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  1. I visited the Mikasa last year, and the reason its not as well preserved as some would like is due to the American occupation after WWII. IIRC, Mikasa was more or less kept intact until that point, then the Americans stripped all the armaments off the ship and turned it into a dance hall, until some effort was made to return it to a museum ship.
  2. Die95

    Smoke Dispersion Speed Limit

    I should have clarified. I do not suggest removing the speed limit completely, I want to raise it so that ships deploying smoke are not forced to slow to 15 knts (I'm not sure what the speed limit is) before deploying smoke. I think a 22-25 knt speed limit is much more reasonable that the current one that limits traveling at 1/4 speed.
  3. Now that WG has greatly reduced the effectiveness of smoke, should the smoke dispersion speed limit be increased to allow for more utility? For those unaware, WG changed the smoke dispersion speed limit many years back prior to the introduction of radar and the smoke firing penalty. At that time it was a problem as DD's going full speed while deploying smoke would "blink" in and out of sight. Therefore WG introduced the speed limit where if one was going too fast, they would deploy the smoke cloud behind them and remain visible. As players now have access to radar, smoke firing has been nerfed, and WG added the marker on the minimap to show where one is aiming, I propose that we increase the current smoke dispersion speed limit to allow to players not having to stop to a crawl to use their smoke. It would add a little more utility to smoke and reduce the occasions where you think you would be in your smoke cloud then get caught outside of it.
  4. Die95

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    I don't think CL's are over performing, but rather that they make CA HE redundant due to their much higher DPM. CA's are still competitive, but I see little point to picking a CA over a CL in most circumstances.
  5. Die95

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    #2 here highlights most of my concerns regarding IFHE, as it nullifies the advantages of having CA's trading off DPM for more HE pen. However, as so many CL's have become so dependent on the skill, its difficult to suggest a way to remedy this problem without completely gutting the class. Fire's alone aren't nearly consistent enough, and their AP is rather situational.
  6. It has been almost 2 years since IFHE has been introduced into the game, and I want to see how the opinion on the community has changed surrounding it over this time. I dug up one of my old topics from around the time that IFHE went live, and the opinion was back then that IFHE was of limited use, and in general CA's were still better due to more potent AP. What do you think now?
  7. I dunno, but I have gotten upwards of 5 pens on a single salvo without any damage done to the enemy. This was firing on a full hp enemy ship too, so there was no saturation of any kind either. Rather frustrating but what can you do about it.
  8. Die95

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Unfortunately I will be unable to participate, but seeing threads like this really brighten up my day. Merry Christmas to all!
  9. Instead of nerfing the US DD's torp reload to be in line with the others, why not buff the others up. I have never understood why the Fletcher has more torps and more damage per salvo than the Yuugumo, but and still has a faster torpedo reload time
  10. I feel like we should start a drinking game, whenever the OP posts another topic like this, we all take a shot. We'll probably die of alcohol poisoning at the rate he posts.
  11. Pics please, I would love to see how horrendous it was
  12. Counterpoint: If the DD's were to be nerfed according to your level, then your BB's should be made like REAL BB's and cost ridiculous amounts to buy and operate, and have their accuracy greatly reduced. You can't pick examples from reality only when they fit your argument.
  13. What is this monstrosity, just cram all the consumables a destroyer can have onto one ship and call it a day
  14. Die95

    My latest BRILLIANT idea.

    This would work, just look at the Z-52 torps already in game, very fast, low yield, and fast reload. To tweak this to make it work for the IJN DD's, the reload would have to be increased due to the increased number of torps, but that is about it. Even with 15 torps 10k dmg per torp is still very little, and the reload can be made 100-120 seconds per launcher for the Shima. Of course, the Kagerou and the Yuugumo would need faster reloads to compensate for the fewer number of fish in the water.