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  1. Same here. The Russian BBs are overall clunky and uncomfortable. The Russian cruisers are too fragile to take a hit and to lumbering to avoid a hit, at least those on the tech tree. "Russian bias"? Haven't seen it.
  2. KilljoyCutter

    Subscription Popup is a PITA

    People have been posting it about it repeatedly. I posted a screenshot of it multiple times recently.
  3. The idea that players doing Ops and Co-op instead of "learning" to playing the "real mode" of Randoms... is bankrupting WG somehow, or otherwise bad for the game... is so laughably ridiculous that it has to be nothing but a trollpost.
  4. And what information is that, exactly?
  5. How do you keep it from scanning your PC for installed software and hardware, and phoning home with that data, when it runs? How do you disable torrents? Where you able to keep it from doing all those other things during the install itself, or did you have to change setting to get it to stop? Exactly. And yeah, I always run direct from the executable already. Given this nonsense with forced WGC, however, don't be surprised if they take that away.
  6. WOWS is no longer worth the effort it would take to sandbox WGC, and that's what it would take for me to allow it on any of my computers.
  7. Any good news in this game has been minor or transitory. Yeah, it's nice that the ARP ships are actual premiums now, and the occasional giveaways are nice (Steel flakes, some premium time, etc). But even some of the nice aspects of the game have been getting stingier. Overall, from the CV rebork, to NTC and its shabbily-disguised reincarnation has the Regrind Bureau, to quote-unquote "submarines", to cartoonish events that distract from the core game (Rusty Waves, Halloweird, etc), to random event construction, to the Dockyard Debacle, to the recent HE pen / armor thickness mangle putting the squeeze on a number of mid-tier and tech-tree ships, to the announcement in this thread... it's just going from bad news to bad news. It's like WG is determined to destroy their games one at a time. Yeah, it works "great" if you don't care about privacy, security, system load, or retaining control over your own computer.
  8. There is a lot of other software I avoid like the plague for same and similar reasons to what I'm listing here. I refuse to relinquish control over MY computer to anyone else, whether it's some hacker in Russia or some sack of crap in Redmond.
  9. It should be off by default, there's no reason for any of that to happen until you go through and disable it all. And it still forces torrents (have not found any instructions on disabling that), still tries to datamine your computer for everything you have installed or running, etc, and still generally behaves like malware. Where are the options during install to keep it from doing all those things in the first place? Why does it even default to do those things in the first place? Where's the setting to keep it from datamining? Where's the setting to turn off torrents? It's bad enough that I have to go in and delete the damn "error reporter" every time I update now, and double-check the workaround to disable torrents to make sure the update didn't reverse it to default (which is to allow torrents).
  10. KilljoyCutter

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    For me, this no longer matters. See, news about WGC becoming mandatory in May. It's been fun, guys.
  11. With the news that WG is phasing out the Launcher and making WGC mandatory for WOWS, none of this matters.
  12. With the news that WG is phasing out the Launcher and making WGC mandatory for WOWS, none of this matters.
  13. Welp, guess I get to play the game until May. I will never, under any circumstances, allow WGC to be installed on my computer. (BTW, your title says that WGC will be phased out...)
  14. For me, this is my last game. We've reached a point where almost all games have this problem to some degree, take a look at how Paradox Interactive can never leave well enough alone, and shares in the "if it ain't fix, broke it" problem that WG has. Combine that with the onerous behaviors of most publishers and developers out there, whether it's kowtowing to the CCP, or making their games unplayable if you don't let them datamine your computer and all your activity, or requiring their useless bloatware "download managers", or trying to turn everything into microtransaction hell. I had some interest in Cyberpunk 2077, but the news that CDPR is going cheap by making it all first-person makes that a non-starter, and then trying to hide behind bullcrap excuses like "it's more immersive"... well, there's no point bothering with them either, now. I'm not going to bother getting interested in or wasting time on any more games, there's no damn point.
  15. You see, because a few people are able to rack up massive amounts of FXP using all the signals, camos, etc that WG themselves give out like candy, the rest of us will just have to deal with crappy payouts. WG is myopic at best.