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  1. 1440p is a nice balance, and I am personally using a 34" ultra-wide and it is amazing for gaming.
  2. I had 35K doubloons just sitting around doing nothing and converted.
  3. ouch
  4. I want World of Airships... you can never have enough steampunk.
  5. Pretty much. Since the explosion is mostly under the waterline I don't think you would normally see a fireball... unless a magazine or oil tank was set off on a smaller ship.
  6. These look sooooooooo much better! I hope these go live in the not too distant future.
  7. It was 122 a few weeks ago... Sunday was 110 @50% humidity.
  8. If you do another CA stop I'll be there. Anything else is too much of a trek out of Palm Springs.
  9. How is the CV rework coming along? I heard from from somewhere it was going into super test soon. And it was previous said no new premium CVs would be out before the rework was in, but our 3rd one was just announced in as many months.
  10. lol fixed
  11. That was pretty much my thinking. Turn and run (many cits), or backup and burn.
  12. So I haven't played in a few weeks, and did a worm warm up game in my Mo. I wasn't watching the map as well as I should have, and ended up over extending into the cap a little toooo much. Got cornered by two other Missouri's and an Izzi, and decided to go all crazy on them knowing I was going to die anyway. (length 1:12)
  13. Interesting
  14. If I pay for shipping and the $20 can you send me the cool swag???? I went to Midway and had a ton of fun, but Texas is a little far from Palm Springs. I really want the bag lol.