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  1. > Pondering my family history
    > Breeze over the usual achievements and military history
    > "Wait..."

    So I've always known full well that I'm related to Sir Fredrick Banting, guy who discovered Insulin (he's on my grandmother's side of the family), but it just sunk in that he earned a Nobel Prize for it...

    ... that face when you realize your family has earned a Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine.

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    2. Landsraad


      Sweet! Biggest achievement in my family tree that I know of is assassinating Lincoln.


      I said "biggest", not "best".

    3. Chobittsu


      Oh? What's Booth to you?

    4. XXRed_DawnXX



      The Biggest achievements in my family history that I know of are on my mother's side.

      They include the fact that they are among the first settlers to arrive in the New World (US) in the next ship to arrive after the Mayflower, and a connection to the infamous Salem Witch Trials as one of the judges involved in those trials.