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  1. hel_by_chobittsu_studios-dcpmwmv.pnghilda_by_chobittsu_studios-dcpmwv9.png

    Rushing the 0.7.10 portraits out as quick as I could cause I'm an idiot and kept procrastinating.

    First two here are Hel (Lert's Pathfinder cutie) and Hilda Ranscombe, they'll be taking the role of Ovechkin's hockey-themed portraits (Halloween & Standard respectively).
    Quick note about Hilda, she was, during her time, considered the greatest female hockey player in the world. In an estimated 350 games played with her on the team, the Preston Rivulettes lost only 3 games.  
    “We were supposed to go to Europe to play,” said Ranscombe, “but then the war came and our boat was sunk. We never went.”

    Probably for the best, she probably would have dominated them all with her sass alone.
    Her and my mother were close friends until her death in 1999 at the age of 86