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  1. The wreck is like two miles below the surface according to the article.
  2. Definitely cool that the wreck was finally found.
  3. My issue is exactly as the title says. My escape key doesn't work, meaning I can't back out to port if I get sunk in a match before it's over.
  4. Yeah, HE spam needs to be nerfed but too many people who don't want to learn to aim don't want to learn to aim so will oppose any efforts to promote actual skill.
  5. I think more than anything this proves WG has a bias against the USN in general and carriers in particular. Some of the best ships in World War 2 but they are consistently outperformed by ships from other nations, including ships whose design that WG created themselves. The 'buff' that reduced options for US CVs seems to have actually boosted at least the Midway slightly and now that it's actually looking somewhat competitive WG has decided that that is unacceptable.
  6. If yo uwant proof of bias look no further than the latest FB posts from the WoWS dev blogs where they are planning on taking away the tier 10 fighters from the Midway to 'balance' it against the Hakuryu.
  7. WG wiki down

    Still down.
  8. Honestly, if any premium needs buffs it's the DoY. At least the horns are staying, though I will not miss the creepy Santa.
  9. Yeah the Duke of Yuck has definitely dropped to the bottom of my 'liked' ships pile. The Nelson is more enjoyable even if it is slower, albeit only by about 4 knots. The Scharnhorst is probably one of my favorite ships period, too. I really want to know why WG felt giving us an inferior version of a tech tree ship was a good idea. Did they figure that since they were giving it away for free it didn't matter how crappy it was?
  10. Something I say any time there is a CV in a match or I am sailing one of mine since massed AA is the best defense against bombers after intercepting them ahead of time. Nothing wards me off from a target like it being in the middle of a blob of ships. Even a lot of mediocre AA ships supporting each other can make a carrier captain wary to send their planes in for risk of the losses they might take. It's why I usually prioritize people stupid enough to wander off on their own without support when I am in my Midway.
  11. First ever!

    Eh, play whatever makes you happy. I don't touch co-op much just due to how poor the rewards are compared to PvP but everyone has their own preferences.
  12. NC & NY Campaign Done

    Helps that the Graf Spee is/was a unique ship compared to the DoY, which is just an inferior clone of an existing ship.
  13. First ever!

    Over 4000 battles and this is the first Confederate you've earned or broken 100k damage? I assume you play a lot of PvE. Regardless, congrats.
  14. It's not a terrible ship but I am definitely glad I didn't spend money on it. I find the Scharnhorst and Nelson to be much more fun to play in general. I mean, with hte Nelson, t he only thing the Duke does better is speed and AA. The Nelson dominates in pretty much every other category in my book. But opinions are like snowflakes and everyone has one.