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  1. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    Makes me really glad I was employed at the time and had the cash to burn on Free Experience conversions. I never would have gotten MO otherwise. She's a fun ship. Performance wise she's pretty similar to the Iowa for obvious reasons. Still a blast to play.
  2. It's hard to sell something when your self-confidence is shot but I guess I have to try. I just made the clan because I had the doubloons and figured it could be fun to try and build something up with fellow captains.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    What is it I am told whenever I voice my opinion that destroyers are bad for the games health/balance? Oh yeah: GIT GUD.
  4. Figured I'd revive this in hopes I might get some actual recruits since they've revamped the clan base with the new update. Would certainly speed along development of the base if there were more people than just me contributing oil to the clan.
  5. Never going to find any recruits...
  6. Currently have the clan port facilities for 10% off the purchase price of tier 5, 6 and 7 ships unlocked/built.
  7. So, obviously Disciples of the Master is recruiting. Yeah, the name isn't great but it's what I could come up with. Regardless, I figure it can be a clan for people who largely want to do operations and random battles together. I'm open to the possibility of trying out Clan Wars, but that obviously depends on how many people join the clan and what the general consensus is among everyone. I just don't want WoWS to start feeling like an obligation, which sucks the fun out of a game for me. No requirements to join aside from be respectful to other clan members and other players. Try and help other clan members, as well. If someone is new, try your best to explain game mechanics to them and how each ship type best performs and so on. Not expecting everyone to become tutors or instant experts, of course, but simple courtesy's like that can go a long way towards improving everyone's game experience as a whole. As for the Clan base, the currently built structures are tier 1 of the Academy, Coal Port and the Dry Dock. I have a Discord that clan members can use, and can provide the link as needed.
  8. The wreck is like two miles below the surface according to the article.
  9. Definitely cool that the wreck was finally found.
  10. My issue is exactly as the title says. My escape key doesn't work, meaning I can't back out to port if I get sunk in a match before it's over.
  11. Yeah, HE spam needs to be nerfed but too many people who don't want to learn to aim don't want to learn to aim so will oppose any efforts to promote actual skill.
  12. I think more than anything this proves WG has a bias against the USN in general and carriers in particular. Some of the best ships in World War 2 but they are consistently outperformed by ships from other nations, including ships whose design that WG created themselves. The 'buff' that reduced options for US CVs seems to have actually boosted at least the Midway slightly and now that it's actually looking somewhat competitive WG has decided that that is unacceptable.
  13. If yo uwant proof of bias look no further than the latest FB posts from the WoWS dev blogs where they are planning on taking away the tier 10 fighters from the Midway to 'balance' it against the Hakuryu.
  14. WG wiki down

    Still down.