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  1. Y'know, it's actually kinda refreshing to watch an anime where a schoolgirl is captured by the baddies and actually tortured (a version of waterboarding and being jabbed with a red-hot wrench thing) before the hero characters arrive to save her. Normally they bust in just in time, but in this one? Nope, they even cut her whole arm off while threatening the heroes to put down their weapons just to show they weren't screwing around.

    Between Mahō Shōjo Tokushusen Asuka and Goblin Slayer, I think we're finally getting into that realm of anime where they don't try to hold back when it comes to storytelling. If someone is diced into little cubes and put in a soup in the light novels, then they're gonna do it in the anime version

    1. BladedPheonix


      Still, the human mind is the best torture device with imagination. the brain likes to scare us when we can't see something (plays tricks basically). Hollywood did this for years due to budget issues, not wanting to increase the rating of the movie (G,Pg, R, ect.) or they new they couldn't make the scene look real with the current technology.


      take this famous scene with James Cagney.



      great movie btw, won't spoil the rest of the movie for you, if you want to go find it its on youtube.


      we also have this series called the bird box where we never see the monster but it every time it shows up its cranks up the fear factor by 11!



      Then you got the wrong way of doing it. Take jaws for example. they built up the shark to be so big and dangerous, you finally see it, its just disappointing.:fish_palm:


      when I finally saw the shark for the first time after being led on for about what, an hour?. I actually said "That's it?, it doesn't even look real!:Smile_veryhappy:" when they finally showed it on screen. 



      anyways, I think for shock values, showing certain scenes would be good. but not showing scenes in certain situations can also do it's part in making a movie/scene great! just gotta make sure you don't lead the audience on to long and if you do show the scene after all the build up its can stand on its two feet without being laughed at by the audience! unless its a comedy that is....... 


    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Superb Tate in anime! :cap_like:

    3. BladedPheonix


      hey chob I know you like various anime but do you read manga as well? I just found a manga that might be up your ally, given you mention a lot of "space" related topics on your SSU's.


      title is called "oh, my sweet alien" by Kouji Miyuta

       its got a slice of life/comedy gen vibe and if your into monster girls manga ( some people are) you may find it a nice change of pace.:fish_aqua:


      gonna warn you though. it shows a lot of ...lady bits..... nothing nasty, just well...space boobs:Smile_unsure: Then again most manga these days has a bit o' fan service in them, though I'd still  place it in "not safe for work matierial" catagory.