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  1. Okay so since one of the actresses said nope I can talk about her and what has resulted~
    Kira Buckland (Known best for her role as 2B in Nier: Automata) may have had scheduling conflicts, but she was kind enough to direct me to a hidden oasis of actresses on Discord that might be able to help~!

    I've also had a mind-blowing offer from a friend here on the forums who is contacting a VA he knows which would be a MASSIVE boon for us if we could get her~

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    2. Counter_Gambit


      Kira Buckland... I know her voice from the Death Battles Youtube videos, she did Toph during the Gaara vs Toph episode, and she did both Raven and Twilight Sparkle for the Raven Vs. Twilight Sparkle Episode.

    3. Chobittsu


      Yip, she's been around
      Oooo, she said she might be able to find time for smaller roles within the mod, so I guess we won't count her out yet~

      And **** it, some of the other actresses I'm currently talking to (or in the case of the one that was a mind-blowing offer, being talked to on my behalf):

      Amber Lee Connors, Natalie Hoover and Tiffany Grant (Yes, Asuka Langey Soryu's VA)

      I'm not going to be eating well for a while.....   xD

    4. Counter_Gambit


      I recognize Tiffany's name from Ouran High School Host Club.