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  1. 1. You are kind of missing the point. Your statement is not wrong but applied incorrectly. The closer you are the higher your hit % until you apply ballistics. A lower caliber round is going to be more floaty than a larger/heavier one. Meaning that the shell arc for most cruisers is going to be higher at shorter ranges. This applies the same accuracy problems that BBs have at longer ranges. So a cruiser firing at 75-100% of its max range should be close to that of a BB firing at its 75-100% of its max range. So if you really want to compare the two you need to know what % of shots are taken at what ranges and their hit % for each. You can go into a training room with a friend to spot for you and try max range shots in BB vs a cruiser against a stationary target. Then reduce it to 50% and try it again. You will find that the cruiser will still hit the target at a higher %. If you compare the range with an equal number (15 km for example), it might end up at an even % but that is because of the BB's better energy retention over an equal ranges. 2. If you claim that BBs are over preforming because they are too accurate at long ranges then you would need the damage numbers to support that. If the damage numbers are bad vs shorter ranges than you are most likely looking at a shotgun effect. Where bad dispersion saturates a larger area resulting in random hits vs actual accurate fire. 3. "Longevity" = Average survival time. This is important because early deaths skew averages down. For example in a hypothetical 2v2 1 BB and 1 DD each team. The 2 DDs spot each other early and one scores a lucky torpedo hit and sinks the other DD under 5 minutes. The 2 BBs trade blows or an extended period of time; if one BB out classes the other and sinks him dealing 75k damage and the other only does 25k. The BBs still average 50k damage. Where as the surviving DD would need to do close to 100k to average 50K because the other DD sank with little to no damage done. Classes that die early more often will naturally have lower damage averages and potentially much lower survival rates in general. The opposite is true for classes that tend to be the last ones to die. CVs are a good example in that they generally have more time to do damage despite their low dpm, resulting in higher averages. 4. Using spotter planes to blind fire over islands, firing in smoke sometimes just deselecting a target so they don't know the shots are inbound are all low % shots. They all effect accuracy stats negatively. When you want to compare how accurate a weapon system is you have to remove "Trick shots". Other wise your numbers will be off. When you try to do this with just gross hit % you will find that ships that are less capable of "Trick shots" will appear more accurate. Such in the case of my Gneis vs Nagato. I don't think anyone would describe a Gneis as being "Accurate". So, since my Gneis' mbh% is higher than my Nagato's then that must meaning that Nagato is to inaccurate to fulfill its long range threat and needs to be buffed. And I'm not the only one. So if you want to push the notion at that raw API stats are all you need to conclude what is and is not balanced. Than can I count on your support in the push to get Nagato an accuracy buff?
  2. Do you have proof that BBs spend that much time in those ranges compared to cruisers? Do you have any information on ships taking what damage and from where? Do you have longevity numbers by ship type? Do you know the % of shots taken that don't have a target lock (blind fired)? All that is critical information needed to really balance things. Otherwise I want my Nagato's accuracy increased because I have a better hit % in my Gneis. Let's not look at the fact that in my Nagato I'm far more willing to take low % shots because of it's greater accuracy. Remember all that matters is the mbh%.
  3. Grinding Through Ranger

