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  1. So someone on War Thunder Live just invoked my name in a comment asking what happened to me (I was banned, no shock there), one of my clanmates joked that I should make an alt account and sneak in...
    To quote Jim Jefferies during his "Freedumb" standup routine:  "**** it, let's do it. Let's do it and see how ****in' crazy **** can get~"
    So I'm 3 hours from bashing out 10 battles in that hellhole, just to post one single message~    XD    Is it worth it? Not really, but will it be fun? Damn right~

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    2. MotorheadEddie


      Another nail in the coffin is weird physics in arcade mode...even by "arcade" standards so here is a funny video



    3. Chobittsu
    4. MotorheadEddie


      Funny, and so messed up at the same time, driver knockout on the whimsy of a road sign