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    2. Landsraad


      Oof, looking at the stats on these things and the fact that not one but TWO unnecessary paper ships made it in? Cancel that explosion. Current mood: "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed."

    3. Grantwhy


      and here is me just hoping for a Little White Mouse review of one of the ships with a animated LWM avatar doing a Swedish Chef homage :)

      ps: one reason I can think of for most of the ships being from the one nation is they avoid (?) the 'problem' they created with the Pan-Asian DDs where the play style/development.is all over the place.   Players going up the PA DD line have some ships that are torp boats, then some that are gun boats, then some that are run and gun boats, and then to jack of all trades boats.

      The 'Swedish' PA DD line should (?) be pretty consistent in play style/development.

      pps: animate LWM saying "Bork Bork Bork!!!'  I neeeeed it :cap_like:

    4. The_first_harbinger


      They might as well release a new Swedish nation at this point. We might as well try to summon a great old one when trying to pronounce their ship names.