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  1. Honestly I've been getting worn out with the game and the increasingly aggressive monetization for a while now. Them outright killing the forums, a key source of information for me, might prove to be the straw that breaks the camels back and gets me to quit the game.
  2. Zaydin

    End of the Forum

    I am so sick and tired of developers killing dedicated forums in favor of crappy replacements on Discord.
  3. I am so tired of devs killing dedicated forums in favor of crappy Discord 'forums'.*
  4. We aren't talking about the mods. The modstation itself is broken and not updating properly again.
  5. How does WG keep regularly screwing up it's own software?
  6. Zaydin

    Update 12.5: Asymmetric Battle

    Yodos researchable hull? What researchable hull?! It's a tier 10! None have ever had researchable hulls! Most of the time you get alternate torpedoes to research if a tier 10 has things to research but that's it.
  7. Zaydin

    WoWS Reddit thread

    So you're parroting the company line of Reddit? Which has been blackmailing/extorting popular subreddits to reopen because it's hurting their business, the whole point of the protest?
  8. Zaydin

    Colorful Regretta - How Much???

    Too much and not worth it for premium/special version of tech tree ships. Don't let WG trick you and bend you over a barrel.
  9. DDs aren't pampered? Great, when do they start taking standard penetration damage from large caliber guns again since the whole reason it was an issue in the first place was due to the shells dealing damage twice?
  10. Zaydin

    Not cool WG, Not cool.

    You could actually see what the rewards granted by the coal mission chain containers contained but it was buried at the bottom of the article.
  11. Zaydin

    Edward Elswick

    Unfortunately aside from the portrait, there is nothing actually 'special' about him or any of the other commanders who came out with the Titans of Industry event that was connected to the release of the British BC line. Not even unique voice overs.
  12. What do those three have in common? Two are coal ships that haven't been removed from the game (Yes the Black was unavailable for a time but was brought back) and the third is a tech tree ship. The Benham was made available once and now the only way to get it is to get lucky in Super containers or Christmas containers.
  13. Yes, you keep the ship. Early Access ships are just treated as temporary special ships and so you can move commanders around onto them without requiring retraining for the duration that they are in early access.
  14. Zaydin

    Get rid of detonations

    Yeah. Bare minimum if a detonation was at least spectacular to watch, the ship breaking in half, turrets getting flung from their mounts, etc, they'd be more tolerable just from the spectacle.
  15. Zaydin

    Get rid of detonations

    What does it say about detonations that WG put in a mechanic to completely negate them? It says they know they aren't fun but refuse to get rid of them and have the signal flags as a band aid.