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  1. Clearing up misconceptions is a good and useful service. +1 for your efforts.
  2. Don't lose sight of the overall benefit of IFHE in general for 152mm guns. Whether they do more damage or nor to DDs, they're still the right choice for these guns. If any readers out there have lost sight of that in this discussion, consider this a friendly reminder.
  3. Recommendation: With the new option in WGC to login with a third party authority (i.e. Google), that gets you in game well enough. However, if you're dropped to login screen during the game, there is no option to log back in with google. My password wasn't remembered and the game was flying on by while i went looking for it. There is a login with Twitch option on the login screen. Can the login with other third party authorities be added as well, to facilitate fast login on disconnect/drop to login? Thanks, Invalid
  4. Corgi Event new one?

    I have enjoyed being a corgi on multiple occasions, and if i can be, i'll participate again in any similar community event. They really do bring out a fun spirit around the server when they're on.
  5. Fiji a must play cruiser?

    Fiji is just a great ship. It is probably the best non premium T7 there is. If you're not used to AP-only, that's what T1-6 are for, but you quickly figure out how to play it to its strengths and avoid the weaknesses. For all of the crap cruisers get for HE spam, and if you're tired of just playing the same style different ways, i thoroughly encourage the RNCL line as a wholly different experience. That and Fiji is a great ship.
  6. musashi or kronshtadt

    I have Musashi, but i admittedly don't play it much. Missouri is a much better experience for me in terms of play style and enjoyment. I'll get a Kronsh because its there. Hopefully it is a fit with the playstyle i enjoy. Some people talk about this parameter or that, this meta or that, this MM trickery or that. Whether those matter to you is your business. I suggest you look at the kind of ships you enjoy playing. If you have Yamato and want a premium lesser version of it, well, get Musashi. Kronsh appears on paper at least to be a cruiser that plays a bit like moskva or hindy - stay back, fire often rather than the down dirty brawl types. I guess i'll find out when i get it. Maybe you will too.
  7. Why you like your username?

    I wrote software for bank machines at some point in my career. I recall seeing an error message telling the user that they have pressed an invalid key. The uselessness of that message was funny. Persona, born.
  8. I'm genuinely curious. When you say they tweak TK all the time, how often do you mean? I'll believe you if you say it's true, but i'm wondering how you came to this conclusion. "trying to hide" might also be a bit thin. Trying to hide the Cheat detection algorithms - absolutely, they've even said as much many times. Trying to hide TK mechanics doesn't seem to meet my mental model. They don't say exactly how many HP of damage you need or how many games penalty you get, but that's not hiding is it? That's in line with "play nice and it won't affect you". Fine line to some people perhaps but i don't believe the intent is to create a sekret voodoo policeman monitoring system people are afraid of. It's to create a system that weeds out behaviour they've deemed contrary to good and fair play. It cannot always guess whether the intent was there, which is why the punishments follow a gradient as you outlined in your first post. To really cause the ire of the system you have to push it pretty far or have a fantastically awful string of people crashing into you, driving into your torpedoes, game crashes, disconnects and other things. It really seems as though the TK system is opaque? Hmm.
  9. That's an odd statement, considering that WG is and has been publishing videos explaining game mechanics recently, pushing upcoming development notices to public FB and devblog locations, and sharing information with us publicly to a degree that far exceeds anything they've done in the past. It's worth noting that while you have 11 games of penalty time (according to the excellent research done by Brushwolf), you do not have stay orange for 11 games. At some point, you'll return to pink, wherein you can work off your remaining penalties in randoms again. The system isn't designed to punish accidents or one-offs. Good behaviour lifts the restrictions at a similar rate at which the penalties were accrued.
  10. CS Testing

    Gneisenau has already said his peace. Seems like he covered the issue fairly well.
  11. Fine, upstanding people

    I'll take the hit.
  12. Fine, upstanding people

    I had the pleasure of meeting a few excellent people today in game. They were excellent for a variety of reasons, from good manners and casual chat to excellent use of chat to help direct the battle. I think we could take a moment in the forum to recognize people for just being great community members. Who have you seen in game that through their behaviour made you glad to be a part of the community? I recognize @Doomlock and @Jnobsir for being fine people today. They greeted me at the start of a match, and it just made me happy.
  13. Concealment matters little when you go to max range upon firing anyway. Grab an island and hug it like it's your life, because, well, it is. Even if they know where you are (almost certain) they'll have a heck of a time hitting you.
  14. You're absolutely right, even if you have to chuck some AA power to do it. It's so worth it. Thanks for providing solid info!