    Get good with counter exit straffing. Wait for him to exit strafe then click then alt click after his fighters.
  4. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    You never want to base your argument on a position of "authority" or "Experience". Even in your example of the 6 year old. If you asked him to explain and even if he repeated "They need to much attention". His lack of experience still doesn't invalidate his argument or supporting statement. As the one with the experience you have far more "Ammunition" to frame a counter argument. Which is how you should address something like this. "Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is" ~Yoda. As a side note. You should always post from your most played/known account. If for no other reason than to show that you willing to put your reputation on the line to support your statements. Only cowards hide behind alts. ****** On to the actual topic***** There is nothing wrong with meat shielding or even being the meat shield. If you want great stats in a BB play it like a cruiser. The old saying 'Stay alive and deal damage" applies to all pvp games. A dead ship can no longer effect the outcome of the match. It makes for hugely boring games but that is another discussion.
  5. You can probably make it work with more buttons like https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/a6306944?cid=312465008&st=&lid=59673390036&ptaid=pla-293946777986&VEN1=sBmhDXE5d,256712733269,901pdb6671,m,,A6306944,53981610958,pla-293946777986&VEN2=,&pgrid=53981610958&dgc=st&dgseg=dhs&acd=1230923830920560&VEN3=151804488630133867 Wow long link. More than most ships CVs actually have a twitch factor. If you stick to tier 4/5 you can make it work but I feel you would be at a disadvantage beyond your disability. Don't let that stop you though. Just the time spent learning to play around how CVs play will give you insight above those that just click away. Then even if you don't get it working, you will have an easier time defending against CVs in other ships.
  6. I don't think you'll be able to make CVs work in any meaningful way. You need wasd for ship movements. Which you can depend on autopilot but good luck avoiding a snipe. You will also need buttons for consumables. 1-2 only after tier 8. You will also need a minimum of 4 buttons dedicated to your squadrons. This goes up with tier and if you choose IJN even more. Additionally you will need buttons for Alt, Ctrl keys and lmb. With an optional M button. I tried mapping an Xbox controller and it was a nightmare. Works fine for surface ships just not CVs.
  7. It's easier to get games like this is to randomize it and make it all inclusive. Oddly enough just like how WoWs does it. In DoW a RL friend and I first dropped our win rate. Which speed things up but you would still get players that would leave if you had even slightly above 50%. Then we randomized the teams and would just have a generic name "Grove Street". This gave us the most games per time played and some of the most fun times playing.
  8. If your personal fighters are in a position that you cannot provide some coverage 90% of the time. Than the problem is how you're positioning them. Not the people asking for help. Granted there are times that players ask for help that there is no way you can help. That's why I put it at a 50/50. For example, if you are escorting your bombers. There is a high probability you are not using your fighters correctly. If you are using your fighters to spot a DD when empty dive bombers do it better. There is a high probability you are not using your fighters correctly. CV tend to not attack grouped up ships especially if there is a known AA ship in there. If you are also covering this group with fighters you are just giving kills to the other team. You always have to look at your team's positioning and imagine what you would do if you were the red CV. Then position your fighters to defend against yourself. You also need to position your fighters in such a way as to project the largest threat area. Because if the red CV is forced to escort his bombers than his fighters are normally not in a position to threaten your bombers.
  9. I watched a midway take his fighter and stack both on a single red squadron. who were then exit strafed + Strafed by the red midway multiple times. It is not brain surgery to know that he is not doing well. I might have the video of me in an Izumo helping a Bizmarch against an Enterprise because our allied Enterprise was too busy escourting his bombers instead of defending the number 1 target. It was a big shocker when on our team the Bizmarch and I had the most plane kills. Its not even close to 9 out of 10 times. At best it's 50 50 and only seems higher because your fighters were baited away; Not "Your" as in you but "Your" as in the fighters that should be covering you.
  10. Join random battles and learn from your mistakes. The only thing that makes a CV "Bad" is not scouting or listening. Get to tier 6 then hold alt and learn to aim. @BUNNYHUGGERI you don't need high tier CV experience to know that CV is making bad decisions. Like not using strafe or even poorly using strafe. Feeding planes to ships or just chasing red bombers into red AA. The too often used fly around the map edge because you have AP bombs and need to attack that one German BB the the middle of the red fleet.
  11. Izumo's buffs

    Izumo is accurate except for in the way that every IJN "Sniper" BB is inaccurate. I linked my response to that thread you're talking about. Something to look at is that the op from that thread did not show the other Iowas he shot at. It is also worth noting that if izumo had the vertical dispersion of the USN 16/50 mark 8 she would murder everything with in range.
  12. Izumo's buffs

    Main battery hit % can be desceptive. For example if you take my stats my "Most accurate" BB with any real number of battles is Gneis at 29%. Where as my Nagato has 24%. I don't think any sane person would argue that Gneis is a more accurate BB than Nagato. So why is it apparently doing better for me. The answer is that Nagato is so much more accurate than Gneis that I am willing to take much harder shots. That blind fire hook shoot over an island using a spotter plane, long range blind fire into smoke or that max range shot at a maneuvering cruiser, ECT. The less likely you are to land a shot the less likely you are to take that shot. So as odd as it sounds myogi and Izumo are tied for "Most accurate" IJN BBs for me. That being said, Izumo is one of the more accurate BBs for her tier minus her vertical dispersion. This is what makes the shs armed USN BBs land more hits. @LittleWhiteMouse Has a gif showing the vertical dispersions with equal sigma if you need a visual. You can't buff that without effecting the entire IJN line.
  13. Izumo's buffs

    This can be a problem. I bought her perm camo when it went on sale and used my stores of economic camos before that. I also usually fly $$$ flags. It allows me to run off and play stupidly without losing too much $$$. With premium time it's next to impossible to lose credits. If you don't want to spend real money and don't have the flags. Then you will have to play more intelligently. Keep a screening ship in front of you, don't rush in and stay with the pack. Even if it's a lemming train, just go with it. Basically "Stay alive and do damage". Even those overpens add up if you can stay alive long enough. Once you figure out your "break even damage". You can play conservatively until you get it, then play more aggressive.
  14. Lol that's why I find it funny.
  15. That sounds a lot like "git gud" or "adapt".