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  1. Chobittsu

    ANNOUNCING: Privateer Program!

    I hope not! Those guys never get the love they deserve :D
  2. Chobittsu

    I thought people were kidding.......

    I heard a good one about how previous civilization was swept away by a "mud flood" and everything since has been a cover up. The amount of pain my brain welt was insane xD
  3. Orion P3 isn't carrier-based, and if you meant the S-3 Viking, that was retired two years ago. (the A-7 is a light attacker and was not used for anti-sub warfare. It's also retired)
  4. Coming soon to a fleet near you~ (Historical uniform option will be available with Mermaid's Wrath installer)
  5. Chobittsu

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    Several. I almost never take commissions, but with the Haida trip coming up I should probably get some money stashed for that, train tickets aren't cheap
  6. Chobittsu

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    I'm not cheap.
  7. Chobittsu

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    I hate when WG springs these updates on me with minimal warning... I still have four more portraits to paaaaiiiinnntttt..... [EDIT]: HA! Done! And with a few hours to spare!!!
  8. Chobittsu

    A 40 Knot Iowa?

    It'll be nice to have another battleship that can keep up with me
  9. Chobittsu

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Eye protection necessary. (I speak from experience.)
  10. Chobittsu

    Forum Game - Word Association

    A lifetime of work
  11. Chobittsu

    Waiter, there's a ___ in my soup!

    That's either a big soup or a tiny girl...
  12. It's cause everyone south of the 49th parralel wants Missouri. The Soviet battleships will add some nice new flavour (for me to shoot at), but what we really need is to flesh out the lesser trees, like Pan-Asia, Pan-America, Italy especially, maybe Poland but that'll probably be more of an EU thing. Plus there's a few ships that would fall under Commonwealth that could be an asset
  13. Yet nobody cries foul that Japan only has Yamamoto
  14. 8634C8123BEF4052CB8A76CF3B2F5334DA9BB6C6

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    2. tcbaker777


      bold of you to assume my mind hasnt been broken for years now

    3. Incendiary_Tanker
    4. BladedPheonix


      can't break what's already broke!:cap_book:

  15. Chobittsu

    The music thread