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  1. shot-19.05.30_14.26.49-0373.jpgezgif.com-gif-maker2.gif

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    2. Yuki_Ika7


      this ship is shaping up to be the mother of all glass cannon ships in the game, i love it. lets hope we can get it with coal

    3. The_first_harbinger


      Melt anything and everything with the powah of mighty baguette crumb tsunami! 

      I honestly never expected such a ship to one day make it into the game, bet the atlanta mafias are screaming with ecstasy!

    4. Chobittsu


      I had a feeling it might, but more in the setup of the Tier IX version with more traditional turret layouts, I never expected a secondary-gun BRRRRRT machine like this..... which is what I always wanted~<3

      Only drawback is how squishy she is but better a glass cannon than something that people would demand be nerfed. In her current form she's excellent for supporting groups of players against cruisers and destroyers, and defending from carrier aircraft. I see a lot of people saying WG created to problem (CVs) and are now selling the solution (Colbert and other AA-oriented ships), but this goes past just AA defence, she's an all-round great support ship.

      But... stats are subject to change

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