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  1. Chobittsu

    How do you like your GPU?

    That may actually be what I'm facing, now that I think about it....
  2. Chobittsu

    How do you like your GPU?

    I don't especially like my GPU, I simply survive it
  3. Been dealing with some stuff of a personal nature, and my bunbun was sick (she's doing much better now), I'm late to the party but I'll have everything patched up for the portraits lickity-split In the meantime, I'mma tease a lil something on the side I've been brewing~ I wonder what it could beeeeeeeee~
  4. Chobittsu

    New Brazilian Community Manager

    Bout sodding time we got more help for the South American lads
  5. Chobittsu

    What is your goal?

    My goal was to work for Wargaming. Now I have new goals. As for ingame, that'd be Bourgogne, but that's never gonna happen as long as steel is so hard to get for casual players
  6. Hey Choby I have a question....


    why doesn't NASA and or Elon Musk push for O'neil cylinders first? before trying to push for the teraformation/colonization of Mars?


    Think about it.....


    It would be more productive and we could use them to grow more food and collect solar battery power for the planet Earth. they could also be used as a learning experience for building the eventual buildings on mars or more complex space stations, and lastly could even act as a base of operations instead of sending a small space craft with sleeping gas to mars.:fish_book:


    oh and before you mention the resources required to build them, I got the solutions for that! :Smile_great:


    for steel we could mine astroids, because in the 90's we found out some of them have metal and and copper deposits!

    for glass we could use sand from the deserts. which we could then turn into new farm land once the sand is expended and new water ways are introduced. 

    as for water, we could filter ocean water and then send it up in huge ships.

    as for dirt, we can use "compost" dirt which can help later on when introducing trees, shrubs, grass and edible plants.

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    2. BladedPheonix



      Your'e more than welcome to join the conversation.


      To answer of your question, it all started back in 1998 when Gundam wing and Gundam 08th team with their "more about Universal Century" mini series that went over the universe and how the space colonies and the 1 year war began.


      here's the full collection if you want to watch them:fish_aqua:


      I was 8 at the time and just getting over the "cowboy" stage that little boys did and was getting into space and science fiction. I found the giant colonies very interesting and for a time wanted to be an austronaut, but sadly my school grades weren't on par. luckilly a friend of mine told me a lot of them get chosen from airforce pilots. sadly I would be involved in a car accident and this dream would be gone for good due to the seriousness of my injuries.:Smile_sad: 


      All is not lost however, I still have a love for space and I still have a strong imagination. I'm currently trying to write a book which I hope can be either adapted into either a comic/manga series or a TV series.  It's a bit political but unlike current media being created, it isn't forced down and is used more as a guide line to tell the story's narrative. the series at the moment starts in 2024 and ends at around 5037, but I'm still tweaking things.:fish_book: I also have 6 other story ideas which I'd eventually like to try and get started, but that's a subject for another time.


    3. Lylanthwol


      Very interesting @BladedPheonix !   

      My exposure to his work was from a bit earlier being a bit older, I think the first I heard of it was in Omni magazine if I recall.  Found it fascinating, and he was apparently quite a character in addition to being brilliant.


      Once upon a time I was very involved in the Sci-Fi community myself.  Met Isaac Asimov and got to interview Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Greg Bear, Dan Simmons and a few others.   

      Thanks for the video!  The Gundam series is interesting.  

      Have you read Rendezvous with Rama perchance?  That ties in to this.

      Keep writing!  I've had a few things "in the works" but haven't gotten down to finishing it.  Probably should have done that during these times rather than sinking ships! :)


      Thanks for sharing a bit of your story,  I really appreciate that.  I'm glad to see that you've turned that trauma into something positive.  Not sure about the political work (I'm kinda burnt out on the sycophantic struggle for power myself :cap_haloween:)  but I'd love to give it a read when you finish it and get it published!

    4. BladedPheonix


      @Lylanthwol NP. (asuming your new to the series) If your interested on starting your gundam adventure, I'd suggest starting with the U.C. era time line. Gundam has different timelines. and it can get confusing.


      here's a how to guide on the subject. it goes into better detail than I could.


      and here's a full video on all the series



      Also here's a Bad-[edited]scene!:cap_like:




      As for the political work in my book, and I want to word this carefully as to not spoil it or sound "preachy". the main idea mostly covers the failure of men's right and basically a "what if" scenario if men finally wake up one day and say "enough is enough, we're leaving" and how they would coup in a world where they left women and the governments that in some cases torment them behind and then have to build a new nation from scratch. Granted, It does dive into and bring to light some situations such as male [edited] victims,  false [edited] and assault victims, job discrimination, Biased Divorce Courts and other subjects men are suffering right now, but its not the main focus of the story, though later on many of the characters are ruled by so much fear, to the extent where they start risk becoming the very thing they left in the first place and start oppressing other groups, not on ground of superiority but from uncontrolable fear. Sorta like the Spartans with the Helots. there's a lot of historical references/ parallels thrown in the series.


