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  1. Seems my Azur Lane mod ruffled a few feathers.
    Vive la liberte.      . . . _

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    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Seems my Azur Lane mod ruffled a few feathers." Come now @Chobittsu Controversial issues are your Baguette and butter! :cap_haloween: 

    3. NorthStar76


      What to do with extra captains? Got a bundle with 5 Prinz captains what do I do with extra's and how in the world to finish the collection? Needs to be a little more info in this

    4. BladedPheonix



      I actually have 2 Prinz Eugen captains. Bought the first one then Got the 2nd one from a mission. Got a Spare Avrora Captain as well.:fish_aqua:


      check the main web sight for daily posts. that's how I got my spares.