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  1. KilljoyCutter


    Sounds like some values were coded directly into the game, instead of being in a "lookup" table or file that could be referenced separately for each game mode?
  2. KilljoyCutter

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    Why are people so obsessed with how other people play the game?
  3. KilljoyCutter


    Seized caps are rarely the cause of this.
  4. KilljoyCutter

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

    Nothing I want is eligible for the coupon I received last night. As usual.
  5. KilljoyCutter

    What is it with PPL chasing BOT CVs in COOP @ the Start ?

    We used to see this A LOT back in the RTS days. There are certain players who'd rather kill a CV than win a battle.
  6. KilljoyCutter


    Raising the starting points means more battles end prematurely because the players reach 1000.
  7. KilljoyCutter


    In addition to the other problems that have been described... one of the downsides to the Mercy Rule in Co-op is that you might find yourself hoping one of your teammates gets sunk in time to give the bots some more points and delay the end of the battle. That would seem to be counter to the intended spirit of a game mode called "Cooperative". Some other staff posts have given us the impression that the Co-op & Mercy Rule issue is actively being looked into at the Dev level already... your post can be read as walking that back a little. Might we ask for clarity on that?
  8. KilljoyCutter

    Killer Whale - Different latitude, same problem.

    Sounds like it would make sense for everyone to target a fort and take them all out super fast, or for one person with the best guns for the job to concentrate on the forts alone. Either way get it out of the way and get back to the red ships as fast as possible.
  9. KilljoyCutter

    The "boring" emote

    It's just another upvote now.
  10. KilljoyCutter

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    If I understand this correctly, the KM BBs won't get much more in the way of citadels or dead-center hits, but it will reduce the number of outright misses?
  11. KilljoyCutter


    There have been quite a few threads about this lately. WG has noted that they're looking into solutions.
  12. KilljoyCutter


    If's funny that you doggedly persist in this delusional fiction that you know what other people want -- when you so clearly just don't. What we don't want is 12v12, or your wacky deathmatch rules., or anything else that makes Co-op into some mode you're dreaming of. What we DO want is a reduction in the number of battles that end up as largely wasted time, especially when playing ships that take time to get into the action. The high rate of Mercy Rule activations is on top of lower "payout" numbers in the XP and credit formulas, bots that ram each other, and other factors that ALSO reduce the returns on these battles. The vast majority of instances where the mercy rule kicks aren't the sort that would result in hunting down the last bot ship on the far side of the map if the mercy rule wasn't there -- the vast majority involve being directly engaged in combat with an enemy BB or CA and having the battle just CLUNK end and cut off that engagement.
  13. KilljoyCutter


    Even without signals and camo, fast useless battles simply waste the daily multiplier, and make it less likely that progress will be made on tasks for Directives, etc. Two crappy end-early battles for no better overall "return" than a single battle that takes less time overall than the two crappy battles is not an "opportunity". I'll gladly risk that one 12-minute battle I might see per week to avoid the four or five times A DAY that I see a Co-op battle end abruptly and prematurely.
  14. KilljoyCutter

    Killer Whale - Different latitude, same problem.

    Combination of people who just don't pay any attention beyond "shoot what's red", and people who think that a 5% chance of five stars is better than a 100% chance of three or four stars.
  15. KilljoyCutter

    'Mercy' Rule now even worse

    It's sad that they'd destroy their own game to sell a few more premiums.