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  1. 7.9 patch is tomorrow here is video.

    Oh gawd, the players who chat-rage about "no support" when they rush forward and get deleted because they're the only ship the enemy can see. Get them in every mode. Just as bad as the players who spend the entire match humping the backside of an island and then gripe when they're alone against multiple enemy ships at the end of the battle. It's as if some players can't grasp the concept of a controlled advance, or any other sort of middle ground.
  2. That's kinda why I asked... there's this really blurry fuzzy area that's occupied by "battlecruiser", and even the navies that had them couldn't agree, sometimes internally, on what it meant. And then there are the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst, which some people want to call "battlecruisers" but maybe based on their armament more than their armor?
  3. Is the Kongo in the game really a battlecruiser, or is it a fast battleship? (See, the multiple major upgrades Kongo underwent in her lifetime.)

    I can't think of any. And when they do try to fix something, often they grossly overcorrect, up to and including completely changing some element of gameplay. Howitzer to killing houseflies.
  5. For most video game companies, the customer they don't have is more enticing than the customer they already have. They believe that customers they have won't leave, so they keep making changes to appeal to "everyone else". But in reality, the players they already have, who liked the game as it was... do end up leaving as the game becomes something else entirely.
  6. Submarine Poll

    That was kinda the point of my post you blew off as "TLDR."
  7. Based on what I've seen of the event and of the RN DDs, I'm likely not putting much extra effort into this event anyway. Especially with the carrier "rework" and the whole "subs" thing, and the way WG treats customers, not sure I care that much any more.
  8. No, "we" do not. YOU want subs.
  9. Submarine Poll

    Personally, I might look at someone's stats in an argument once a year or so, based more on trying to understand bizarre statements than trolling for reasons to dismiss someone's statements out of hand.
  10. Submarine Poll

    I hate the idea of submarines in the game, full stop. There's no way they can be done that won't result in an even worse version of everything that so often makes DDs frustrating to play, and everything that so often makes DD frustrating to play against.
  11. Submarine Poll

    And that comment only further demonstrates the accuracy of my comment. Your assumption is that because I'm opposed to adding an all-or-nothing, troll-or-be-trolled ship category to the game, that will combine already-troublesome mechanics with new harder-to-balance mechanics, and actually further encourage stagnant play by being primarily an ambush ship... that "my class" is one that you happen to not like, apparently. Just more of the same for these forums.
  12. 7.9 patch is tomorrow here is video.

    Great. Another nuisance forced port change to undo as soon as I log in.
  13. Submarine Poll

    So in other words, you're just going to take the lazy path and dismiss out of hand any objection to submarines as 'whiney BB players". Roger. Situation normal for these forums.

    On sub speed, be careful not to flip knots and km/h -- I'm seeing km/h speeds given as speed in knots repeatedly on some of these threads. Also, many of the top speeds listed for the late-war "wonder" subs are "dash" speeds that used up the battery charges quite quickly, which could probably be represented in a game by some sort of speed boost consumable, but probably shouldn't be used for sustainable top speeds.
  15. I don't see how you'd get multiple full lines of "battlecruisers" to work, especially given how fluid, contradictory, and overlapping the term was, and how different countries used the term so differently or not at all, and how it heavies blurs with "very" heavy cruisers and "fast battleships", and so on.