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  1. I have just shy of a million "free" XP saved up despite not spending any Doubloons to convert "elite" XP -- I could easily have a few million "free" XP if I did spend Dubs. I don't use FXP-boosting Signal Flags unless there's a mission based on FXP, or it's incidental to the Signal Flag I'm using for something else. There just aren't enough credits to buy all the modules I could skip grinding at higher tiers; I end up needing to grind at least half the XP on any module just to make the credits to keep the combined costs from bankrupting me. This is especially true with some missions and such pushing tier 8+ play... tier 8 is the last tier where I can reliably make credits (which is deliberate on WG's part, I'm sure), and so I'm having to play credit-losing battles in that 9 and 10 range to get through those missions. I'm not going to buy an FXP-special ship that doesn't interest me, and I'm not going to buy premium time for more credits (or buy anything else) as long as the current direction of WOWS is heading more and more into this cartoonish arcade/MMO combo nonsense that's shown on the horizon.
  2. So far the Kronshtadts I've seen in-game haven't been anything special -- cruiser armor and battleships agility is not a good combination.
  3. KilljoyCutter

    Possible Solution to Radar

    And again, there's a part you don't mention -- a vanishing few of those sinkings took place in combat. Ambushes, wounded ships in the aftermath of battle, ships hit in port, etc, yes -- but effectively NONE of those sinkings took place in situations as depicted in the battles in WOWS.
  4. KilljoyCutter

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Exactly THREE of that submarine class were completed, barely, by the end of WW2, and they never saw combat. They were seized after the surrender, examined by the US Navy, and then scuttled or used for target practice. They had a submerged range of 135 nmi at 3 knots... actually using that ~20 knot submerged speed reduced that range drastically. These inconvenient facts have been laid out multiple times by more than one poster, and yet they're never mentioned when these "20 knot subs" are brought up... and now, with the above link being to an image rather than to the actual article, one has to wonder if maybe that repeated omission isn't simply deliberate. Meanwhile, only TWO of the German Type XXIs with their ~17 knot submerged dash speeds actually went out on combat patrols at all during WW2, and they sank exactly ZERO ships. The "fast submarines of WW2" had effectively no impact on the war.
  5. KilljoyCutter

    CV Rework Feedback

    Honestly, given that CVs are going to be 1-dimentional damage-farmers who can't and won't do anything to defend their fleet from enemy planes while their own ship sits in the back... I see no damn reason why I should lift a finger to help a CV under attack by some red that slips into the back after the rework goes live. If the red happens to be in range I might take advantage of them being distracted by their carrier-fixation to lay some damage on, but that's about it. Basically, this rework is going to make everything that people hate about carriers... ACTUALLY true.
  6. KilljoyCutter

    Monarch — British Tier VIII battleship.

    Instead of full necromancy, I'll post here, but link to the thread I found: I was in a huge rush to get done with the KGV, because frankly it's a combination of underwhelming, erratic results, and inability to contribute anything to missions and such requiring tier VIII or higher to count. It's a good thing I found reviews like the one above -- at this point I'll probably just mothball the RN BB line, it's been nothing but disappointment all the way up, and I have no desire to grind through a stinker and then be at tier IX and... yeah.
  7. KilljoyCutter

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I very much dislike the "spotting-manipulation" meta that dominates many modes of this game, so it's hard for me to hate anything that open up the spotting and reveals units trying to play the "see but don't be seen game" and poking at the edges of vision.
  8. KilljoyCutter

    Worthless Coupons

    Pay close attention -- if anything is marked down so much as $1, it's not eligible for this coupon.
  9. KilljoyCutter

    Worthless Coupons

    Frankly with everything going on, from the carrier bork project to increasing arcadification and "character class" based "rebalancing" for the ships, the proliferation of spambotes... even this coupon might not get me to spend any money. Making it "quick use this!" makes if feel manipulative, and blocking it from affecting at least half of the items in the Premium Shop makes it seem rather lackluster.
  10. KilljoyCutter

    Mercy rule in Co-op must go.

    Did they now... I wonder what else they might admit about the bots...
  11. KilljoyCutter

    Post rework CV refunds

    With the consoles becoming more like PCs in terms of constant patching and more games requiring an internet connection just to function... consoles will eventually be as bad as PCs in those terms.
  12. KilljoyCutter

    Possible Solution to Radar

    You keep saying this, while ignoring the following regardless of how many times it has been pointed out to you directly: the vast vast majority of subs from WW1 to WW2 simply COULD NOT reach those sorts of speeds submerged, and barely on the surface. the subs that could reach those speeds submerged came very late in WW2, in small numbers, and were basically meaningless in the war. the subs that could reach those speeds submerged could only do so for short dashes.
  13. KilljoyCutter

    Post rework CV refunds

    When it comes to video games, there's no longer any such thing as a "finished product", there's only "still in preliminary development", followed by "the customers are now paying us for the 'privilege' of beta testing our product for the next X years", followed by "you're stuck with it as-is now, suckers".
  14. KilljoyCutter

    Mercy rule in Co-op must go.

    The mysterious "scared bot drops some torps" moments... the red bots do that a lot just before dying, but green bots will just randomly fire torps for no visible reason, with no enemy anywhere in the 270 degree arc around the firing direction all the way out to map edge.
  15. KilljoyCutter

    Mercy rule in Co-op must go.

    Sometimes I've thought that CVs should be worth less XP if they have no planes left... or something -- back when I'd play CVs and run AS builds, I'd practically beg players to leave the COMPLETELY DEPLANED enemy carrier for last and concentrate on the remaining "surface ships" first, often to no avail. "Urg, Grobnar must thump carrier, carrier make Grobnar mad". Damn idiots...