        The story plays out more along the lines of a city builder game. you could also see some influence from "The Outsiders" and "Lord of the Flies" mixed into it as well. 


      fun fact: I actually met the female author of "The Outsiders"! she was really nice and encouraged the class that, "if they see something wrong, don't just sit and do nothing, it'll just get worse". 


      Anyways, as said above, I don't want the series to just be about "men's issues", knowing my luck I'll be labeled an extremist or a "woman hater" if and when I publish it. Truth be told, "CC" was only originally made to give an additional ally for my main project "TOV" for when "WW3" happens in that series, because both Australia and Japan fall in 3 days time and I painted myself into a corner. But one thing lead to another and it became a full on project of its own!  Currently I'm trying to find a a way to give it extra meat on the bones. :cap_hmm: Ironically the navy I've built for them almost rivals the American Navy in size, So i'm considering rewriting some chapters and adding some details that could fill in some potential plot-holes, though at the moment, I think all i'm doing is creating new ones filling in the old ones. only time will tell:Smile_teethhappy:


      My "TOV" series which I've taken a break from at the moment, was inspired by hogans heros as well as the gundam 08th team and even has some of my fan-fic characters from middle school.  this one follows a soldier and the "Fictional" wars he fights.

      :Smile_teethhappy:(slight spoiler he lives to be 137 and fathers 12 kids) My hope is that I can get some sorta contract with matel or company who does model kits, because I've created around 82 designs for tanks, planes, trucks and warships. that could be turned into toys or model kits.


       Now IMO given how docile men have become over the last 60 years, this probably won't happen in real life. Mostly because 1: 4th wave feminists would demand the men be labled terrorists and "a threat to their democracy" and 2: the amount of money, resources and manpower to build a nation from the ground up would be in the trillions of dollars. but then again, both this and its sister series are both fiction.


      I estimate at my current rate they should be finished by.....2022? but As I mentioned previously I'd much rather they be in Manga or comic book form because I feel people would get more enjoyment with a visual story than just an endless sea of words. I'd probably be lost for words if they could become an anime or animated adult series. I don't want live action, i just know Holly wood will rewrite and mess things up. There's also the aftermath of  seeing what they've done to other franchises such as Starwars and Star Trek, and pushing an "anti-white/anti male agenda" while calling anyone with objections either an "ist" or a "Phobe". I honestly don't want them to have the chance to gain any money from my endeavor. And if you wish to call me spiteful or childish for wanting to hold such a position, I won't blame you.:cap_old:


      You mentioned some books, I haven't read any of them but I'll check them out.:cap_yes:


      I'd like to recommend a book for you to check out! provided....you can find a copy of this thing...its like super rare.:fish_nerv:

      It's called "A Pattern Language! Towns- Building- Construction


      This is the same book that Will Write, creator of Sim City and The Sims, used to inspire and create the games. its a good read



  7. Chobittsu

    Forum Game - Word Association

    "Whoever stole the 'L' from the Motor Pool sign, ha ha we're very amused."
  8. Chobittsu

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    Well if you need something specific, you know where to find me
  9. Chobittsu

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    Hmm? Something going on in here?
  10. Chobittsu

    Another Fine Example of WG Balans Logic

    ...what? I wasn't talking about anything russian. I've barely even touched their test ships. But hey, you wanna invent something and slap my name at the back end of the quote, you go right ahead
  11. Chobittsu

    Another Fine Example of WG Balans Logic

    It's not entirely Weegee's fault, they've been backed into a corner by the userbase on this one. They simply chose the course of action that halts issues before they arise. They end up looking like the villain for it, but the information on the new ships is freely available to STs and CCs, we just can't discuss it in a public setting anymore simply because it's hard for us to give constructive feedback when everyone is screaming and flailing around because [SHIPNAME] has [ARMOURSTAT] and [CONSUMABLENAME]. Same goes for subs, I could tell you alllllll about them, give tons of info about what's been going on, but aside from the usual NDAs, having a lot of info about a new feature would create the problem of people wildly speculating about what it'll do to the game which nothing about it is really set in stone yet. What's tested on a ship or sub right now may not be there next week Yea I've been having a lot of fun with it, I hope it's released as-is cause it'll just absolutely troll EVERYTHING.
  12. Chobittsu

    Another Fine Example of WG Balans Logic

    This is part of the reason Weegee is locking down harder on info about ships in testing, people see something and then panic despite there still being a very real chance at it being changed. I'm frankly surprised that [SHIPNAME] has flown under the radar so far, despite it being an absolute beast against nearly every ship type
  13. Chobittsu

    Is Anshan Still Good?

    Anshan is a pretty solid boat. I didn't play her much but she has her moments. For the price and given the other option is Marblehead, Anshan isn't a bad choice Waw, geez, no need to yell, you can use regular-sized font y'know
  14. Amanda somethin' (haven't picked a last name for her yet) and Malgorzata Brzęczyszczykiewicz (who just saw her own name)