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    Update 0.8.6. Feedback and Performance

    Not exactly sure how I feel about this event. While at 63 years of age I have some expendable income I don't mind investing in games, that's not true of many of my fellow players. So the cost of getting to the Mogador seem rather steep. I bought 7 premium ontainers, no help. So I purchased the Bayard (because I'll play a T8 Cruiser more than a T5 Destroyer). Then I got lucky on regular French container and got the Jaguar mission. So I compiled the necessary Republic Tokens and picked up the Mogador for 1000 Doubloons. Was it worth it? That's all relevant to the player. For me not having to grind the entire line to get to Tier X, is great (after all I'm old may not have much time to sail the new ship ). However, grinding is a part of the game. Which I've done through 13 branches already. Having an event that allows player to basically jump right to the end game just might not make a lot of sense. Players loose out on building up their Captain, learning the ins and outs of the play style of a particular line. As to the issue of this just being a way to gather more money from the players, well only the Devs truly know the answer to that. But take note Wargaming I see a lot of disgruntled players speaking up here, which means there are a lot more who haven't spoken up. You would do well to re-think your promotions before you SINK your clientele. I started playing this game as an Alpha Tester and I'd hate to see such a great game reduced to so much flotsam in the great sea of games. Thanks for your consideration,