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    I'm okay with most of the changes, except for the decreased air spotting range. At T8 and up there are a LOT of CA/CLs who's air spotting range is significantly (.5K or more) lower than their AA range. Not knowing a Wooster or Mini is there till after they open fire is neither fun nor engaging.
  2. Do not hit the F key over the target exit AA range first.
  3. So the OPs complaint is that a CV shouldn't be able to launch a new squadron the instant it's currently deployed squadron has expended ordnance. I agree, that's annoying as hell. But that is also completely taking that CV out of the fight until your personal struggle is resolved. Along with the fact that if he recycles through his squadrons at a high rate he's eventually going to run out of planes. Now, those who do not feel as I do have allready looked at my stats, seen I'm a potato, and chosen to disregard me. But the fact that I'm a potato proves my point. I took out several DDs yesterday and honestly had better success than usual. Make sure you have your air detection circle turned on your minimap and use it. It will guide you through safely if you use it. In conclusion, I feel that most of the complaints we're going to hear at first are just going to be people resisting the drastic meta change this has brought about. Hopefully WeeGee will make good use of the NON hysterical input and the data mined over the next couple of weeks and make small tweeks from here on out. Meanwhile the player base must adapt, or not.
  4. To make fine adjustments to your aim point use mouse ONLY. Using your keyboard makes your aim point much larger.