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  1. Diego98

    No Mikasa in New Containers?

    Just for historical importance I would say it's worth having. And any ship given for free is welcome imo
  2. So there are going to be premium ship containers available again in the Community Tokens tab. Something interesting I saw is that in the new low tier containers (Tier II-IV) the Mikasa is not available. There are some obvious reasons why some other ships aren't there, like for example the Imperator Nikolai and the König Albert. Mikasa is not considered a rare ship, it's still in the shop right now, and nobody has ever said it is OP; I would even say there are more powerful ships in that drop list, while none of them being necessarily OP. It cannot be because of it's price tag either, from tier III all ships are more expensive than her, except for the Campbeltown, Dreadnought being the most expensive from the drop list, 1500 doubloons above the Mikasa. So why is the Mikasa excluded from the drops then? Is it an oversight or something? Would love to get a clarification on that.
  3. Why no Mikasa in the tier II-IV containers?
  4. Diego98

    Welcome to the Super Brawl

    What happened with the prizes for the tier V brawl event? The winners where never announced
  5. I just wanted to know if the ship containers given for the Brawl it out for Prizes event where already accredited. There was no announcement of the winners in the front page nor any mention of any winners in the FB and/or forum threads.
  6. Diego98

    Public Test 0.9.10

    Still no fall PTS season? Thought maybe it was somewhat of a break last patch due to the irregular time the last 2 updates where launched, but by the looks of it seems like there will be no fall season. Such a shame, was looking forward for those missions.
  7. Are there any plans to bring back the Texas donation bundle? Where you got the ship and a special camo, with 100% of the price going to the Texas fundation
  8. Participate in a new season just to get shafted and not getting the tier VI container even when I finished the missions? No thanks WG
  9. That is what it says in the description of the crate at the arsenal
  10. As you know the Dunkirk crates can be bought with coal, 5k each. In these crates there is a small chance of getting this ship.. So I thought: What are the chances of getting the Gallant from those crates, and how much coal could it cost?