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  1. Carriers are pretty unrewarding to play. WG has repeatedly nerfed their experience and credit earnings into the ground on top of just how toxic CV haters are.
  2. Yeah, I had a few Grand Battles that were pathetic. Saw people playing the super BBs that didn't have any tech tree ships beyond tier 5 or 6 and playing predictably horribly. I've gone up against Satsumas while sailing the Satsuma myself who were spamming HE at me while I was repeatedly clapping them with AP. In that regard, Grand Battles are horribly designed since WG hands the keys to a tier 10 to players who do not have the experience to play them. Sure, they might not have the tier 9s or 10s needed to reliably play them numerous times but it's still ruining the mode for everyone else.
  3. Yep. Like I said, that has become my mindset.
  4. I've just taken to telling DDs that they are on their own when it comes to dealing with other DDs in matches when I am playing a CV since WG has made it clear that they do not want CVs attacking DDs in a futile effort to get the whiny minority of DD mains that wouldn't shut up on the forums to shut up. Why should I waste precious time and planes hunting down DDs for attacks they can easily dodge now and I get scratch damage at best done and lost planes and time at worst with nothing to show for it?
  5. Oh I absolutely have my fingers crossed that this becomes a monkeys paw situation for DD mains.
  6. Your primary responsibilities can now count 'countering enemy destroyers' to the list alongside capping and spotting since you wouldn't shut up about carriers *gasp* countering DDs. No more time for you now to hide in smoke or behind islands and farm BBs with HE when you need to be hunting down enemy destroyers instead. Don't bother asking carriers to help spot DDs, either, not when, thanks to you, WG has made it so unrewarding for CVs to waste time on DDs. Have fun eating torpedoes and getting chewed up by destroyers and cruisers. May getting what you wanted turn out to be the worst thing that ever happened to you.
  7. Even the weakest ship launched torpedo does 2-4 times more damage than most rocket impacts will. The strongest rockets in the game are Tiny Tims which have a theoretical max damage of about 5400 damage per rocket. You will never see damage that high from a single Tiny Tim, however, due to how damage mechanics work and how skewed they are in DDs favors.
  8. Zaydin

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    WG keeps coddling destroyer in hopes that DD mains will finally stop whining, forgetting that giving a child throwing a tantrum a treat or reward to get them to stop only incentivizes the child to act up again in order to get a treat to be quiet again. DDs are the single most coddled class in the game due to just how vocal a minority hardcore DD players are.
  9. I forget, didn't "Just dodge" first come up years ago when people complained about how overpowered Japanese torpedo boat destroyers were? And DD mains insisted that torpedoes were balanced by the fact that they could be dodged and that if you got hit by torpedoes it was your fault, sorta like how DDs failing to dodge rockets was their fault.
  10. Some carriers used to have more accurate rocket patterns. Then WG nerfed them into the ground because DD mains screamed bloody murder because it countered them. Just like DD mains shriek about everything that counters them. If it counters destroyers, DD mains cry everywhere that it is overpowered and needs to be nerfed. They are going to be coming for radar next, mark my words.
  11. Zaydin

    Anyone remember when...

    Great, when are DDs getting nerfed then? Or all the overpowered fake Russian ships?
  12. Zaydin

    Anyone remember when...

    Remember how CVs have seen nothing but nerfs the last two years?
  13. Zaydin

    Undo the rocket nerf WG

    Hey, you want realism, lets add in a chance for DD torpedoes to be duds. Like a 1 in 5 or 1 in 4 chance. Lets make it so that if torpedo tubes get struck by an HE shell or bomb while still loaded the warheads explode and destroy the DD in one shot. Let's make it so that torpedoes can fail to detonate if the angle of impact is too steep to arm the detonator. Let's make it so that machine guns and autocannons tear DD hulls apart.
  14. Stop coddling the baDDies who refuse to learn to play the game because catering to the lowest common denominator like that is going to kill the game. A blind and deaf hamster can dodge rockets now thanks to the heavy handed nerf you rammed through.
  15. For me the real dumbing down was the massive crow bar to the knees WG hit rocket planes with. Takes no skill to dodge rockets now in a DD. Guess DD mains have learned that if they whine long enough WG will eventually cave and nerf things meant to counter them just to get baDDies to shut up.