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  1. Well, that happened. Right in the middle of all these other things I've been doing, I've also been hired by Urban Meadows Publishing to be their Voice Acting Supervisor on their next game. Not the big "I work for ______ now" news I've been waiting to share, but hey~! MORE ON THE TO-DO LIST~!!!   :D

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    2. Chobittsu


      Update: AFTER I agreed to do the job... only then did I find out it's for a VERY lewd game...   x'D    WELL'P, guess I'm not bringing on my usual actresses for this~!

    3. Atomic_Manatee
    4. Chobittsu


      To be fair, the guy makes good product, and I expect the same level of care in the development of this game. The only differences is I'll have to watch some socially awkward content while I browse for casting   xD