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    2. Atomic_Manatee


      These ones are to be read by Tiffany Grant in a thick German accent: ~_^

      Main Battery Kaput!
      Torpedo Launcher Borked!
      Stop firing at your teammates, you Dummkopf!

      DD kill: Zerstörer  ist Kaput!
      CL/CA kill: Kreuzer  ist Kaput!
      BB kill: Schlachtschiff  ist Kaput!
      CV kill: Flugzeugträger  ist Kaput!
      SS kill: Unterseeboot / U-Boot ist Kaput!

      Maybe add these as well, to appear randomly just to mess around with players:
      Schlachtkreuzer ist Kaput! 
      Fregatte ist Kaput!

    3. Atomic_Manatee


      One more: for the Japanese captains:

      Fire alarm: "Wai! Wai! Yakitori da!"

    4. XXRed_DawnXX


      Here's some suggestions for dialog on the German Gunnery Officer (Even better if she has a thick German accent:

      Team kill (could be all or one):
      Voice 1: You just sunk one of our vessels!
      Voice 2: IDIOTE!!! (Heavy slap face sound)

      First kill:
      Voice 1: We have drawn first blood!
      Voice 2: (spoken in an evil German accent) Excellent!

      Enemy kill announcement (random):
      Voice 1: (laughs like a madwoman)
      Voice 2: (calmly) Ok, ok, we got them. The battle isn't over.

      Flood Alarm:
      Voice 1: We're taking on water!
      Voice 2: ALLLLAAAARRRRRMMMM!!!!!