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    Raise a glass for our fallen comrade, Sir Issac Newton, who as a kitten discovered gravity when he fell down a flight of stairs, probably caused some brain damage cause he was the silliest cat I ever had. Spent most of his time napping on my desk on my drawing tablet.... typically when I was using it, or napping on the dryer, or in the window... okay pretty much 80% of his life was napping, the remaining 20% was being a pain in the aft~    ;P      Also, he never shut up, he was always yammerin' about something, which I don't know what cause I don't speak cat. Probably just demanding more belly-rubs or something, bloody drama-queen.
    But, he lived a life that any cat of less-than-average-intellect deserves, was buried with his favourite mouse toy and now he naps alongside his fallen comrades who have served the [SOUP] Home Guard


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    2. Counter_Gambit


      that sounds like the cats I have.

    3. Aessaya


      Aww, my condolences for the lost comrade! May he send you a new just-as-silly one to keep you company.

    4. Atomic_Manatee


      Ma condolence, mon capitaine.