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  1. A Flat-Earth just approached me on the street and asked if I'd ever seen water curve.
    Completely out of nowhere, without a prompt, just walked right up to me and said "Hey, you ever seen water curve?"
    "Like in a bathtub or a sink, have you ever seen it curve?"
    ".......are you a Flat-Earther?"
    *cue triggered rant*
    *cue Chobi leaving him behind as I walk away laughing my [edited]off*

    The dumb **** believes in WATER... what a moron!    xD

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    2. Chobittsu


      Well yeah! Earth is a disk sitting at the bottom of one of these!

    3. Atomic_Manatee
    4. Ducc_ducc



      Something fun I picked up from a book on string theory. Also, the shape of the planet.