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  1. InvalidKey

    Fine, upstanding people

    @GhostSwordsman is a fine, upstanding individual who not only greeted me warmly, reminded me i don't come around the forums much anymore, and also played well to the credit of our team, including a single handed carry for the win despite hecklers. You sir, are top shelf.
  2. InvalidKey

    Facebook WoWs Commander Voice Question

    Some people just want to watch the world burn That said, i'd totally have that captain on my ships.
  3. InvalidKey

    Supply Lines Event

    I would like to comment only that people distrust any website that isn't worldofwarships.com for many reasons not the least of which are account and gold scams. Having to register on a third party site, much less a .ru extension freaks people out. Legitimate as the event may be, it's causing a lot of questions and concern. Please consider that for future events.
  4. InvalidKey

    Who have you seen in game

    Hopefully i didn't embarrass myself too much. I am not what you would call a "DD main" :) Hope you had a great game, and perhaps we'll see each other again soon!
  5. InvalidKey

    152mm w/ IFHE gives better damage against DDs?

    Clearing up misconceptions is a good and useful service. +1 for your efforts.
  6. InvalidKey

    152mm w/ IFHE gives better damage against DDs?

    Don't lose sight of the overall benefit of IFHE in general for 152mm guns. Whether they do more damage or nor to DDs, they're still the right choice for these guns. If any readers out there have lost sight of that in this discussion, consider this a friendly reminder.
  7. Recommendation: With the new option in WGC to login with a third party authority (i.e. Google), that gets you in game well enough. However, if you're dropped to login screen during the game, there is no option to log back in with google. My password wasn't remembered and the game was flying on by while i went looking for it. There is a login with Twitch option on the login screen. Can the login with other third party authorities be added as well, to facilitate fast login on disconnect/drop to login? Thanks, Invalid
  8. InvalidKey

    Corgi Event new one?

    I have enjoyed being a corgi on multiple occasions, and if i can be, i'll participate again in any similar community event. They really do bring out a fun spirit around the server when they're on.
  9. InvalidKey

    lowest tier ship that you had 200K damage

    209 117 in an omaha
  10. InvalidKey

    Fiji a must play cruiser?

    Fiji is just a great ship. It is probably the best non premium T7 there is. If you're not used to AP-only, that's what T1-6 are for, but you quickly figure out how to play it to its strengths and avoid the weaknesses. For all of the crap cruisers get for HE spam, and if you're tired of just playing the same style different ways, i thoroughly encourage the RNCL line as a wholly different experience. That and Fiji is a great ship.
  11. InvalidKey

    musashi or kronshtadt

    I have Musashi, but i admittedly don't play it much. Missouri is a much better experience for me in terms of play style and enjoyment. I'll get a Kronsh because its there. Hopefully it is a fit with the playstyle i enjoy. Some people talk about this parameter or that, this meta or that, this MM trickery or that. Whether those matter to you is your business. I suggest you look at the kind of ships you enjoy playing. If you have Yamato and want a premium lesser version of it, well, get Musashi. Kronsh appears on paper at least to be a cruiser that plays a bit like moskva or hindy - stay back, fire often rather than the down dirty brawl types. I guess i'll find out when i get it. Maybe you will too.
  12. InvalidKey

    Why you like your username?

    I wrote software for bank machines at some point in my career. I recall seeing an error message telling the user that they have pressed an invalid key. The uselessness of that message was funny. Persona, born.