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  1. Gather 'round, kids!    IT'S STORYTIME~!!!

    Today I go down to my apartment's basement storage area, was gonna go visit my sister on the other side of town and was gonna ride there on my electric scooter. Finally got new batteries for the thing and was pretty hyped to have it back in working order again. I get down to where I parked it, gone!    I checked other areas of the basement in case someone moved it, nope, totally gone. I flag down the building staff, tell em to start reviewing the surveillance footage  (lazy bums didn't even get around to it until after the police arrived) and they try to play it off with "Are you sure you parked it here?" LA Noire mode, engaged. I bend down and pick up several small metal fragments and some PVC wire coating. Obvious screwdriver-hotwire job. "That could be anything."   I hand them the ignition casing with the ON - OFF labels, yeah, **** you, get the constabulary.

    Cops arrive, I give them all the info on the bike down to the smallest detail, surprise surprise, someone with OCD kept records of everything. And, finally, after 6 hours of the building staff pissing around, they found the footage of the theft; a guy from outside the building and the accomplice that let him in through the security doors.

    I have all the information I need, and I guess you could say that the two crims who stole my electric bike.... 


    .... are about to be charged.


    No, I am not ashamed I made this joke~

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    2. Chobittsu


      Plans are already in motion

    3. Ducc_ducc


      Good luck getting your scooter back. 

      Sounds like you've got a decent police force though.

    4. Chobittsu


      They're usually pretty good. I'm going to go see if I can get more information, after I update the soup thread