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  1. Depending on who your talking to players all have a class of ship that they think should be eliminated or balanced. Battleships want Destroyers to have shorter range torpedo's, that fire less often. Cruiser's want Battleships to have less effective aim and no one shot kill ability, Destroyers now have to suffer with an over abundance of radar and when CV's are present planes that can spot them and take them out in in less than a minute and half into the game. Carrier players will tell you they torps have been Nerf'd to the point of uselessness against Battleships. So where does the truth, what's the perfect fix. Truth is there may not be one, at least as far as the player whose adversely affect by whatever change is made. Fact is unless you design the game, and your the only one who plays it you will never see the game as perfect. That is the true nature of games. Game designers create the best possible game they can, an designers like Wargaming go to great lengths to give us the best product possible. Sometimes they miss the mark, and sometime they hit the mark head on. I had the privilege to be apart of both the Alpha and Beta testing, and World of Warships has come along way since it inception. I haven't always agreed with the changes they've made, in fact I personally never liked carriers in the game and still don't. But I'm still a big fan of what Wargaming has done with World of Warships. I appreciate all those who play the game that have shared their insights into the game in hopes of making it better. It is the community of positive players who have the greatest impact on the product that Wargaming continues to pour so many resources into to make it better. To all of you keep up the good work its appreciated by most of us. Good Luck and Good Hunting,