's not that you're not correct without a replay, it's just that it's very difficult to prove anything with out evidence. The sum of this thread is going to be "well, watch out for it" if there is nothing to confirm, "honest mistake" if it was that, or "yup, that right there is a bug, file it!" if you're right. I would suggest people play with replays on all the time. You can purge them with any frequency you want to, but if you have an epic game or an epic bug, you can't show much without a replay or reproduction steps. Alternatively, take a friend into a training room with DWTs and your ship, hydro up and have them torp you. If it's a consistent bug, it should be able to be reproduced in a training room. Reproduction steps are helpful if you submit a bug report.
  12. Not sure if this is a bug?

    Threads like this always go to the same place, so i'll just jump right ahead: Replay?
  13. I can't aim with the Alabama

    There is truth here. Alabama isn't much of a sniper - it does way better up close. It has the torp protection to cover for occasional oopses, good secondaries, and good forward bouncy angles that make things hard for enemy ships to deal with at close ranges. Give it a try. Fight at 10km instead of 15+. You'll probably do way better.
  14. Captain Training in Premiums

    I often EXP up to about 10-pt territory, and play from there. That's often enough to be competitive. If i find a surplus of EXP lying around and am a point away from another major skill in a captain, i might dump some in to reach it.
  15. Thinking about the Alabama, but...

    Alabama is a tremendously good ship. A lot of the good points have been covered, but i would add that it's among the only ships i'll use to take on a German BB at close range, basically ignore the secondary fire, and win anyway even without taking significant damage if you angle properly. For a T8 BB, it's about as good as they come. T10 battles are not something to be afraid of, you can hold your own. AA is godly. The dispersion can be erratic at times but generally its on point. If you can grab an Alabama and you're at all interested, you probably will find it to be worth your coin to do so.