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  1. That's my great-grandfather!  :D

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    2. BladedPheonix


      sad very sad.:Smile_amazed:


      It reminds me of the story of my grandfather during WW2. I won't list names, but I'll tell you the story.:fish_book:

      his little brother was in the 101st and was trapped in Bastogne. my grandfather (who was in Pattons 3rd army, 4th armored div.) hauled :etc_swear: to get up there to save him. when he got they he found little brother and they hugged and since it was dark they spent the night catching up on what they'd been doing since they hadn't seen each other since June 4 the day before D-day. The little brother joked that my grandfather insane to be a m-18 hellcat commander as it had no armor which my grandfather responded " at least I'm sane enough to NOT jump out of an airplane like some circus performer" (note: my family's Scottish so we like to joke around like this a lot) Next day arrived and new orders were given to chase down the Germans and my grandfather was ordered to move out. his little brother went to see him off and gave him a lucky charm he'd been keeping for good luck.  said he didn't want to get a letter saying my grandfathers tank had been turned into a coffin and then have to explain things to their mother! My grandfather asked if he was sure and once confirmed started up his tank and drove off. less then a week later my grandfather would received word that his was KIA and was killed by mortar shrapnel. He was devestated and blamed himself for taking the lucky charm and thus killing his brother. This would on for years until he, at the request of family, finally got consoling and had the burden lifted from his shoulders.

      My grandfather only cried 3 times during the war. Once when FDR died, again when his brother had died and lastly when the atom bomb was dropped on Japan. ( he didn't like the idea of killing civilians unless they were a direct threat)


      anyways that's the story hope you enjoyed it.


      also, thanks for the video Chobby:cap_popcorn:

    3. Chobittsu


      I try not to enjoy stories like that. I'd share most of my Gramp's tales from the war and after but we'd be here all day.
      I can sum his career from 1943-1975 up with one word: Shenanigans

    4. BladedPheonix


      understandable. usually when you share things such as that people tend to want to dig into more personal details and such.

      still, I think telling some of the stories involving my family during WW2 helps because most of them are no longer alive to tell their stories and i feel nice inside by sharing with others who also had military family members in the period.:fish_aqua: