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  1. Tomorrow.


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    2. Chobittsu


      I'm very familiar with that anime, its a bloody good one.
      As for that Yandere pilot, nope, he used to be your (main character's) wingman, but got fed up with thing and stuff (and nukes) and defected, joining a group of terrorists

    3. BladedPheonix


      mind if I ask for the name? I've only managed to see 2 episodes but really wanted to see the rest.:fish_book:

      I'm really into the "what ifs" of history. in fact I'm currently reading harry turtle dove's "world war in the balance book"  

      (idk if your into reading, but if you like the occasional "what if", H. Turtledove has a ton of them.) I got hooked after watching a review of one, on Alt-history hub on youtube.:cap_look:

    4. Chobittsu


      Konpeki no Kantai
      And I'm familiar with Turtledove's works, one of my favourite fan IPs is based on his work:
      These two trailers are all that remains of their original project

      This wiki has everything else that remains: