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  1. So I go to ask Melissa if she can do a hole-plugging line for the 0.7.11 PvE stuff, just to keep it all female-ized while we work on the next major patch.

    And she's like "Sorry, can't, I'm outta town". So naturally, I ask if she's visiting family or something.    "Nope, I'm in Reykjavík."

    ... I sware, every time I turn my back, she's in some new corner of the world....

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    2. Counter_Gambit


      Bu... you got me there.

    3. XXRed_DawnXX


      Oh ReAlLy?

      A few days ago, I was aboard a high-altitude transport on my way back to port from HQ, I could have sworn that the horizon below looked curved...

      Care to explain that?

    4. Chobittsu