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  1. so done playing with CV

    So what happens if after the rework CVS just get a lowers skill floor to allow more players to do better in them? Rework does not equal nerf only change. While cv players are justified in hoping they don't change CVS for the worse. People against cvs are not justified in hoping for a nerf. Reason being that players flock the precieved OP ships that they can do good in. Currently the skill gap keeps new players from playing them. Meaning the solution is to make CVS easier to play and reduce the skill gap. Which in turn means buffs to CVS over all at the expense of the good cv players.
  2. Massachusetts

    Apparently I didn't post it but wrote a response to your other post saying much the same. With a ma I would not go full secondary build. Instead maybe just take bft+aft for AA and get the added benefit of longer range secondaries. Losing some sigma sucks but is hardly a deal breaker. Since it still has those 16" shs rifles. Getting in close reduced the need for CE which frees up some skills. I'm thinking 10 point survival build + ar, bft, aft and aim mod 1 would make a tough little all around ship.

    Nagato both rewards good and punishes bad aim. The groupings are too tight. Which means the game will increase your dispersion if your aim is even off a little bit. Don't get me wrong, because vertical dispersion can still screw up good aim. However if you are constantly bad groupings check your aim. Take a shot at a target and take a screen shot just before impact. Do this multiple times. For later reference material. Then load up a training room with the same target. Sail to about the same distance. Aim center mass then press "x" to deselect the target. Take sseveral shots and take screen shots. Select the target and repeat. Review the Training room screen shots, you should notice that horizontal dispersion is worse when the target is not select. compare these to your in game screen shots. If your dispersion looks consistent with the deselect target groupings; than it is your aim. The game has a mechanic that increases your dispersion if it thinks you took a bad shot. This is not to punish the shooter but instead increases the likelyhood of a hit or two. Sometimes rngesus will just screw you but hey that's part of the fun.
  4. Ain't it funny...

    This way be truths.
  5. Just like the chickens we see in game.
  6. Enterprise and independence only and gaga in random, lol
  7. Premium cvs are best, lol
  8. Is Enterprise worth it?

    Short answer is yes it is worth it. The only thing I have not fought is the current GZ and I don't see GZ being to much of a problem. Enterprise owned last season of Ranked and have not checked this season.
  9. Try taking a CV into Ranked and type "My last team said I need to strafe, does anyone know what that means?". So fun.
  10. I almost finish grinding my Amagi ...

    I understand the the sentiment but nagato and amagi reach 10k in like 5-6 seconds.
  11. I almost finish grinding my Amagi ...

    If your fighting that far out that's the problem. Fast light shells have trash vertical dispersion at longer ranges. Also amagi's armor is better at medium to short range. Another thing about facing turtle back armor. Shoot into the upper hull. If angled hit right behind the forward turrets. You will get near citadel levels of pen damage. If bow on just target the second turret, floaty shells will hit the conning tower for pen damage or over pen superstructure.
  12. Best way to Equip Izumo?

    Angled you unmask the c turret at about 35 degrees, the same as Myogi through Amagi. Izumo also has a variable sloped turtle back that is very tuff at medium ranges, while angled. But flat right in the middle. Showing your sides exposes your barbettes which are not only tall but 1/2 of the height is protected by 32mm armor. Their own armor is really thin as well.
  13. How to fix Izumo?

    This I think it is more the meta that hurts Izumo more that a fault in her design. I spend so much time staring into fog banks dodging torps as CAs hide behind islands HE spamming me. Izumo, can bully the other tier 9 BBs (Except for Musashi) easier than push into HE spamming cruisers. Make her armor better at handling HE spam and she might start becoming OP. Izumo is not the only BB that has that 32mm plate all over but making it 35mm and she becomes immune to HE spam and bounces Yamato rounds at 33mm. Even if you only upgrade her upper hull and deck to resist HE she becomes far to tanky. I would support maybe lowering her turret height as follows and maybe a 5-10% TDS increase.
  14. How to fix Izumo?

    I think the issue for izumo is that a slight buff can push her from slightly up - about right to OP. She might secretly have the tankest armor in the game. Her guns are devastating if someone makes a mistake. Currently she has weakness and that's a good thing. HE spam is more of a threat than BB AP. Her AA is not good but she does well enough if you can force the planes to stay in your AA and she feels okish vs AP bombs. Her turret layout is sub optimal but she unmasks all 3 at about 35 degrees. This slightly opens up weak spot just below the turrets, that has some turtle back.
  15. Dev Strike & CQE

    Typos = autocorrect I just found it funny that you are arguing my statement is wrong the paraphrasing it in your own.