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    2. Chobittsu


      Thanks to the anniversary event, I got all 5 done in about a month. However... in my opinion, the research bureau isn't really worth it. Right now, Colbert and Ohio are the only real prizes. It needs more to earn outside of that to make it really worth doing. Maybe collector/rare lower tier premiums as well. But as it stands on it's own right now, it's just a hollow shell. While I'm very happy with my Colbert, I'm a person that can patiently move through the trees all over again, but some people will want quicker gratification

    3. Volron


      Colbert is fun, but can be a little tricky.  I use mine like Atlanta and this has worked out for me...most of the time. :Smile_hiding:


      If you want to get through it quicker, IJN DD Lines or RN DD Lines are only going to cost you +/-2.8m XP.  Course if you are not a DD main and what not, well...


      I cheated.  I had a bunch of FXP lying around. :Smile-_tongue:   Sadly not enough for Ohio as well... :Smile_sad:

    4. BladedPheonix


      @Rolkatsuki same here but I want the Ohio.:fish_book: I honestly don't remember the New mexico and Colorado being so bad the first time.:Smile_unsure: