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  1. Nicoli_Voldkif

    Two achievements we could live without

    My last clear sky was just a week or so ago, hard to get but still quite possible now with all the various planes out there.
  2. Nicoli_Voldkif

    What have you gotten from your 6th year anniversary SCs?

    Here is the 50 for me plus a few other random crates
  3. There are some things you can do with map changes, less large islands and more smaller chains like on the east side of hotspot. but that would just be a band aid of the real problem.
  4. You don't do it through changes to the map, but through changes in game mechanics. Right now we have DDs effectively forming the battle line, and BBs taking on the long range support, and Cruisers the flanker role. You would think that the roles would be BBs as the Battle line, Cruisers as support, and DDs as flankers. We don't because Fires and Armor Overmatching along with way too high over-saturation thresholds make players play way to conservative if they can't remain undetected.
  5. No, Experience is only relevant if a person actually understands what is going on. This is why some people who are extremely good at things can't teach anyone else how to do it, and others who suck at something can teach people and make them far better then they could be. So for his in experience to matter you have to prove that he isn't grasping what is going on by showing a real understanding of the situation from your experience. otherwise your opinion becomes just as unhelpful as his.
  6. While I agree it is not a slaughterfest, The reality is that unless there is CVs or Radar in a match, the enemy TEAM has to force the DD player to make a mistake because they aren't getting a shot without it. At lower tiers this is lessened due to the lack of the Hyper tuning of ships, but still exists. I mentioned Team because in many cases it is difficult to impossible for another non-CV class to get a DD spotted to have a chance of spotting by themselves. The only thing that makes them from being completely immune to singular ships is the various game modes forcing them to fight for certain areas. But if a DD has a points lead that can't be overcome, they are pretty much going to win the match even if they are up against 4-5 other ships. Something that just isn't a guarantee with any other ship class with the exception of CVs, but CV can not play late game caps anywhere nearly as good as a DD. This is why DDs that survive to late game are so devastating and one of the first skill you need to pick up as a DD player is just surviving to that late game. DDs and to a lesser extent CV both are classes that grow stronger as the match goes on. This is because all of a DDs strengths as a class are passive. BBs as a match go on run out of heals, and then are penalized for having large hit points with % based DoT mechanics, Cruisers run out of their utility equipment, even CVs can start to run into low plane counts on the planes they need. But DDs by the time the late game runs around, they haven't lost their lack of citadel, their damage per shell cap, the fast repair party, their low concealment, their speed, and many of the counters against them are going to be gone or in short supply. In a lot of ways this is going to be a similar issue with subs, as the game goes on they will become more and more powerful if they survive.
  7. That is an indication that a ship class that can be dealt with extremely quickly under concentrated fire doesn't work very well in a game mode that is purely about organized play where everyone is going to concentrate fire. It's also why the Russian Radar which is not particularly great in randoms is far more useful in competitive.You need to understand the difference between balance issues caused by game mode versus ship stats/abilities. In a Random match a CV was an Okay counter to DDs now a poor counter with a much high skill level required for the CV driver to not have to rely on others focusing the DD down they are spotting.
  8. uh... welcome to software. The number of programs that I have bought and then had things I really liked patched out or changed to a new way I don't like is too numerous to count. The only software that I don't expect that to happen is abandonware.
  9. Nicoli_Voldkif


    BBs have armor and health because in FPS balancing, yes WoWs is a FPS not RPG, the classes/characters that are slow and large get more hitpoints and armor to account for being slow and large and as such more likely to get hit. Classes that are more agile or stealthy have less hitpoints because they are expected to rely on that to not get hit in the first place.
  10. Nicoli_Voldkif


    Let me hop in a battleship and hit that Taunt skill... This game does not have aggro so it does not follow MMO theory. If the opposing team can choose who they shoot at it doesn't matter that you are big and have armor, you can't tank damage for a teammate unless the enemy team is full of idiots.
  11. Nicoli_Voldkif

    We need DD rework please

    DDs do less damage then BB and CA because they are VERY high priority targets because of how much they determine the course of the battle. This means a lot of DDs get killed very early dropping the average damage down. Down side of getting to battle first. But don't mistake a DD that stays alive can rack up the damage just as well as any other class.
  12. Nicoli_Voldkif

    Congrats DD mains, you got what you wanted

    Hey, thats a good point... since we are [edited] and asking for nerfs to classes that can do damage without being spotted while keeping the target ship spotted maybe we need to look at DDs.
  13. Nicoli_Voldkif

    Battleships are the least Rewarding class

    Yes, because one dimensional ships are well known for their difficulty to play when it boils down to stay at range shoot things
  14. Nicoli_Voldkif

    Battleships are the least Rewarding class

    When ships could bow tank more then you could get close range BBs able to survive a push into the enemies to force side shots through maneuver. Now you just get hide behind an island and mass HE ships to death with Fire which works just fine. The lack of ability to do this also leads to all these major blowouts since once a side starts to fall it falls fast and can't really be recovered, and this applies to every class. Maybe Wargaming should have spent some time where being able to take damage better was the big selling point on new lines instead of constantly focusing on bigger or better damage.
  15. Nicoli_Voldkif

    It does seem to be a bit unfair...

    And that can also exist with a team with good DD drivers versus [edited] ones. Either way learning how to play using a lack of knowledge compared to your opponent is one of the skills that make good players.