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  1. KilljoyCutter

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    From what I've read elsewhere, whether the code comes back valid or not, you only get the stuff once. Once you get it once, you don't get it again.
  2. Yeap, as I noted, DDs are somewhat less tolerant of potato players doing potato things. Again, the game cannot be balanced around potato players doing potato things.
  3. If I can keep my DDs alive at about the same rate as my other ships, I doubt it's anything to do with the ships themselves. I'm admittedly not great at DDs, and I still rack up damage and survive as much as I do in my other ships. Watching other DDs in battle, what I'm seeing is a bunch of players who evidently expect to be bullet-proof in their DDs. DDs aren't supposed to take a pounding, they're supposed to evade damage via stealth and maneuverability, and a lot of players simply aren't doing that. Whatever DDs gain in direct durability, they'd need to give back in stealth and/or maneuverability. That is, DDs have a lower survival rate because of potatoes, and lower tolerance for potato play -- but you cannot balance an entire game around potatoes being potatoes.
  4. KilljoyCutter

    PTS Round 3 starts tomorrow.

    Thank you very much. Looks like the previewed changes from last week, didn't see anything new or different.
  5. Whereas "DD players" (not that I like these blanket / broad-brush statements) believe they should be invisible and thus invulnerable all the time?
  6. KilljoyCutter

    PTS Round 3 starts tomorrow.

    Anything would be appreciated as long as it's readable, I'm not going to complain about the details if someone does me the favor.
  7. KilljoyCutter

    PTS Round 3 starts tomorrow.

    Can someone pull the ship changes from the "dev blog"? (It's on Facebook, and I have a strict no-Facebook policy due to their total disdain for privacy and security.) Some of the changes sound like they're actually listening -- see, acknowledging that the scaling of AA firepower and aircraft durability has tiers progress has issues.
  8. KilljoyCutter

    PTS Round 3 starts tomorrow.

    It's been one of the items I've been focusing on in my feedback, along with the apparent lack of any way to boost AA range at all.
  9. KilljoyCutter

    Is the CV rework doing anything about AP bombers?

    The devs have said that AP bomb mechanics are changing in the rebork. We'll see if it changes the outrageous effect that AP bombs have in-play, or is just different day, same result.
  10. KilljoyCutter

    PTS Round 3 starts tomorrow.

    Would love to see all premiums in the PTS so we can see the effects of the wreckage that's been made of AA on those ships as well.
  11. I didn't need to watch it, my point wasn't about what the video showed, it was about predicting the reactions that would surely follow REGARDLESS of what the video actually showed. And that prediction was nailed. If the forums had even 1/10th as many posts from any other type partisans claiming their favored type were unfairly treated by WG, if even 1/10th as many threads about unrelated subjects were hijacked by other type partisans to pound their shoes on the podium in outrage, I'd be laughing at them too. The whole thing has become a sad little joke at this point. There is not great imbalance between the ship types, end of story. I've been watching a small but intensely vocal minority of DD-partisans cry wolf about this for so long that I'd need a DNA sample from the animal before believing an actual wolf had arrived at this point.
  12. No, it's just rude and deliberate misrepresentation. Used to be that sort of thing got users banned from online discussions. Now it's just "part of the game".
  13. There's a box with words that are supposed to be what I actually posted. You put other words in it. That's not "fixing", that's deliberate misquoting. If you a counter-point or a dispute with what I said, then state it clearly and openly, don't try to put words in my mouth.
  14. The problem comes when any post that doesn't assert that DDs are underpowered and ill-treated and down-trodden is taken as "anti-DD". DDs are a blast. I love playing DDs as much as my other ships. They're rocket-powered Romulan-cloaking murder-boats. It's great fun to set up an ambush so that the target ship never has a chance to react, evade, or fight back -- and blow it out of the water with a spread of magical warpedoes. I'm not anti-DD in any way. The difference is, I play all three surface ship types (and used to play CVs a lot too), so maybe I have a bit more perspective than those who think DDs (or any other type of ship) are in a terrible situation in this game. My DDs and BBs have about the same per-battle average XP over time, with my cruisers averaging about 30% more XP per battle. I laugh at the notion that DDs are in any way underpowered or unfairly treated, and the more posts I see with supposed "proof" that there's some great DD disparity, the funnier it gets.
  15. No, you just deliberately misquoted me as if I'd posted something I hadn't. But if your only hope at "making argument" relies on outright lying about what someone else said, then go you.