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  1. Zaydin

    Iron Cross camo

    Shame it's all paywalled.
  2. That worked for me.
  3. Zaydin


    And get shot down basically the instant it enters most same or higher tier ships AA bubbles. Even some lower tier ships.
  4. Zaydin


    Ah, gotta love you anti-CV folks. Nuance has no place in your world; so long as a CV can launch one plane it isn't 'deplaned' even though by all accounts a CV launching squads with only one plane in it is not going to do any damage against ships with their AA intact.
  5. Zaydin

    Doomed to 5 token containers

    Yeah, the rewards suck this event. WG got greedy and are trying to see how far they can go before players finally snap. Part of me hopes that this is that point.
  6. Zaydin

    no more money on this game

    If you are dying solely to a carrier in a BB from anything save a detonation, you made a massive mistake somewhere along the line.
  7. Zaydin

    Where Do You Stand?

    I swear the matchmaker has it out for me lately. My win rate and PR had slowly but steadily rising and then the last few weeks I've gotten nothing but crap MM and both have taken not insignificant hits. Briefly hit a 50% win rate before it hit the fan.
  8. The Mikoyan is an actual premium from my understanding. The Tallinn and Riga are the early access ships.
  9. Honestly, the main thing killing my enthusiasm for this whole event is just how crappy the reward structure is. WG is doing a pretty bad job hiding its greed these days.
  10. Multi-day suspensions are usually the result of someone filing a ticket with WG with screenshots attached. Automatic chat bans are 24 hours in length.
  11. Zaydin

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    Nah, considering I, in a lowly tier 8 DD with the weakest torpedoes at tier 8 in terms of damage, kept a tier 10 BB lit up, alongside the radarless cruisers with him, and unable to effectively bring his main guns to bear on my teammates due to him having to dodge torpedoes, I think I did my job well.
  12. Zaydin

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    Oh, I knew I'd be kicking a hornets nest by voicing my opinion but I didn't particularly care, either. Not going to let the crowd who would get incensed by this deter me from calmly explaining my opinion. Like I said, I've seen countless games where a push was stopped simply because a DD was nearby. Hell, I've done the exact same before in some of my DDs. I don't play DDs often, largely due to not enjoying their play style (EU DDs being an exception that I actually enjoy playing), but I play them to get an idea of how to counter them. Just the psychological impact knowing a destroyer is hidden in stealth nearby is a big impact. It makes me cautious about advancing and questioning if I turned away from incoming torpedoes or managed to turn right into their path.
  13. Zaydin

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    CVs also tend to have poor acceleration, slow rudder shift, massive turning circles AND bleed a lot of speed in a turn. The Audacious loses over half its speed in a turn. That's not even getting into how awful the autopilot still is. Like I said before while getting dismissed by the anti-CV hatemind, anyone who says CVs are hard to kill is just bad and not shooting at the right spots.
  14. Zaydin

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    Can't refute the message so you attack the messenger instead.
  15. Why? Because they discourage aggression. I've seen so many pushes grind to a halt because a destroyer was spotted nearby and no one wants to get ambushed by a DD hiding in stealth with their reality-defying stealth fields and getting dev struck before they have a chance to react. In CV matches, they aren't so bad since a carrier can light them up for the team and force a DD to retreat, but without a carrier and with little or no radar, destroyers are unholy terrors with little counter-play for other ships unless the DD makes a mistake. Case in point: I had a match in my Oland a week or two ago and I stalked an Ohio the entire game, peppering him with torpedoes and staying out of detection range and there wasn't a single thing he could do to stop me. Luck only lasts so long and even with the Olands torpedoes being as weak as they are, he still succumbed to attrition and had no radar support or air support to spot me and could do nothing to me.