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  1. Bonjour folks, time for a real talk.

    Today I received official invitation into the SuperTester program.
    ... I refused.

    One of the unofficial little side requirements was that I cease pursuing the mod maker status (specifically the mentioned my use of "Unacknowledged Mod Maker" in my signature) that I've not been given after over a year of hard work (and great expense) to create the best possible product for users to enjoy. Being a supertester is a great honour and earned through steadfast dedication to the community, company and product, but this doesn't reflect what I do here. Technically, anyone can throw an application into the pot for becoming an ST...  but what I do is create. With the help of the entire Mermaid's Wrath team, I've made something special and unique, even among other voice mods. Scratch-made, our own coding and .XML scripts, our own tailor-made dialogue, our own hand-crafted imagery.    ...to me, this is worth more than being an ST.
    I'll still fight for Mod Maker status that, frankly, I earned a long time ago...   but that is secondary to making the best possible community-made mod.

    Thank you for your continued support, and thank you Wargaming for the offer, but there are still battles yet to be fought

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    2. Chobittsu


      @BladedPheonix Unlikely, as much as I'd love to think that. There's a lot of variables and the guy running the show has given zero information. That tied with the frankly insane rules that can be exploited with careful manoeuvring have made this Mod Maker program thing a confusing mess, at least from the outside, I have no idea what the hell goes on on the inside but I don't expect much.

      As it stands, my only shot at getting in right now is this. 

      That's it. Just that. A PNG of a dog. But it adheres to every rule and makes me eligible.

    3. Jim_Byrnes


      I think you made the right decision and you have my support and respect for it!  Thanks for you and your team for their hard work and dedication!

    4. Aessaya


      Next round of soup is on me!