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  1. Nothing in life is more enjoyable than constantly convincing Mrs. Chobittsu that I know all about her favourite novel series in-depth down to the last detail.... despite her knowing I've never read it~<3
    She just tried to quiz me on Manticoran LACs and I just roll in all like "Are we talkin' about Shrikes? Or Ferrets?"
    She just had an aneurysm   x'D

    1. BladedPheonix


      had a buddy in high-school who was a walking encyclopedia when it came to movies. sorta like Denosoa from NCIS but for real and not Italian.:fish_aqua:


      we liked comparing written works to their movie counterparts and finding the differences. Still do when we have the time to get together, its mostly anime these days and to save money we'll swap book/dvds before we review them.:fish_book: