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  1. I'm still gathering the best of the photos from social media and etc, but I just had to leave this gem @mfumukoskoldpadda made of me...

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    2. Chobittsu


      I too have a short temper and a lot of pride, and my family is from Edinburgh    ;P

    3. BladedPheonix


      Same here, I think its genetic. I also get really anxie when kids or babies start getting loud.(oi!!! feed dat babe and shut'it up or i'll be chuckn'it out da window!):fish_viking:


      Edinburgh eh? there could be a chance your family was a serf of mine once upon a time. or maybe cousins. can't go into detail without doxing but I can tell you my family was in charge of providing food for the army (both before and after the union) according to the family records. an important job no?:cap_yes:

    4. Chobittsu


      " in charge of providing food for the army "
      Literally what my grandfather did in the RCAF, logistics