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  1. It's easy to talk about dodging when you don't have a swarm of torpedoes from two Shimakazes and a Fletcher coming at you.
  2. For the third time, it might have been if I hadn't gotten swamped by torpedoes as soon as I got spotted.
  3. So I'm about to get my seventeenth skill point on my des moines and I'm not sure if Demolition Expert would be better or Superintendent for more AA/hydro, radar and repairs. I had been leaning towards the latter for a while but I wanted a second opinion first.
  4. Maybe if I hadn't been swamped with torpedoes as soon as I was spotted.
  5. This is a compelling argument for capping DDs at three per team as I have said in the past along with capping BBs to three. I was swamped by torpedoes from the moment I was spotted. Edit: Ugh, I should probably figure out how to blank out the names... Edit 2: Fixed.
  6. So what's next for WoWs?

    Well, in terms of ship lines it seems like French BBs are next in the pipe followed by the US CA/CL line split.
  7. Oh god, don't get me started. An AA-built Grozovoi murdered my planes a few days ago. Neptunes and Minotaurs are ships I steer clear of when I can because even without Def AA their AA is murderous. Like I said, I think ship-based AA needs a rebalance/rework.
  8. My tier 10 planes in my Midway get murdered by AA, too. My poor torpedo bombers get murdered before even starting their attack run, as well. I'm of the opinion that AA as a whole needs a rebalancing. Maybe take Defensive Fire AA away from non-US ships save for premiums whose gimmick includes having it (Hood, Yubari, etc).
  9. And another nominee for 'unhelpful jerk comment'. Never mind that strafing can have awful consistency. I've hit bomber squads dead on with a strafe and gotten zero kills while in other instances I've tried to dodge strafes and it looks like I did yet I still take huge losses.
  10. Because of walls of torpedoes and unchecked cancerous HE spam.
  11. Another thing WG could do to help carriers is to reduce the availability of Defensive Fire AA to US ships and premiums whose gimmick includes having it.
  12. WG has a long history of ignoring player feedback that tells them a change is a bad idea when the dev team has already made up its mind. A good example would be the Graf Zeppelin debacle.
  13. At the very least it needs to be taken away from IJN CVs. They are already overpowered and outperform USN carriers anyways. Especially since WG took a crowbar to USN CVs knees by taking away the AS loadouts. I find it hilarious that WG tried to sell taking away options as 'improving versatility'.
  14. I know I am going to get flamed for this but I just got out of an incredibly unfun match in my Midway and I needed to vent.
  15. Either nerf it or get rid of it entirely because it is utterly infuriating to lose an entire squadron or two of planes because I was a split second too late issuing an order.