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  1. Presenting the new Space Captains for tomorrow's update:
    Stacey Smuggo and Sprrrikt Uhjiwr!!!

    Also.... a sneak peek at what our next major project is.... THE MERMAID'S WRATH UI OVERHAUL!!!!

    This isn't some lil replacer for menus or other small-fish projects! Aessaya and I have cracked into the coding of WoWS and written a whole new way to display information!
    The first thing you'll notice is the appearance the ship's captains proudly displayed above the vessels they command. Followed by a new custom interface above the minimap which displays thousands of new custom messages! Casual banter, vital ship information, everything is covered!   For now it's text-only, but we aim to attach voice event triggers for each, bringing additional depth and life to your engagements!


    lawl jk april fools~   The captains are real though, they'll be in the next patch~<3

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    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Some nasty good work! Kudos to you and the team! :cap_win:

    3. Chobittsu


      Saya shoulda have the fixed up April Fools text file and updated portraits in place tomorrow if all goes well
      No ETA on the carrier lines, but they'll be this month for sure as quick as we can get them in place

    4. Cruiser_SanJuan