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  1. Hey Chobby!


    so I watched noble's latest "gajinka" video and I had an idea!


    I got a drawing challenge for you!:fish_aqua:


    do you think you would consider trying to draw/make a krispy cream box filled with assorted flavored GIJINKA doughnut girls?  please note you don't have to do it, I just figured you might have some fun coming up with ideas for cute outfits and such.:fish_cute_2: you'd also get to show off your skill/work!

    anyways, hope you have an awesome day!:cap_like:


    fun fact: did you know there's a doughnut called Bismark? its named after the man not the ship though. its a hallowed out doughnut with angel cream or jelly filling. YUM!:cap_popcorn:

    1. Chobittsu


      Where I am those doughnuts are called "Boston Creme" or "Bavarian Style"
      And I would, but I have several things on the go, I could pass the suggestion along though

    2. BladedPheonix


      sounds good!:fish_aqua:


      If & when it gets finished, could you let me know? I'd love to see it!


      BTW may I make a request/suggestion for a doughnut? there's a type called "iced curler" or "frosted frill". I'd loved to see one with frost white hair with curls and ice blue eyes. she could have a dress with little frills maybe? :fish_cute_2: I used to get them all the time when I was little because one of my great aunts actually knew how to make home-made doughnuts. sadly shes passed on and the receipe went with her.:Smile_amazed: which is such a shame because everyone loved them.