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  1. I know that it's a thing some people believe, and how some horrible people live their lives.
  2. I guess dishonesty and hypocrisy really are the grease for the wheels of human society.
  3. Motivation to not play, maybe. Games are supposed to be enjoyable, not a chore.
  4. If you say so. Not my fault that you can't tell the difference between insulting someone for their opinion, and insulting someone for insulting someone for their opinion.
  5. Nope, that's where my posts have always been. If you think I was attacking them just for liking the post-rebork CVs, then you failed to take note of the context.
  6. What some (many?) of us are curious about is "why this exact moment?" It's not like he suddenly got "worse" in the last month, is it? It's not like he's never done the things that WG says he's been kicked out for doing. What happened at this time to suddenly change the equation?
  7. Go for it, I'm confident that I don't fire first.
  8. Not really. I don't go around randomly trying to belittle people into silence just for liking something about a change or decision that WG made. Every time there's an issue or problem or change that bugs people enough to post about it, we get most or all of the following from a handful of the same posters. "You're afraid of change." "People just hate change." "Stop whining." "If you hate this game, why don't you leave?" "Just more meaningless salt, people need to shut up." "People opposed to this change are just motivated by their selfish wants." "All people do here is complain, you're all so toxic." "Weren't you people complaining about the opposite last month?" (Never mind that it's not the same people, we're all evidently one big complaining monolith.) "X is not representative of the playerbase." (No matter what X is, so long as the person disagrees with the complaint widely made, X will be "not representative".) "Not fully supporting this WG decision s non-constructive behavior." "Stop trolling,." "You don't trust Wargaming? Nice tinfoil hat!" "Stop playing the victim card!" Even WG's own employees and reps do it sometimes.
  9. Most likely, you're conflating snark and blowback directed specifically at the small self-appointed unpaid PR brigade of usual suspects who try to insult and belittle others into silence for daring to criticize or complain or voice concerns, with random insults based just on disagreement.
  10. And the guy you're responding to. Since he's always frothing mad, toxic, and insulting towards anyone who criticizes WG.
  11. Given WG's rather fluid and double-edged standards for what constitutes "constructive", I'd lean towards being called "non-constructive" by WG being a badge of honor.
  12. KilljoyCutter

    Goodnight sweet prince

    Krasny Krym, with AFT and BFT, was a buzzsaw, IMO. The rebork took a hammer to the ship.
  13. There's a limit to how many / how often you can assign "emotes".
  14. And in some cases stop playing.
  15. Flamu giving them an easy excuse to ditch him, doesn't mean that was the real reason they ditched him.