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  1. why do you think a BB should be punished for going broadside to a cruiser? A cruiser should be the one class that they shouldn't be worrying about being broadside to.
  2. He's not incorrect though. The game mechanics are exactly the same in both modes. Yes, your opponents are more predictable and a little dumber on average in PVE, but that doesn't change the game mechanics. So it doesn't take being in PvP games to realize this would horribly unbalance the game. I mean my secondary line is CAs and I'd never run a BB again if this change would be made, why would I CAs would not be weak to any other class in the game.
  3. Yeah, some of us had realized bow overmatch mechanics in Beta, but I don't think that we really had the solid mathematical understanding we do now. I remember though there was a big push in late beta for cruisers to be able to compete reasonably 1v1 with BBs and never really understood it because it has pushed cruisers from being that support/Quick reaction ship able to lend medium weight support to aid other ships to trying to be light BBs. I do think the issue comes from two things. First the maps don't really scale large enough with higher tiers which is why you hear consistently a request to shorten effective BB range. higher tier BBs are capable of hitting too much of the map which not only reduces incentive to move but also overly punishes even the slightest early push. Also most higher tier maps don't really have the blind movement areas that you saw in the original Island of Ice map which allowed cruisers and destroyers to be able to advance under cover. Second part comes from both WG and the player base with the focus on raw damage for many of the missions as well in the case of the player base the rating systems. Not to mention that a lot of people seem to still not realize that you are rewarded based on the percentage of health you do to a ship not the raw number so shooting BBs is actually one of the least effective ways to get xp. CVs have always been the red-headed step-child of WoWs made only worse but what turned out to be a horrible design decision of doing 4 plane vs 6 plane squads. I am positive that until that is gotten rid of you'll never be able to get CV balance between nations, let alone versus other classes.
  4. Yes, and possibly. I routinely have to push a DD out of cap when I'm in a BB because cruisers are too chicken to do. Never have an issue doing it in my cruisers. Reason I say possibly is because it matters when I'm doing it. If It is the beginning of the game not a chance in hell because it is a stupid sacrifice. Towards the end game, I'll be the first heading in whether I have anything to detect him or not if it can win the game. I play both Cruisers and Battleships, the problem is most people who want to make a change here haven't decided what they want the other ship classes to do. Right now the top 4 Cruisers are with in about 10k avg. Damage of 3/4 of the current battleships. The best cruiser does more damage then the worst BB. Only one BB has a Higher avg survival rate then then top 4 cruisers for surviving. Cruisers have always suffered from the problem of they are actually too good. I shoot cruisers first in my BB because they can hurt me just or even more easily then an enemy BB. The whole fire damage as a percentage of health made it so that the class that should be worried about fighting me has good to great access to one of the better methods of killing me. So if you want me to shoot the BBs over the CA, then you need to make me more concerned about the BB then the CA.
  5. Well one of the big issues, that honestly hurts the CA/BB balance but has absolutely nothing to do with the ships is the size of the maps at the higher tiers. At lower tiers it is much more forgiving because the entire team can't reach you in most cases. At higher tiers the ranges make it so that if your slightly out of positions, your done because someone can get a flank shot on you from somewhere. This is why you see the mostly static nose-on battles at high tiers. You want to help cruisers at high tiers which honestly is the only place there is a real issue, then your going to have to be willing to have 50-75km per side map and bumping the time and points gain for positions up to 20-25min a match as well as re-balancing the economy for those longer matches.
  6. The only accuracy buff BBs have gotten was a sub-4km buff that was heavily geared towards lower tiers. It was done because it was extremely common for you to get single or no hits on a broadsided target at tier 3-5. It was so bad you'd see the shells leave the barrel at a 30 degree offset and having shells land over, under, in front, and behind the ship. Higher tiered BB got a buff but it was much lower because of their improved base accuracy.
  7. Advise a newbie plz

    CVs are the only ones that are really odd balls like that. I don't suggest not running them as you might really like them; however, I do like many suggest that you stick to the PVE game mode till you are doing really well with them. The big thing from tanks is play to the objectives is much more important because it is significantly harder for you to re-position with most ships then in tanks. Also XP is based off of % of health done in damage on the target not raw damage numbers so keep that in mind.
  8. I can't say how much I agree with you on this. It's not that the IJN CVs are inherently better, its that it is next to impossible to balance one branch of CVs compared to the rest of the classes with out breaking the balance of the other tree. CVs need to have a reduced element for differentiating nation lines. I always thought a play on Navyfields flight deck limit where you could only be readying X number of aircraft for launch at a time could be modified to work well. I'd normalize all squadrons to 4 for fighters and 6 for bombers for all nations outside of specialty CVs like the Saipan. As for any suggestion of manual AA, politely go die in a fire. It is a horrible idea, they had it in navyfield and basically outside of a BB you either ran no AA or only AA because no one could realistically switch aiming between the two guns out side of a BB with its long reloads.
  9. Tired of getting insulted and berated

