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  1. How to hype a Chobi:


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    2. Jim_Byrnes


      @Cruiser_SanJuan Sure does have that "Gundam" feel to it. Great graphics be interesting to see how the mechanics work out but hell yeah! looks like a winner! 

      @Chobittsu The Mermaidswrath.com website is a really nice class act! You've got some top shelf talent on-board! Maybe one of the girls knows Andrea Romano and could get her to drop by... Great job! :cap_like:

    3. Chobittsu


      Aessaya is the one to blame for the high quality of the Mermaid's Wrath site~    We intend to overhaul it once Saya isn't drowning in IRL workload, here's a very VERY rough test version I whipped up in photoshop of what we intend the quality to approach:

    4. Cruiser_SanJuan