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  1. No amount of spin is going to get us on your side over this. And if WG still pushes forward and implements it there will likely be a sizable exodus of the player based away from the game out of disgust. I will likely just quit the game if this goes live in any way, shape or form. I'll uninstall it and never think about it again. I'll play games that don't just view me as a wallet to plunder for more money. About the only good response WG has now is to say "Because of the overwhelmingly negative feedback to this bad idea, we are scrapping it. the hard drives containing the code shall be removed, dowsed with holy water, broken into pieces and burned in a pyre. The ash will then be collected in a bucket and thrown into the nearest river."
  2. Seems like a 'system' that no one asked for or wants and is just WG trying to wring as much cash as possible out of the whales. I have several tier 10 ships now. There is no way in hell I am going to reset my progress for [edited]buffs even if it meants that I'll be cutting my own leg off performance wise by refsuing to do it. I'll quit the game before I willingly go back to grind grinds I have already completed again. Gotta wonder what WG was on when they thought this was a good idea. Almost feels like they set it up deliberately to get players to stop complaining about CVs.
  3. Zaydin

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    Is the WGC ever going to not suck? It's a massive resource hog and it drastically slows down everything else on my PC when something is downloading/installing.
  4. Zaydin

    Okay, funny joke WG

    The Admiral Kuznetsov or something like that. It's so poorly built it needs a supply ship with spare parts following it around at all times and needs a tug to travel with it in case its engines fail. And its functionally useless now since the only drydock they had that could service it was a floating dry dock that sank. A crane from said floating dry dock tore a gash in the flight deck, as well.,
  5. Can we remove Russian BBs now? It's a line that has zero right to exist. The Soviets couldn't even maintain battleships loaned to them by the Royal Navy (See how badly the Soviets took care of HMS Royal Sovereign), let alone build them.
  6. Zaydin

    Spam FIre is over powered :v

    Yeah, HE spam is low skill and cancerous but WG refuses to do anything about it and certain players go ballistic if you dare suggest making HE spam less effective in order to encourage players to swap ammo intelligently for the target and situation.
  7. I've had people tell me to kill myself because I play carriers and seen someone declaring CV players should be shot in-game.
  8. The only thing that's going to kill the game is how awful a certain portion of the player base has become.
  9. I've had only two matches with them in there, and truth be told, even though I have the Midway, I wouldn't be in any hurry to bring it into ranked. Why? Because CVs can't do one of the most important tasks in a ranked battle, capping/contesting caps. As it is, with the possibility of running into CVs you'll be seeing a lot of ships with strong AA in matches; Des Moines, Worcesters, Minotaurs, Kremlins, Montanas, etc.
  10. There's a two question method of determining if a ship is going to be OP. Question 1: Is the ship Russian? Question 2: Is the ship fake? If the answer is yes to both, then it's probably going to be OP.
  11. The Midways torpedoes are god awful. They are only dangerous in volume or if you get lucky and trigger a detonation. Most of your damage will come from your dive bombers and attack planes.
  12. Zaydin

    CV T8 v T10 is intollerable

    I don't think WG has ever given a good explanation for why they removed the odd tier carriers.
  13. Depends on the hit. I routinely only one or two hits with a Tiny Tim on a DD that does about 1800 damage, which is about in line with getting hit but a similar number of HE shells from a CA. Keep in mind the max damage a Tiny Tim is capable of doing is 5400, not that you will ever see damage that high.
  14. Why? The radar RU BBs had in testing could only detect CVs and BBs. Even more situational than the Deepwater Torpedoes that Pan Assian DDs carry. Those can at least hit three out of four classes in the game. The RU 'deepwater radar' would have been extremely limited in use given the poor concealment most BBs and CVs have unless it had extremely high range.
  15. Zaydin

    CV T8 v T10 is intollerable

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, WG needs to give CVs +/-1 MM. Going against AA two tiers higher is frustrating for a carrier but the inverse is also true, going against a CV two tiers higher is also miserable for a surface ship. If they reduce it to a one tier spread, it's not so bad.