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  1. Potato_Weekend_Warrior

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    The goal is to sell good and unique ships not for 1 mil free XP or for time/skill grind for steel, the goal is for people to waste their free XP much faster.
  2. Potato_Weekend_Warrior

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Yes, exactly! Before WG used to award good ships (Musashi, Kron) via free XP, but since they promoted and sold so many crates with free XP flags, now this resource is basically useless for generating actual money. So they are trying to come up with another way to monetize the hell out of loyal player base. Now instead of giving you obviously OP ship for 1 mil XP, they give it to you for grinding 5 ship lines, which is about 3,600,000 (720,000 x 5). Kudos WG, great way to treat people who spend hundreds of dollars on your game and who have been with you since beta test.... You will probably make some more money this way, but I'm done sponsoring this "EA light" joke of a company!
  3. Potato_Weekend_Warrior

    Latest Events are Complete Ripoff

    WG is not a charity, that's obvious. I spend $20-50 once in a while as well. However, creating OP ships that are behind major pay wall (like Benham) is just evil, IMHO.
  4. Potato_Weekend_Warrior

    Latest Events are Complete Ripoff

    1. In hands of a good player, Colbert and Pobeda are way OP. I thought that they will be distributed via normal ways, but this progress reset crap basically means that these ships will cost 100s of dollars or hundreds of hours of game time. 2. Just like it has been going on since this game became a thing. Now these events are just another way to basically tease money out of our pockets.
  5. Potato_Weekend_Warrior

    Latest Events are Complete Ripoff

    Hey captains, What is going on with latest "events" and premium ship policies in general? First WG lets us purchase various flags that improve credit and free XP collection, then they make those resources almost irrelevant by hiding best ships under another paywall, and come up with these "events" that trick us into spending more money instead of just opening whole line with free xp... I've just finished this dumb French destroyers tokens collection and only then I realized that for spending actual money and tens of hours to collect those tokens, I get "privilege" to spend more money on random bundles that might drop a tier 9 destroyer, maybe, for mere $100 .... After spending so much money and time on this game I feel like an idiot.... Is this how WG wants to "reward" players who have been with them since beginning? From now on I will not spend a single dime. Is anybody else feeling similarly?
  6. Potato_Weekend_Warrior

    When is logout bug getting fixed?

    Is there a way to submit support ticket? I took my brand new gaming laptop to a completely different location in another state and I couldn't play a game without logging out to login screen. It actually started happening even in port... The game is unplayable like this. Never mind, I submitted support ticket.
  7. Potato_Weekend_Warrior

    When is logout bug getting fixed?

    I've asked in game chat and someone told me that this has been very common since latest update. It happened to me in 2 different locations. Both had great internet.
  8. Potato_Weekend_Warrior

    When is logout bug getting fixed?

    I had it crush as well, few times over the years, but not like every other game. It just returns me to login screen, I log back in to see my ship sinking.
  9. Potato_Weekend_Warrior

    When is logout bug getting fixed?

    Hey, WG, it is so nice of you to give us 200% first game XP. However, it would be even better if I could finish 2 games without game logging me out in the middle of a match for no reason. What do you think happens to my DD when I get logged out while defending from advancing ships? My best result so far is 90% of health gone, most of the time I return to the game to watch my ship sink...