    Not everyone will be able to land shots or have perfect reaction times, that's not an issue most time and for the most part WoWS doesn't really require much in the way of reaction time. As long as you can put the right shells down range at the right targets and keep yourself positioned so your able to shoot targets when you need to the rest doesn't matter. You should be able to get that down.
  10. Aim assist mod

    If they need a test shot they are far from the best on the server. Sorry, but I regularly hit/bracket targets at near max range (20km+) with a full salvo the first time, no ranging shot. If I don't it's usually because I've been swapping between radically different ships that day and forgot the flight time for that ship. But even in that case it is a ranging shot on the first shot I fire in that ship period, I won't need another and there are plenty of players out there that can do it just as good if not better then me.
  11. Aim assist mod

    The original aim assist was a function designed into the game that was disabled and not removed, people modded it back active, so WG removed it from the code which was relatively easy for them. The current batch of paid Aim assists are external programs coded to read the data that must be sent to your computer and then put it onto your screen via a similar method that Teamspeak Overlay uses. This is significantly harder to combat long term requiring client or 3rd party memory/process check programs which actually look at the software being run on your computer, lets not go there. That is an incorrect statement, frankly people have wide range of skills. There are people who are worse at this game then the AI bots in co-op for example. We cannot have the expectation that everyone can or will be better then that mod because there will always be someone who is just that poor of a player. What you need to look at is can using it give you a performance upgrade that is above all or at least all but the absolutely best players, the answer to that is no. So in an isolated economy game like this is, the impact of any person using that mod is exactly the same as someone who is that good without it which is not a rare thing.
  12. Yea...something bad wrong with this.

    35k is still not the greatest. A lot of BB play is positioning, staying close enough to be able to really punish the enemy while not over extending to the point where you can get focused down. Which is why you should take someone up on running with someone on voice comms.
  13. TK? it isnt what it seems to be...

    okay, I should have rephrased it to say that it benefits no-one and you get directly penalized for it. Because while i do see people do completely stupid things, the number of times I have been at risk of going pink because of it has been about 3 times in my almost 2.5k games. Usually it is because I took a risky shot that I may or may not have realized it was as risky as it seems. Here is the thing in both those instances you are taking events, one which you are doing everything right in the first, and while doing things wrong in the second not relevant to the things in the event, and applying an effectively instant threat. Torps which are easily the primary method of getting TK status, are ridiculously easy to predict their potential threat areas from a long way out. Lets say that you drop a salvo of torps that have a 12km range and move 60knts. We can instantly draw a very large area on the map that is a safe area. First everything behind you is safe, no ship currently can hit 60knts so they can't suddenly jump in front of the torps. That leaves stuff on the side of the path of travel. Well basic geometry means that for a ship to intercept a 60knt torpedo by moving directly towards its path you'll need to be moving 60knts at no more then 45deg off of direction of travel. Since all ships move slower then 60knots there is even less of a deflection around 25-35degrees (larger if your using slower torps) and that is assuming that the ship is already on an intercept heading. So now you only have to worry about around 60 degree swath directly in front of you and the other 300 degrees there is no way for them to hit. For range someone heading directly towards the torpedoes at max speed of 30knts would be able to close 6km in the time it would take the torps to run its course. So at max you need to look 18km out, but you can reduce it for any hard backstops like islands. And you know the exact location of every friendly on your team which could possibly be in that threat area. So there is absolutely zero reasons that someone could "jump" out in front of your torps and make you cause team damage. If you dropped them you had all the information available to judge if there was a risk to team damage and whether or not to drop. That is why any team damage from a torp drop is on you and not them. There is one exception, you are on comms with a teammate declare your intentions, they okay the action with understanding of what they need to do to avoid them, then they fail to do that. That's all on them. Secondary damage though is just stupid to count because of poor control options and wild inaccuracy.
  14. Armored Knights Now Recruiting 18+

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