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  1. Madinogi

    CV's 8.8 suggestions...

    "CVs are parasitic griefers, a mechanic that exists only to cause arbitrary damage to speed games up" im going to be rather blunt here Tai. the game is literally built around attacking and sinking enemy ships. CV's funnily enough are also made to attack and sink enemy ships. its why they are implemented into the game, its rather interesting that you get attacked by any of the 3 other classes and even get killed by them and no peep from you. but THE MOMENT you get attacked by the 4th ship type in the game suddenly its "Waaahh why are you griefing me, you stupid parasitic griefers" either its 1 of 2 things. 1.) you just dont know how to actually counter Aircraft carriers, and thus because of your lack of knowledge are trying to find excuses for yourself. or 2.) you actually believe this but cant recognise that that means your a griefer too and just dont belong im this type of game and would find their safe space in a game like ROBLOX or even MLP. since you clearly cant stand PvP games but subject yourself to them. the Spotting is the same as any other ship tho. the timer that they were going to add to CV's wouldnt have solved the issue, they'd just be replaced by destroyers. not to mention waiting upwards of 45 secs in order to engage in the fight while everyone else is in combat by then isnt very fun or engaging and during that time outside of picking your course which takes only 3 secs to do. your waiting 40 secs for nothing. thats why they didnt go along with the launch timer, they admitted themselves that it wouldn't be any fun for the carriers. try not twisting my words, i never said they moved on to other games or modes, evident by the queue times being very fast. months back when i was playing during Fly! Strike! Win! and friendly victory people were always crying about CV's. 9/10 of my matches would have someone in the beginning of the match complaining about a CV or complain when a CV attacks them. then i took a hiatus because of other major game content being released for other games i play more then WoWs and now that stuff is over im now back playing this again. and people have not complained about CV's except for 1 match where someone said "F--- CV's" not surprising he was the first to go in the game. which tells me majority of the playerbase has learned how to counter CV's and no longer need Wargaming to hold their hand. and its further backed up by barely any CV's hate threads on the forums now. so Tai when are you going to join the rest of us who have "Got Gud" and now counter CV's? and the removal of CV's wont happen.
  2. Madinogi

    CV's 8.8 suggestions...

    wow. this is still going on? i thought after my 3 month hiatus id come back and see you guys stop falsely claiming CV's as griefers. because CV's are only playing the game same as the other classes. they just have a different playstyle, but hey if CV's are griefing for playing the game then welp. guess everyones a griefer including you. but if we are being honest if this is what you think tai then PvP games like WoWs arent meant for you. what issue is broken about CV spotting? they spot just like any other ship in the game. once they get in range to spot other ships. also Randoms seem to be going strong getting into matchs quickly. and outside of 1 person crying about CV's it seems the rest of the playerbase has moved on and gotten good inorder to counter CV's i think its time for yout o join em Tai.
  3. Madinogi

    One of these is a Canadian fact

    excuse me but where in the blazes did you get that Canadian flag for your ship? I NEED IT
  4. you say CV's are trash yet you are complaining about them. you must not like what i have to say if you think i have no right to a opinion. theirs a word for people like you. i wont say it but you should know what it is. i like you, and everyone on this forum have the right to a opinion. i dont like your opinion but id never want you silenced. but from the looks of it you got silenced by the mods. which was their call. kinda ironic if im being honest. you want me silenced but in doing so got yourself silenced. non the less you dont hold facts. its rather interesting tho you say CV's are trash but the vast majority of hate CV players are receiving is coming from the DD crowd.which is unsurprising since your the weakest class when it comes to survivability.
  5. im not the idiot here. that title rightfully goes to you since you clearly cant handle a PvP game.
  6. highlord are you sick and tired yet of being a little Baby about this game? seriously you keep calling carrier players griefers just because you dont like them. if you dont like Carriers to the point you think their griefers then you really need to quit or better yet you are the one who need to be locked to a PvE mode since you clearly cant handle PvP. because when i read your posts of calling CV players griefers all you come off as a is insecure and whiney brat who gets his feelings hurt when anouther class attacks him.
  7. and youve let your hate cloud your better judgement. oh ok you greatly dislike carrier players for playing a class in the game. interesting how childish that is. ruining the game? their ruining "YOUR" game. just because it ruins your game doesnt make it so for everyone else.
  8. ok your seriously going to bring politics into this clearly shows you have no argument anymore to justify you're reasoning. also you are ignorant of the political system if you actually think Bernie Sanders is a communist. hes not. hes a Social Democrat, one who advocates for Social democracy which mind you is the best system in the world being used by a large majority of 1st world nations. Canada, UK, Denmark. just to name a few. since they mix aspects of both socialism and capitalism. frankly Sanders is the best shot at bringing the USA out of its 3rd world status. (thats right i called the USA a 3rd world country) and its certainly not improving with trump in power. since trump is insanely corrupt and Bernie Sanders isnt.
  9. well its a good thing your not a developer or CEO of anything. because IP banning people is a good way for your product to instantly die and your company go bankrupt. Tier 10's dont need to be removed. theres ways to counter planes. just because you refuse to or dont know how doesnt mean they dont exist. im continually amazed with how irrational people like you are when it comes down to your hatred for CV's.
  10. 1. This i 100% advocate for even as a CV player. since i find it stupid that there can be up to 6 CV's in one game. 2. might be wrong but i think this is how it works already? not sure havnt paid much attention to the minimap when not in my CV. 3. this i actually disagree with since if 4. is also implemented its actually going be impossible to get off a attack since the way it is now you have abunch of planes in 1 squadron but majority of them are just fodder to get an attack off. 4. i can agree to this long as 3. isnt a thing. 5. this is going away somewhat with this months update. up to a 45 sec wait time to launch planes at the start of the match.
  11. were not. we are just 1 class who attack other classes in the game. just like what ever class you play does the same to me and the other 2 classes. its not a double standard. its Fact. if you think Carriers are griefers well......Theres the door. because you very clearly dont belong in a PvP game.
  12. the most coddled ships are destroyers Tai. if CV's were the most coddled they wouldnt be receiving a nerf literally every patch. and so much in the past DD's got things that made them harder to kill. Removal of citadels? BB overpens doing pretty much 0 damage to DD's? ill say this if CV's continue to get nerfed then those changes on DD's should be reversed. [edited]
  13. Madinogi

    Please limit Naval Battles to Randoms only

    its the same thing that happens in both Division 1&2 and Destiny. PvE players getting forced into a PvP mode they dont want to play just to complete something that has no logic being locked behind PvP and then they cry and get changes made and then the PvP playerbase gets mad things are now getting "dumbed down" to accommodate the "Filthy Casuals" its built a huge animosity between the 2 playerbases that they frankly hate eachother because of it. same thing is going to happen here.
  14. hate to break it to you. but thats the norm in PvP games. you may not have fun all the time but others will. doesn't give you the reason to shaft a entire class of players. but hey if you wanna be a baby about it you can quit.
  15. Madinogi

    Please limit Naval Battles to Randoms only

    you want a competitive mode? you already have Clan battles. go play that. leave naval battles as is. i only found out about it this weekend properly and im partaking in it to help my clan get oil. but i guess you want to punish PvE players because you want a 2nd comp mode all to your selves. but frankly your post does come off as abit "im afraid my clan will get dethroned as the record holder" either way i dont care your reasoning. Keep Coop apart of naval battles.