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  1. Zaydin

    Well played, WG. Well played.

    Main flag I fly on most of my ships is the Military Month Contributor flag. Extra 5% credits, experience and commander EXP comes in handy.
  2. Zaydin

    CVs need +/-1 MM

    This honestly started out with the intention of being a rage post about DDs hiding in smoke being able to wipe out my squads without fear of retaliation but I reconsidered and tried to go for something more constructive.
  3. Zaydin

    CVs need +/-1 MM

    Carriers are arguably the worst ships when bottom tiered, though. Especially given how much AA increases at higher tiers. Huge jump in effectiveness between tier 6 and 8 especially. Doubly so since they lost their alpha strike capabilities with the rework.
  4. Zaydin

    CVs need +/-1 MM

    Being bottom tier in a carrier is absolutely miserable for the carrier. On the flip side, being a surface ship two tiers lower than a carrier is also miserable for most ships. Limiting the tier spread for CVs to +/-1 would make things less frustrating for all parties involved.
  5. Zaydin

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    Parts that look most likely to cause me to rage are parts 4-1 and 4-3. Especially 4-3. Three kills in one battle is a lot harder to pull off than it sounds.
  6. Because the AA system right now and how long it takes to regen aircraft leads to carriers being extremely hesistant to strike anything that isn't an isolated ship with bad AA.
  7. The problem is that at least with planes still under your direct control, you can at least TRY to avoid flak. You'll probably still fail but at least you have some impact on whether your planes survive or not. You have no such control over aircraft that dropped their payloads and are returning to the carrier.
  8. Zaydin

    Make Your Stand - Earn Exeter FREE!

    Not sure where you are getting that one from, but on the portal I found for the marathon, it explicitly says three kills in one battle for part 4-3. Edit: Hm, weird. Two different listings for the marathon give contradicting info.
  9. Zaydin

    Make Your Stand - Earn Exeter FREE!

    4-1 and 4-3 look like they will be the biggest pains of part 4 to me. Would be nice if 4-3 would let you just get it over any number of battles rather than in one because I can only imagine how enraging it will get. Being at two kills and then getting sunk before you can secure a third or a team mate kill steals from you. Honestly, that will probably lead towards people in UK ships holding fire until an enemy is near dead and then pouring fire on to try and get kill credit. Not sure if WG thought that one through.
  10. Zaydin

    For the CV haters: CV Krakens

    I managed to pull off a Confederate and High Caliber in the Lexington the other day. Team still lost though.
  11. And bunny farts are more threatening than aerial torpedoes right now.
  12. And I'd like an option to opt out of destroyer matches due to their reality defying stealth and skill-less 'walls of skill' and smoke humping. Not fun for most other ships to go up against. Something tells me neither of us is going to get what we want.
  13. I never got that code to work for me, which was frustrating.
  14. You could make the same argument about destroyers.
  15. Zaydin

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    Yeah, I ran into Lert last night in the Monty and he pretty much said it was just a Cleveland. Seems a tad disappointing if that ends up being the case.