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  1. How is this remotely fair?

    This is actually sad. How about instead you just que up a cv and actually punish some CVs instead of reporting. "Oooh no don't hurt my meaningless karma score". You're right I just saw the next pic with the pink Leningrad and didn't really look beyond it.
  2. How is this remotely fair?

    Haha, you sat in smoke with a Leningrad. You outrun cv torpedoes while in a turn.
  3. Buff Idea for Manual Secondaries

    I remember that and it's still true.
  4. You're right I read Fletcher not farragut.
  5. Except he has experience facing t10 cvs in his t8 dds and maybe even t9 CVS in t7 dds. Unless you want to argue that somehow being a bottom tier dd is somehow harder than being top tier. I understand the sentiment but disregarding someone's opinion based solely off of the person and not the point they are making is not a good foundation for any argument you are making.
  6. Because it amounted to high AA keeps CVS in check. It is not a counter point but a fact of life. It's like saying "Angling armor helps with AP".
  7. I mostly agree with the armor. It was just an alternative to a heal. Letting hipper tank BB AP even when showing a little broadside makes her more effective against BBs without screwing other CAs. She already is quite tanky against them. Where as a heal hurts HE CAs because hipper can just zombie her through HE spam like a BB. I think making hipper a mini BB could be fun but would rather her just be punished less for aggressive play.
  8. Hipper, Lower the citadel and increase turtle back to 32 mm. Making it virually citadel proof against everything except yammy sisters at short range. Maybe buff the bow to 32 as well. Leave printz armor as is with 1 heal.
  9. No I just like pointing out the hypocrisy of complaining about the striking power of CVS when nearly every ship has the ability to delete another ship in the right circumstance. Neither of those were detonation. How ever both were worse because they are shear alpha kills from a ship that was not detected basically until the shots were fired. I would say even worse than stealth fired or air dropped torpedoes because of the lack of counter play.
  10. My complaint and it feels like I keep posting this but How do you think this guy feels when he ate that much damage from an unexpected spot. Because I bet he wished his AA could have shot down a shell or two. If you don't like that, how about Because you are not talking about something unique to CVS. Every class can do it. It is just a matter of difficulty and opportunity. Also cv torpedoes don't arm in .3k after drop. You don't see the indicator until the torpedoes arm not when they hit the water. If you are not already maneuvering to minimize your cross section as the planes approach you are doing it wrong. Sure planes are faster than ships but time in AA kills planes and opens up larger gaps in the drop. Making them easier to dodge. And while cvs are the easiest class to create the opportunities to delete ships. They get the fewest chances to capitalize on those opportunities. Force a bad drop or just plane beat a cv's drop and you have significantly reduced his damage totals for the game.
  11. Tier 10 CVS drop tier 4 torpedoes. You want to further nerf some of the slowest and lowest damage torpedoes in the game. In addition IJN tier 10 cvs are using tier 5 bombs. The USN gain 1k lbs bombs at tier 8 but have a huge drop circle. The AP bombs that are also gained at tier 8 are situational, gimmicky and only work against certain targets. You are literally saying you want to nerf the damage of a ship that is using equipment from 5-6 tiers lower in some cases.
  12. So, you suggesting nerfing tier 4/5 sub 40 kts torpedoes on tier 10 ships. With zero tds you are talking about the damage equivalent of what a new York/Wyoming shell. The only thing that changes with tiering in a cv is plane speed and survival. CVS tend to have average damage but that is mostly do to high survival rates and nearly no early deaths. Not a result of thier strike potential.
  13. It's sad. It is like in the other thread where people really seem to want a hard counter to CVS without having to spec for it or change their game play. "What do you mean I have to use tactics to beat a cv. I dont want to do that so WG needs to nerf CVS until they are a non issue". It is like they don't unstand most of the nerfs to IJN DDs have been a direct result of CVS not spotting. Because of the low population at higher tiers. Just wait until WG finally removes aircraft spotting torpedoes and the DD salt from the torpedo detection nerfs shortly after.
  14. So true. But its so fun to face a player that knows how to beat your drops. Lazy drop... BB tap dances her way through your torpedoes. "game on My friend", cracks knuckles.