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  1. The issue is more that they stuck musashi at t9 with Izumo. The 57mm deck armor buff was big. But buffs to Izumo's main batteries that already hit like dump trucks is questionable. Especially when looking at accuracy when she is one of the more accurate BBs at t9.
  2. StoneRhino

    Bismarck to soft for tier 10?

    I don't don't understand people's obsession with Bismarck being a supership. Powerful yes, super no. He was already behind the "Power curve" with the launching of Washington and NC. Hell he would have been under gunned if Japan finished the Tosa classes or Amagis as planned. Much less facing Yamato.
  3. StoneRhino

    Bismarck to soft for tier 10?

    Look at what it took to intentionally sink uss hornet. Just be glad that Bismarck ended up tougher than Enterprise.
  4. StoneRhino

    Bismarck to soft for tier 10?

    You're getting caught up in the "Bismarck mythos". Bismarck's two claims to fame are sinking hood and getting shot, a lot. Hood's sinking was great but that shot was the equivalent to a "Detonation". Not to take away the skill and equipment needed to land the hit. However Bismarck's beating at the hands of the RN was a retaliation of Hood's sinking. For example Rodney effectively knocked out both front turrets when she destroyed Bismarck's bridge. The rear turrets were destroyed soon after. After that Bismarck was a floating target that the RN wasted shells on. It was so bad in fact that Rodney actually sailed to point blank range and hit Bismarck with a BB launched torpedo. IIrc it's the only ever BB on BB torpedo hit. When first engaged, had PoW been fully functional instead of only having 1/2 her rifles. Bismarck's story might be a lot less "Glamorous". Even as it happened the RL Bismarck was completely wrecked by what we see in game as tier 7 weapons. 3 hits from PoW sent the famed "Tough" Bismarck back to Port for repairs. Tl,dr Bismarck was a powerful ship but had many design flaws and her mythological "Toughness" is based on the RN shelling a useless wreck in retaliation for Hood.
  5. StoneRhino

    Myogi ruined my day

    You're giving up on an amazing ship. Fast, long ranged, biggest rifles in tier, 2.0 sigma, solid health and an amazing armor layout. Point your bow at the enemy then turn slightly until you can unmasks (shoot) your rear turrets. It is something like 34°. At this angle your thick forward bulkhead is angled and your belt is angled beyond auto bounce. You will still take some regular pens but high health and heals helps with this. As you approach swing your bow from pointed almost at the enemy out to that unmasking angle to shoot. Then back some. Vary your speed too. Learning the Myogi shuffle and how to aim will help you all the way up this line. Myogi, will also teach you to protect your sides. Tall citadels with IJN turtle back armor doesn't change but what keeps them competitive is main battery performance. Learn what Myogi will teach you.
  6. StoneRhino

    Unicum Kitakaze & How WoWS Meta is Devolving

    Lol. I have railed against the current ifhe/he spam and it's effect on the game since the skills rework. But ya high tier meta sucks. Stare at a fog bank spewing HE and torps while they complain about radar. While the radar ships are spamming HE behind an island complaining about BB AP and lack of pushing. It's why I bought my Leningrad. Screw everything and pew pew pew pew. Doing doughnuts way out of position just having fun.
  7. StoneRhino

    Unicum Kitakaze & How WoWS Meta is Devolving

    The player base as a whole would benefit from being forced to play the table top Battle Fleet Gothic lol.
  8. StoneRhino

    Island camping

    That's why I make a stop in the yellow circle before yoloing off in some random direction.
  9. StoneRhino

    Unicum Kitakaze & How WoWS Meta is Devolving

    Of course. If you move to a solid position you allow "Safe" movement behind and adjacent to you. You use AA to cut off aircraft approach angles. You use a DD scouting to cut off stealthy approaches. You use torps to cut off surface angles of approach. You use radar to cut off stealth scouting and area denial torps A well positioned BB takes a disproportionate amount of force to dislodge it. Freeing up your allies to engage somewhere else You use BB rifles to threaten approach angles. The game is really about controlling areas in different ways to influence the match's outcome. To many players are more worried about getting their paint scratched than really helping the team. Mainly because the game rewards things like damage done over more team oriented tasks. Scouting, capping and potential damage as examples.
  10. StoneRhino

    Unicum Kitakaze & How WoWS Meta is Devolving

    I don't think anyone wonders. People think they're playing chess but really playing multiplayer tic-tak-toe. Personally I see the map more like go board. Except that most pieces are more likely to flee than support.
  11. StoneRhino

    Unicum Kitakaze & How WoWS Meta is Devolving

    Less escape route and more controlled aggression. Take every inch you can and pick off the abandoned ships as the rest "Escape". Give ground only when you are forced too. Too often you see both fleets so affraid to commit that the larger fleet is held off by a ship or two. This game would be so much more fun and dynamic if simply winning the attrition war was not the safest way to win.
  12. StoneRhino

    For the love of god, buff the Indianapolis

    A lot of ships I like underperform overall but the issue is the wrong buff and they become op. Disclaimer: I don't own Indianapolis and using the old Pensacola + new Orleans as references. Against any cruiser they square off with excluding higher tier USN cruisers, they can break them in half using only the front turrets. I used them to brawl BBs and up close can dish out some serious pain. If Pensacola lost that raised citadel section in the rear that sticks up above her belt she would be way better off. They pimp smack DDs foolish enough to get to close or get spotted, they make a mockery of CVs between swatting planes and lacing drops, they wreck other cruisers especially those silly players who think their torps will save them, and finally with the angles they unmasks their rear turrets + rudder shift and they piss off BBs who see easy damage pinatas. Add radar and you have a good ship. Do anything to make her more tanky and she is op. Especially since she is one of the very few tier 7 radar ships.
  13. StoneRhino

    Unicum Kitakaze & How WoWS Meta is Devolving

    +1 but has been like this for awhile. I just stopped caring. The "Wimps" bail I just keep pushing at the cost of the win.
  14. StoneRhino

    when does WR start to matter...?

    +1 for whoever felt the need to down votes you. **** WR only matters if all players you are comparing yourself to value WR equally. Which is why generally speaking it is a bad metric. If na.warshipstoday still worked looking at the top 100 all time players per ship would be good. But even when it worked it was still jaded because of only 100 minimum battles. On warship numbers compare your stats to the group you want to be in.
  15. See and that's why I tagged the expert. Thanks LWM. Nagato is an interesting design. It's the first to adopt a hybrid USN all or nothing while still keeping some European influence. Her belt is thick enough that you can safely unmasks your rear rifles, something like 35°. At that angle you are presenting your highest angled turtleback and significantly angling your forward bulkhead. You will still eat normal pens to overmatchs but you are very unlikely to get citadeled. To combat this Nagato has very high HP and normal pens can be somewhat healed. Nagato can defend against her own firepower without sacrificing any of her own. Minus HE spam but that's a different story.