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  1. Next for my Ace Combat mods....

  2. Chobittsu

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Could also use a Halifax/Bedford Basin
  3. Someone around here calculated that I fired the equivalent of throwing a whole Tachibana at someone
  4. Final shell count was 20,000 (10k each type), and you'd be hard-pressed to find a ship that can spit fire as quickly as Colbert, only one that might come close as far as I can think of is Atlanta and I don't have one. Minotaur might be able to pull it off too
  5. unknown.png

    1487142223549.gif   Wait.... is this real?  Is St. Petersberg pranking me?

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      oh yeah that one


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      Yeah, I know, right? I give up and move on and suddenly they're like "Yeah sure, here you go!"

  6. I mean, I can look around, but the only real option art-wise is to straight-up darken the bottom half of the white uniforms
  7. So I had the wrong date on a cover letter, think they'll notice?

    1. Landsraad


      Depends on how wrong it is.

    2. Chobittsu
  8. I'm in a sorta grey area at the moment. I have all the perks of a Privateer but I don't have the official title or badge yet. Radar was supposed to credit them out to my colleagues and Ion monday but he seems to have lost track. I'm in no rush though. I was actually offered a position as a supertester but I declined for a certain reason I won't get into
  9. Nope, I'm a badass and physically held the button myself for the full duration
  10. Yeah but those would be a lot harder to test... :\
  11. What happened was I was left with nothing to do for about 5 minutes ....what? No. It's FAR more likely that every ship in the game just has a pool of ammo so high that nobody would be able to fire all their shells during a battle, thus giving us "unlimited" ammo. They just didn't count on some nut taking a Colbert out into an hour-long battle and holding the trigger the whole time
  12. For the Colbert it was 300 rounds per gun, so 4800 total
  13. Now... you're likely NEVER going to expend this many shells, but there is indeed a cap on how many shells you have. In a training room, without capping or gunning for kills, I wanted to try and beat my previous shell it count (previously held by my Republique's secondary battery with over 4600 hits) and figured "Hey, this Colbert seems like a nice meme! So I started firing at the front of some Kremlins........ and about half an hour later, my guns stopped. I was confused, my ammo was selected, the trigger was working just fine, so I swapped to HE, fired a couple times... okay no problem there, then switched back to AP.... nothing. I continued with HE (eventually burning all the targets I fired on and ending the test 10 minutes early) and when I checked the post-battle stats... I was met with this: There it is, folks! Right there in black and white; the myth of unlimited ammo solved! The only caveat is that to reach it you have to have a ship with absurd fire rate and shoot for nearly an hour to reach it. [UPDATE]: I ran the test again, just blasting shells out into the water and not worring about hitting anything: Once everything was expended, I'd hit the fire button, double-tap, etc. It would play the special audio from my mod that plays for salvo fire, but nothing would happen