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  1. Like I said, it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but the inconsistency still bugs me.
  2. Zaydin

    11.7 Audio

  3. Zaydin

    This is just awful

    Yes, how dare someone play what they enjoy.
  4. Not the most pressing of issues, I know, but it is still something that has bugged me for a while. Why are those perma camos not counted as 'Rare' while other Dockyard ships perma camos are?
  5. Zaydin

    Remove detonations already

    It was by design. Supposedly one of the excuses WG gave for removing signal flags from achievements was that people were 'farming' det flags somehow.
  6. There's a difference between making a mistake/bad decision and DELIBERATELY getting yourself sunk because you decided throwing a tantrum was the most constructive thing to do. Though if the streamer in mind is who I think it is, I have dubbed him the King of Clickbait for a reason; without it he has no viewers and he helps encourage toxicity against players of ships/ship types he doesn't like. He was the one who showed that selective video when the Gouden Leeuw was in testing of an Alaska getting destroyed by airstrikes while leaving out how it was basically the most ideal situation for an airstrike; the Alaska wasn't moving and they ended up getting ideal dispersion on the bomb drops. The GL being as gimped as it is likely stems in part due to the ginned up outrage he helped cook up to get himself views.
  7. Well that answers that. Thanks much.
  8. Title. Was hoping to get myself a shirt and the entire WoWS section on Teespring is just gone.
  9. The Shinano was a terrible carrier. It's air wing was only 40 planes; why would you want it in game? The Shinano wasn't intended to be a fleet carrier due to the small air wing; it was intended to be a support carrier to resupply other carriers.
  10. Zaydin

    Remove detonations already

    I detonated a Halland with a bomb drop in my Midway without a single bomb directly hitting him; all the bombs were near misses but his health was low enough and the misses close enough that the blast radius from the bombs triggered a detonation check and the Halland failed it.
  11. Zaydin

    Remove detonations already

    "It's tradition that makes it okay" isn't the winning argument you think it is.
  12. Zaydin

    July Super Container Drop Results

    I got 15k coal. Not going to complain about that, especially since my clans naval base netted me an extra 1070 coal from that.
  13. Zaydin

    Remove detonations already

    Case in point, I detonated a Halland with a near miss bomb in the Midway the other day. I never scored a direct hit on him but he suffered enough damage from teammates that the blast radius from a single bomb took him out. The fact that WG introduced detonations AND added a consumable that completely negates them is all the more reason to remove detonations. It means WG knew they were implementing a mechanic that players would hate and had to offer a way to cancel it out. As it stands detonations don't even have the consolation of being cool to watch; no catastrophic explosions, no turrets being blown clear of the ship, no ship breaking in two, nothing. Just the same generic explosion that happens if you run out of health normally. At least in World of Tanks if you get detonated you can at least watch your turret get sent flying. Or in [edited] you can watch the roman candle effect of ammo cooking off before the big boom.
  14. Title. I don't care if it's "historical", detonations are unfun and the fact that the go to advice is to use Det Flags to neutralize them is all the more reason that detonations should be cut from the game. If I get sunk, I want it to be because I screwed up, not because I made the mistake of being at 75% health or lower and an invisible die roll screws me over.
  15. Reminds me a little bit of a match I had the other day in my Midway; the enemy sub spent the whole match trying to get in torpedo range of me which he couldn't do since I realized early on that he was coming for me and so I moved to put my team between me and him. I never found him but he never hit me with a torpedo the entire time and he wasted his time instead of helping his team out at caps.